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  1. Thank you, I ended up using ultra tree and setting custom rules for all his vanilla trees at BB4, w/ a custom “treeaspen” rule to cover Aspens Ablaze and a custom “tree” rule to cover the rest of Myrkvior’s provided trees. Thank you again for your help though for whatever reason I still can’t get brown tundra grass LOD To match well using the RGB settings. No idea what the issue is, but with ENB, I just keep ending up with different shades of green. I think I’ll have to admit defeat and just go with green tundra, because I cannot find the balance
  2. I generally use the default TexGen settings of 8 pixels. After checking out the STEPS guide, I decided to try 11 pixels, as y’all have shown. I did notice it mentioned higher values make lower resolution files, which I assume CAN possibly make your files smaller, but I wouldn’t think it would be that much smaller. Would this one setting alone drastically change the file sizes of your meshes and textures? My TexGen output is usually about 294, but since switching, my output is now about 187. I thought it was an issue that came about from me trying to combine the two tree mods and missing so files, but after investigation, it was only about 7 MB of files missing. So I ran with Myrkvior alone to confirm, and to my surprise my output was 184. The only other change I made was adding COTN Morthal, Dawnstar, and Winterhold, but I would’ve expected MORE of a file size, since prior, it would only use the existing farmhouse-like textures you have installed I think I found what happened. Looked in the plug-in, and found that Myrkvior was using some sfo and sgr meshes as replacers for some vanilla trees, while T4 still has the vanilla naming convention. So if his tree replaced Kojack’s, it makes sense that that mesh and corresponding textures are not used when LTM is used. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what happens. Now I just need to find out about setting his trees to his rules, and Myrkvior’s for everything else. If I selected HD tree, is that the same as if I were to select ultra? As in I could set his trees to B4 as he wishes? clicking ultra just makes it so that all of the trees use HD trees for all billboards, or is there more to that? I know there’s a difference between the full and hybrid models, and I believe there’s static as well? Sorry for the spam, I cannot figure out how to edit my comment. I think I understand though, I should be able to use the Myrkvior settings but change TreeFallBack to BB4, which would generate the HD Billboards from LTM. Gotcha. if I misunderstood, Please let me know. I appreciate all the help and being able to be a part of DynDOLOD 3.0 and make my game beautiful
  3. Thank you, I am following this for the most part and was wondering if hd trees would be simply created using the HD tree option in TexGen, since I know he has some settings for hd tree, though he used billboard 4 instead of Lvl 0, which I usually see. my current tree settings (And recommended for Myrkvior) was Lvl 0, Billboard 2, Billboard 2. So you’re saying essentially in its current form, I can’t simply use LTM to replace the conflicting trees in Myrkvior without running into issues? If I’m not mistaken, when he uses ultra tree in TexGen w/ BB4, doesn’t that make all trees 3D? What would stop the trees from being able to be 3D if used w/ Myrkvior? And if it’s a bit much to explain, feel free to let me know that too, as I admittedly am very green with some of this stuff
  4. edit: I also noticed these textures from Little Tree Mod and I wondered if these would impact LOD generation for some of those files that were not generated for some reason? Textures\ Landscape\ trees\ northern hemispheres Deadatlas_normal.dds, Deadatlas_diffuse.dDS, pine atlas_a normal.DDS, pineatlas_rl.dds, pineatlas_diffuse.dds, pinebark.dds, pinebark_n.dds, snowbark_atlas.dds, and snowbark_atlas_n.dds Is there anything about these textures that would cause some of Myrkvior’s unrelated textures not to be generated? Perhaps these textures cover a broad range of meshes, thus making some of Myrkvior’s redundant?
  5. Thank you, I figured this may be the case. So would there be any issue with manually adding files that for whatever reason were not automatically generated, to the TexGen output? I kept my previous TexGen output and isolated the Myrkvior files that for whatever reason were not generated (some SFO, SGR, and letreepine textures that wouldn’t be vanilla trees from little tree mod). They don’t conflict with any other LOD textures in the order. I was thinking it should be enough to add those files to my TexGen output and then re-run DynDOLOD. The TexGen log generated should not matter, should it? From what I understand, it’s more like a receipt showing what was actually generated? Thanks
  6. I was able to isolate the 60 files that for whatever reason we’re not generated, and put them into a folder called DynDOLOD addtnl textures for now. I originally, I was going to re-run DynDOLOD, w/ The addtnl files enabled, but then I thought about the tree report. Would it be necessary to go through the recent tree report that was included in the LOD generation and find any differences between the tree reports so that they can be corrected? I take it they are necessary when running DynDOLOD and the textures alone are not enough ? I did try rerunning TexGen again and got the same result. About 100 MB missing that likely belong to those files from before I installed LTM. I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t be generated. This should change nothing about tree placement or variety. The only conflicts in the ESP are vanilla tree models, which overwrite the conflicting vanilla treemodels in Myrkvior. Those are the only records in the ESP. Other than that, it’s resources overwrite conflicting trees in Myrkvior, and that should be it. I would expect everything else not conflicting would still generate properly?
