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  1. Hi STEP forums! I'm having an issue as I outlined in the post header - I ran NGIO's precacher and generated Grass LOD with DynDOLOD. As I approach patches of LOD grass that are (presumably) outside the immediate cell I'm in, it disappears for about 10 to 30 seconds (30 is very rare) before reappearing as regular, non-LOD grass. This is, as you might guess, quite jarring, and I'm wondering what I did wrong or if there's a known problem with my setup. I'm happy to provide any information that might be relevant to this, I just don't know what that info would be. (for reference regarding grass mods however: I am using NGIO, Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods, and Folkvangr)
  2. Just saw the NGIO update to v7, crediting you with the fix for the stuttering on cell change. You're a hero!
  3. Keep me posted on your decisions and progress, if it isn't too much trouble - I'd really appreciate it!
  4. So, is the only solution still to just rename everything? Would Sheson's suggested settings at least REDUCE encountered stuttering? Appreciate you keeping this thread alive for a good while, this is something I'd really like to figure out as well.
  5. So if this is the case, I may have discovered something interesting, pertaining to my own problems at least. I re-generated DynDOLOD after editing the scripts in order to not generate grass LOD, and even with just NGIO and my precache active (16000 overwritegrassdistance and 8000 overwritegrassfade) and no grass LOD from DynDOLOD, I'm actually STILL getting stuttering upon changing cells. I'm wondering now if the problem is specifically with NGIO then, or maybe I simply have to re-cache grass again with DynDOLOD mode set to 0 in grasscontrolconfig.txt?
  6. Alas, no luck. I didn't tweak any INI settings, but I tried DynDOLOD generation on Low quality and turned the fBlockLevel0Distance to around 12000, but still found my game stuttering. Let me know if there's anything else I can try, if you know. That makes sense, but I'm still left confused by how many people seem to be getting really solid results with NGIO precaching, it's odd to me. Either way, it's pretty unfortunate.
  7. Ah, good luck, and please, if you make any discoveries, relay them here if it's not too much trouble! I'm sure it will be kind of slow-going since it requires tweaking cache generation AND LOD generation, so I commend your dedication. Anyway, I'm currently using DynDOLOD with the medium preset, and will try regenerating with the low preset. Should I be tweaking anything in DynDOLOD's Edit Scripts in order to appropriately tune the density of grass lod? I'll also try lowering the fBlockLevel0Distance again to the level you've prescribed, thanks for the tips! EDIT: Nvm, found the density setting and adjusted it from 50 to 30 to try and help performance.
  8. Also, I don't know if it helps "narrow it down" at all, but the problems only arise when the Grass Control part is enabled in MO2, the grass cache+DynDOLOD don't cause stuttering by themselves, leading me to believe it MIGHT have something to do with the raycasting? No clue for certain, though.
  9. Sorry to resurrect this "old" thread, but would you mind sharing what ini settings are relevant to this outside of the ones mentioned before in the DynDOLOD settings (since the consensus appears to be that tweaking those for grass LOD isn't actually worth it), as I'm still getting stuttering after trying a lot of different things? If my hardware is good enough, I'm not sure what else could be affecting this, as I've tested in different profiles with just this mod, Display Tweaks, engine fixes, and with the inis set to BethINI low and am still getting the stutter on cell change. EDIT: Oh, just realized I already mentioned I did this in my initial post, sorry for redundant info. Thanks for any help!
  10. Hey again, sorry to bug you more, but would you be willing to link the dev guides so that I can try it out? I ended up encountering stuttering again after some more testing, even after trying out placing the grass files in the SKSE folder. Aside from that, do you have any other tips that might help resolve this stuttering? I tried reducing the first setting, but unfortunately saw no real change in performance. The issue is weird in general, as I get pretty solid 50-60 fps in exteriors, but also get CONSISTENT stutter when loading new cells. Thanks for the help either way!
  11. Is this the correct path, or should it just be dragged into the SKSE64 mod to be in line with the STEP Guide here? Just want to make sure I have it right.
  12. You are literally a life-saver. I have no idea why this worked, but it did, I just had to put it in the SKSE folder. Thank you so much for your (very quickly delivered) insight!
  13. Ok sounds good, I had just installed the grass cache as a mod from the overwrite folder (which is where the grass cgid files are initially outputted to, if I remember correctly), I never tried putting it in Data/SKSE, I'll do so now. Thanks again for your help, and I'll report back with results.
  14. Thank you, I actually hadn't tried putting the cgid files into the SKSE folder - where exactly should I place them in there, in a folder called grass? And if that doesn't work to resolve stuttering, I'll give the Dev Guide a shot!
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