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  1. Although this was not an issue prior to closing MO during game, I have moved my steam installation to a folder outside of Program Files (x86) as recommended by the System Setup Guide. I ran Oblivion through the Steam launcher after doing this, though I am not certain this was necessary and could result in more issues for all I know. After reading through the link you provided I can say I did the procedure outlined there, just through the guide I had been been following (first link). MO is configured such that I select Oblivion Launcher from the drop-down and press Run, which worked in the past. As said above, I changed the location of my Steam installation in response. This was not a problem before hand but figured I would do so just to avoid suggestions that this could be the issue present. As I have said before this did not pose a problem before yesterday and had been running Oblivion through MO in the manner described with all mods loaded successfully. I changed the file paths in MO to account for the change in file locations and am still experiencing the same issue I have been describing.
  2. While I have Oblivion installed inside Program Files (x86), I created a separate folder outside Program Files for MO2. Yes, I am running OBSE as well. Here is a link to the guide I followed when modding my game: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/51105?tab=description This guide does not include instructions for the set-up of Mod Organizer however, for that I followed a YT video which I will also link below. I changed the base directory path as recommended in this video to a new folder outside appdata in a similar fashion to how he has done it (C: > Modding > MO2 - Oblivion)
  3. Title pretty much sums it up. I accidentally closed the MO2 application while running Oblivion. I hastily closed Oblivion once I realized what I had done, but after running Oblivion Launcher through MO2 again and starting the game up it crashes shortly after the Bethesda logo begins to appear. Still very new to modding and not entirely sure what is causing the crash but am aware that Mod Organizer must be open for the virtual file system to work properly. I do have my game stored in Program Files and understand it is advised not to be there, but the guide I followed in modding mentioned this should not be a problem and I personally did not experience any errors before mistakenly closing it today. TY in advance.
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