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  1. After hours of searching, i uninstalled and reinstalled all of the mods twice before noticing that iEquip was having a error which only appeared in its own log, and nowhere else. The coc qasmoke and Solsthein loaded because you had to enable iEquip after you got in them. No idea why i could not start new games. Once again, thanks to everyone that helped. Specially DoubleYou. Time to load my game with so many mods that will inevitably break again.
  2. Done on both of these. The game now starts even with d3dx9_42 set in the ProxyLibrary, but it still CTDs while trying to load the saves or starting new ones. Logs seem to remain the same.
  3. ReservedMemorySizeMb set to 1024, VideoMemorySizeMb set to 6016, as shown by Boris's test, AutodetectVideoMemorySize set to false. Done d3dx9_42.dll is in the TESV.exe folder, not in the Data folder, as it said in the page. I tried setting it in the proxy section, when i did, the game would simply not start. SKSE would load, then close automatically.
  4. Yes, but i double checked just in case, apologies for being dumb right at the start and sending the MO2 log instead of the SKSE log, sending both the SKSE and Cobb's log now. I need to say, im really thankful for the help im getting from you guys. skse.log CobbBugFixes.log
  5. It worked fine and all the mods loaded, what does this mean? Is it a problem with my saves?
  6. Both, tried loading a save from the moment i entered the castle as well, its like if the whole game just cracked somehow. Pardon if im misunderstanding this, not a native speaker. You're asking for my load order? I can send it too if you want. About the saves, it crashes when i try to start a new game as well, so it leads me to believe that its not a corrupted save. I do have ENB installed, but no ENB presets. I can attach my ENB.ini too if it helps, but i've configurated it as the guides i found told me to, and i dont use any presets. No idea what a custom uGrid is, sorry. Am i like...allowed to PM them or...?
  7. Title pretty much explains it, i've followed STEP as well as i could while installing my mods, its the first time i try it to play Oldrim, but i have years worth of experience modding New Vegas, i've tried most of the solutions i've found online, to no avail, so i come to you guys, help me Modwan-Kenobis, you're my only hope. Problem: CTD when trying to load the game, played it without an issue for about 4-6(?) Hours, even managed to make a good part of Rigmor's quest. Once i got to Whiterun, spoke to the Jarl, bla bla bla, left the castle to fight the Dragon, then bam, CTD. Tried starting the game again and loading the save, CTD while loading. Tried starting new saves, CTDs too. I've read carefully this post, trying to identify my problem, but unfortunally none of the options seem to fit the witchcraft going on in my logs, i did however, tried the usual solutions: - Checking if my video (NVidia GeForce 940) card and audio (Realtek) drivers needed to but updated. - Uninstalling mods that could be causing the CTD. - Getting a bunch of plugins from nexus. Basically every plugin i've seen you guys recommend. - Having my game and MO outside the x86 folder AND give it admin access. After more time searching for WTF is wrong with my game than actually playing it, my only possible ideas are that i may have somehow installed FNIS in a really wrong way, multiple times. Or that there's something wrong with my game's permissions. The Author of Crash Log was kind enough to have a look at my log and said that he thinks it has something to do with an line called "atBehaviorPerchAttack@@@@". I now provide to you helpful people an offering of my logs, both from MO2's and Crash Log's expecting that if you choose to help my poor sleep deprived soul, you can somehow read this mess better than i can: usvfs-2021-07-04_23-50-52.log crash_2021_07_05_05_19_2.log
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