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  1. I generated grass LOD and I'm getting mismatched grass color and very sparse grass LOD in some areas. Please see screenshots and logs in the link below. I am using folkvangr grass overhaul and I used grass density 45 in dyndolod. What should I do to improve this? https://ufile.io/rvio31ew
  2. Yes I was generating grass LOD. [53:40] DynDOLOD plugins generated successfully [53:40] Occlusion.esp completed successfully Thanks a lot!
  3. Thanks a lot! I will try this and update you.
  4. Thank you for the reply. The dyndolod logs are from a previous run only. In the ini do I also have to change OcclusionMaxThreadsTerrainLOD to 1? Right now it is -1. I'm confused since the file related to the error is in meshes\terrain\Tamriel\objects
  5. Hi sheson, I'm trying to run dyndolod but my RAM (16GB) and disk (1TB SSD) are at 100%. Dyndolod log when it was running showed this error: <Warning: Error when loading "meshes\terrain\Tamriel\objects\Tamriel.4.-20.-20.bto": Error reading NIF block 83 BSSubIndexTriShape: Out of memory> There was no progress for >20 mins. My PC became very slow, like very slow response of cursor etc. I ended up terminating through task manager. Please help. Which logs/files do I attach here?
  6. Thank you so much! I will try out your suggestions!
  7. Yes that solved it! Removed that setting from skyrim.ini and skyrimcustom.ini. Thank you so much! Also, one minor help - do you know how to increase the dimensions of LOD16? The aspen tree LOD16 casts dark shadows on itself when ENB is on because its LOD16 model is like 4 rectangles. I'd like to know how to improve this LOD object. I'm attaching screenshots here for reference (with ENB and without ENB). I'm using aspens ablaze (Aspens Ablaze at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)) as well as the 3D LOD model supplement for aspens ablaze (Aspens Ablaze Add-On - DynDOLOD 3 at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)). I'm using Billboard4/Billboard4/Billboard1 as the rules for 'tree' and 'treeaspen'
  8. I'm sorry for the delay in my reply. Yes tll was able to hide the low-res trees as well as objects rendering near me. So I guess they must be LODs. I'm attaching a link with 7z archive that has some more example screenshots and dyndolod and texgen logs as mentioned in the first post. https://ufile.io/1g4hwnn8
  9. Hi Sheson, Thanks for your time guiding us through LOD generation. I used alpha-74 to generate LODs and I'm getting stuck LODs - LODs are loading near me. I'm also getting incorrectly loaded textures. I've attached two images. First has an aspen tree that looks like billboard/LOD object. Second has an incorrectly loaded texture in a fort where I can "pass through" the "ceiling" (when there should be an opening). Do you think this is related to stuck LOD issue or is this memory issue or something entirely out of scope? I am also sometimes not able to see any LOD objects in some loads.
  10. Do I need to rerun grass caching after updating the object bounds?
  11. Thank you for the info! I will try what you and z929669 suggested.
  12. Hi Sheson and DynDOLOD devs, Is there a way to disable grass LODs in the generated dyndolod.esp? I created dyndolod.esp with QW's grass patch and then I realized QW's grass patch is not compatible with grass LOD generation. It is mentioned in the mod's posts that this mod has "object bound as 0" for many grasses.
  13. Yes that was the problem. Rectified it by downloading the version hosted on Nexus. Thank you for the reply! DynDOLOD completed successfully (for tamriel). Now generating occlusion. Can't wait to see the results!!
  14. Hi Sheson and DynDOLOD devs. Good day! I am facing an issue when I start DynDOLOD 3. ERROR: [Main Instruction] Can not find file meshes\creationclub\eejsse001\architecture\eej_shackextstub.nif. [Content] Make sure the DynDOLOD Resources SE archive downloaded completely and all the required Core Files have been installed. I have the latest version of dyndolod resources installed. I also tried installing and running Creation Kit but still the problem persists. I also made sure no packs, like majestic mountains 3 pack or HD LODS Textures, do not overwrite dyndolod resources in MO2. I was able to run texgen without an issue. Could you please help me?
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