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  1. Thanks, I’ll try lowering it a tad, though I worry I’ll lean toward more bluish/purple if tweaking too much. A good place to start though. Any recommendations as far as the ambient/direct settings when generating textures in the first place? Too much of one or the other, as well as ENB can play a large role in color being off. The ENB I am using is fairly “natural” though and hasn’t offset grass LOD color for me in the past, so I’m assuming Vey in particular just requires different settings than I’m used to
  2. Hey again folks. Does anyone have DynDOLOD ini color/rgb suggestions for Veydosebrom? Particularly in the tundra, with the default settings, grass LOD tends to be greener than the full model. I’m unsure what direction to go in to mitigate this, or if it should be messed with much, as in the past tweaking values too much may fix LOD color in one area but destroy it in another. I tried the search function but didn’t immediately turn up any results. Thanks for any tips!
  3. Thank you, it is very likely I had tree ticked at the time as I was becoming familiar with the tool. Appreciate the response. Also I submitted a message because I thought the thread was deleted and there was an error but please feel free to ignore if you get it.
  4. Thanks for your response. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’m using DynDOLOD 3 (sorry, thought I was on the DynDOLOD 3 forum and not 2). This is not for Bent Pines II. The trees I’m referring to however are big and about that size. A Sakura tree (sakuratree.nif is specified) and a few weeping willows(treewillow01 and 02 for example), none w/ 3D LOD. They are very spread out and hand placed, hence the rules I used. So you’re saying that in that case, FarLOD and FarFULL would yield the same results? I must have misunderstood something I read that mentioned sitting it to full w/ FarLOD was a possibility (Don’t remember the exact wording but I read it in the docs when reading about custom statues. Also touching on Bent Pines: when DynDOLOD 3 alpha was relatively new, I constantly ran into issues where Bent Pines would use the billboards instead of the 3D LOD. Back then, you recommended deleting the billboards from TexGen, then after that it worked as intended. I assume I no longer need to do that anymore then? Back then I may have been still learning how the custom rules worked though, so it may have been user error. The last thing I will touch on is for custom statues from Mandragora. Unlike some of the vanilla statue placement, I noticed custom rules alone didn’t work out the box for some of these meshes. Once I made the reference persistent w/ vwd flag however, I was able to have DynDOLOD catch it and had distant LOD w/ the above rules. Is that typically the case for making DynDOLOD catch a static reference that isn’t a tree? And do the rules matter or were the “persistent, vwd, isfullLOD” flags enough? Sorry if any of these questions come across as Elementary, learning a bit more little by little and elevating the look of my LOD
  5. Hey folks! I have a question. I have a few very scattered trees about the size of Bent Pines. They don’t have dedicated 3D LOD however, so the billboards created don’t work well and lead to a very noticeable transition. What I have done instead since these trees are so scattered was use custom rules for the mesh- LOD 4: FULL, LOD 8: FULL, LOD 16: FULL, VWD and FarLOD Results are acceptable and much better than the billboards. Yesterday I tried the same settings but w/ FarFULL instead, and I can’t tell if it was just my imagination, but at first glance it looked slightly better than FarLOD (Which would make sense), but if it would generally lead to a *much* bigger performance impact, I can live with FarLOD. So my question is basically how big of performance gap is there (in general) between FarLOD and FarFULL when using Full rules, and would there be a sizeable visual difference between the two settings? Thanks!
  6. Ah, I ended up just reruunning for that worldspace and was good to go, but nice to know for next time
  7. I went ahead and hid the terrain\lodgen folder included with HDLOD Textures, however nothing in TexGen or DynDOLOD resources conflicts with them. I was unsure if there was any merit in leaving them installed, since I was under the impression there were a few things HDLOD Textures covered that most other mods including DynDOLOD do not. I have DynDOLOD resources near the top, being overwritten by HDLOD Textures DynDOLOD version, and all of my other textures and mods overwrite those
  8. Also, I found out these texture resolutions not divisible by 4 are coming from HD LOD Textures . Is this an issue? I have done nothing to the textures included with that mod. or should I be Hiding the textures?
  9. There is nothing being created, it just fast travels me there like I am playing. I sat around for a bit, but don’t see any indication a new CGID file was created, and when I exit the game, I have no new file in my overwrite or the grass folder
  10. How do I know ngio is doing what it needs to? the console just fast travels me there like im playing normally "The texture is incorrect and could cause issues.-- and crashes, or just possibe visual issues?
  11. I DID SEE YOUR POST, THANK YOU. I do have another question The filename is of the form [worldspace]X[x]Y[y].cgid with leading zeros to pad up to 3 digits. Start the game, open console with ~ and type cow [worldspace] [x] [y] to load into the worldspace and cell so that No Grass In Objects generates the *.cgid file on-demand. Start DynDOLOD to generate LOD, hopefully without errors this time. "arnimaDUPLICATE003x0025y-040.cgid" would this be arnimaduplicate003 0025 040? LODGen_SSE_arnimaDUPLICATE003_log - Pastebin.com Also unrelated, saw a few messages like this in my Dynolod log (though it still ran) <Warning: Texture resolution 539x512 not divisible by 4. Texture textures\terrain\lodgen\dragonborn.esm\pineshrubash01_00019c5e.dds Used by Meshes\dlc02\plants\pineshrubash01.nif Dragonborn.esm DLC2TreePineShrubAsh01 [TREE:04019C5E]> Is this an issue to be concerned about? Thank you
  12. Thank you, I will keep this in mind! Talking to a few folks we came to the conclusion I would likely never see LOD for the door anyway, but good to know in the future.
  13. Sorry about that, home now. Using Ft Dawnguard HD which comes w/ DawnguardDoors.esp which changes the door's texture path from College of WH doors to the doors used by FT Dawnguard HD. The doors in the texture are def from my WH retexture though (Chantry's Winterhold) .Perhaps Dyndolod fixes this itself? From TexGEN I get: https://imgur.com/9sweX0o
  14. I will read again, but I don’t remember any mention of exactly what I should do with the plug-in and it’s records. Before 3.0, the plugin was supposed to go all the way at the bottom. And there were less issues of matching LOD since Noble was the go-to, having its own LOD. Now that other files may have their own LOD, I don’t want the plug-in overwriting my loose files
  15. Using 3.0, I would need to get home to check for the exact version number, though it’s very recent
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