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  1. Hello (sorry for filling this sub) Well the title say all, my SE map has weird ugly, flickering angles in water like Lake Ilinalta after running Dyndolod, i put "A Quality World Map" below everything in MO2 but still... even when i disable the mod, still this weird issue (of course). What can i do to fix my lovely map? I tried to follow this but nothing: " Just generate the LOD 32 terrain meshes. No need to generate the same of anything else. It should only take seconds. Enable the checkbox for terrain LOD only, check meshes, uncheck build diffuse/normal. In the lower left check Specific Chunk. Set drop down to 32, leave W and S empty. Or set W to -32 and S to 0, then it will generate only that one specific terrain mesh Tamriel.32.-32.0.btr for that area with the specified quality/optimize unseen settings." Thank you
  2. Ok i found out! It was "Skyshade - Create Your Own Paintings" ! Found error with Fallrim and Papyrus !
  3. Hello when i talk to a merchant (innkeeper, misc vendor etc) my notifications zone is spammed with "Form not found n°XXXXX". https://i.imgur.com/d6j6VM3.jpg https://i.imgur.com/4nVX12X.jpg Stop when i reload save or kill myself. I just looked for some formID in SSEDIT and it gives me worldspace records with no conflicts or whatsoever. Doesn't make sense. https://i.imgur.com/JMzAeFw.jpg Is it way to find which mod is involved or turning this off? LO: https://modwat.ch/u/ZaZa Idea?
  4. Thank you i fixed it, just by bEnableProjectUVDiffuseNormals=1, the first thing i did but i did it in the wrong place, should've been via MO2 ini not "real" ini!
  5. Hello, ok but even if i disable nordic snow, these weird textures remane...
  6. Now have another little problem :p No matter what i tweak, snow on roads/buildings remain too bright. I did a lot of tweaks found on the net but can't figure out. https://i.imgur.com/S4Ylo1p.jpg https://i.imgur.com/1aOpcUm.jpg Here's my MO2 structure: https://i.imgur.com/ob5FOvW.jpg https://i.imgur.com/CZEKAiv.jpg Any idea?
  7. Ok so i use TexGen64 instead... and it's ok! Hope i'm not wrong.
  8. Ok so i choose same path (dyndolod one) and still stuck at the "removing"...
  9. Thank you for helping me. Mmmm i can't see what i can do, i put these as "run as admin" in their settings and i'm using Windows Defender which isn't allow anything like that from what i can see. I disable bashed (and smashed) patch but still stuck at "Removing temporary files". Can you explain what i have to do exactly? Thank you.
  10. Hello! I try to use TexGen and Dyndolod but i'm stucking at "Removing temporary files". Don't know what to do exactly... if someone can help me! Thanks and here's the log: https://pastebin.com/ct4K3iLi
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