  7. OK, interestingly enough, there are 60 files from my previous TexGen that did not generate for some reason… some of them are srgtreepineforestdead05, sfopineforest05, letreepineforestdeadsnow03, and multiple files of those. I wonder why they did not generate… Perhaps there is a rule not seen that caused it to miss some if looking at Myrkvior last..? I assume they are part of Myrkvior’s mix, since there’s “sfo” which I believe is a Skyrim Flora Overhaul which I don’t have installed so it likely came from there. What I’m thinking is maybe I grab those 60 files, put them in a separate mod, and run DynDOLOD with all those textures… wondering if it would then place everything correctly? Any insight from anyone knowledgeable would be greatly appreciated
  8. I wanted to try little tree mod out in conjunction with Myrkvior, my current tree mod for a new look as a reward of sorts for dealing with DynDOLOD so much recently. Seems simple enough, little tree ESP only alters the tree record, which I let overwrite the main Myrkvior plug in, and those resources overwrite Myrkvior’s. Boom, all positions should still be as intended and LTM trees should be replacing the conflicted trees! What throws me off however, was generating TexGen and DynDOLOD.. would there be any issues using the settings on Myrkvior’s page? Level 4: Level 0, Level 8: Billboard 2, Lvl 16: Billboard 2, Lvl 32: None, VWD. His settings for DynDOLOD were wayy diff, ultra trees w/ billboard 4 all across 🤨 I figured I should be able to still use those settings, and thought DynDOLOD should in theory make the hd trees and comparable billboard 2s. But then I saw how drastically different his DynDOLOD 3 settings are. I still used the tree settings in TexGen I had already had success with. So now I’m worrying if it did not generate trees for treemod, because I also don’t see a folder with this mods name on it (tho it may very well be in skyrim/DLC1/Dlc2 folder) And it may, but I noticed my TexGen file was a good deal smaller, the terrain and DynDOLOD folders, so I wanted to be sure all tree LOD’s would still be generated as intended with those settings? any reason you folks can think of for this? Perhaps his trees are better optimized, hence the much smaller file size? I also switched to 11 pixels from 8 pixels in TexGen per the Steps guide If that could make a difference
  9. I took a look at the plug-in and didn’t see anything conflicting with tundra grass or editing any bounds. I am using the Northern Cathedral Grass mashup, but there should be no conflicts with tundra/field grass that would cause issues from what I can tell. I’ve reinstalled Cathedral Landscapes again, making sure to select the brown tundra, I am even rerunning grass cache in Tamriel to be EXTRA safe, and I will try again with your values, except far less blue, but still, such a drastic difference in grass LOD color seems odd. And the fact that it’s not necessarily a quick process doesn’t make it easier haha. Beauty is pain, right? anyone at least have any ideas what could cause this to be such a drastic change from your included values? Is it only different textures (Which shouldn’t be a part of the problem) that could cause the issue? I am using obsidian weathersm right now, but I don’t think it would have such an impact on grass LOD color, even if not used exactly with Cathedral Weather
  10. I will take a look at the plug-in bounds once I get home. From what I understand from Sheson’s post, I should’ve been able to just run DynDOLOD and update atlas, but the results are not what was expected. The grass textures are still from cathedral brown grass, and with the Direct, Ambient, and ini settings recommended. I am using Wiz’s Enb for Obsidian, and the grass admittedly looks better when the enb is toggled off (but I think that’s because of how muted colors are without ENB) so not sure what’s going on. Only issue with the picture is I forgot to turn off LODGen terrain meshes/textures before going in game and those were built w/ green tundra installed. I believe that was ticked off when generating Grass with DynDOLOD though (I don’t think it matters, but I usually do just to be safe). Plan to do that at the end when I finalize the grass I’ll be using, since originally the plan was for brown, but since I was unable to get it right I haven’t put much time into tweaking the terrain LOD since it’s easy enough. I’m using no Northern Cathedral Landscapes but don’t believe it touches the tundra which is where I’ve been doing the testing. it’s becoming a pattern where I get home after work and say “today will be the day, the day I finally play…“ Just for that to not be the case because I’m trying to get things perfect lol
  11. https://imgur.com/pi1EfFy Used your settings and got this unfortunately
  12. Thanks folks. Your settings are a bit different from the ones I found before that mentioned halving direct and ambient settings. I do typically adjust the RBG settings for top and bottom shadows, but that’s usually all I’ve had to do. Let me take a look at my most recent LOD, and if it’s too off, I’ll definitely be running it back with some of these settings
  13. Hey folks, I was having an issue getting LOD to match when switching to brown tundra Cathedral Landscapes (Admittedly I’m using Northern Cathedral Grass, but I don’t think it touches the tundra much.). I usually use green tundra, and lowering the Shadows was always enough to get a consistent green LOD to match the tundra. However after running a new grass cache, new TexGen, etc, my LOD in the tundra was still green rather than brown. Tried adjusting ambient in TexGen window and shadows in DynDOLODsse_ini , and could only really get variations of the green. Any idea what the issue may be? Admittedly, I don’t see a tundra grass in TexGen, and unsure if there *should* be
  14. Thanks for the information. I’ll try to test it out when I get a chance and see what it looks like
  15. Hey folks, i’ve searched on the forum and haven’t found an answer, so I was wondering why sky city (Markarth) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22482 is disabled by default in the world ignore.txt? Does it cause issues? Ideally, it would be nice to see the LOD, but if there are stability or performance issues I understand. I just can’t find an answer. I also searched for an answer about LOD generation in Vigilant, but didn’t see a dedicated answer, though I’m assuming there was little benefit maybe? Has anyone or does anyone successfully generate LOD for these spaces? Takes me a while to generate spaces, so wanted to see if anyone else had prior experience before blindly trying. I’ve been using 3.0 alpha
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