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  1. Hello, Can grass LOD be generated for Enderal Special Edition? If yes, which are the recommended settings for the grass?
  2. Ok, thank you very much! Another question, if a "normal map" texture file is missing, wehere can I find the "flat bump" or the "diffuse red" ones to replace it? And to fix TexGen throwing alarms, will it be enough to just place said files in the correct folder path and then rename them wiht the name of the missing texture?
  3. Hello Sheson, For Skyrim LE. I keep having "access violation" errors while generating TexGen 3. The specific files affected by this vary between different executions of TexGen. I've added all relevant folders and files to my firewall and antivirus exceptions and even set TexGen to be ran "as Administrator". None of this solved my problem. Here are the relevant files. TexGen_TES5_log.txt: https://pastebin.com/W9DPDbmk TexGen_TES5_Debug_log.txt: https://pastebin.com/hkrwe9M0 bugreport.txt: https://pastebin.com/Hkuc4j6D
  4. Oh thank God! That was it. Thank you SO much!!
  5. gtx 1060 6 GB 16 GB RAM I would like to add that I've disabled the xLODGen output, with no avail
  6. Unpacking into a new folder does not solve my problem. I don't get any new bugreport.txt .
  7. Hello Sheson, I apologize for the maybe offensive tone of my post. It's just that it's an entirely new problem that I didn't expect of having to deal with. None of the previous posts seem to adress my issue. Here's bugreport.txt https://pastebin.com/kzu4PQ02 Here's TexGen_Tes5_log.txt https://pastebin.com/t4g9fbKy ("Memoria insufficiente" = "insufficient memory") Here's TexGen_TES5_Debug_log.txt https://pastebin.com/bNMNQeYZ I repeat, this is the first time that this happens to me. Maybe I should mention that I've also generated xLODGen and that I've generated it a couple months ago?
  8. Hello Sheson, Like for many others, the current version of DynDOLOD gives me the "insufficent memory" message when trying to generate TexGen. Where can I find information on how to solve the problem? Frankly I have trouble understanding the usefulness of blocking the TexGen generation because of that, though, until now I've always been able to generate TexGen and then DynDOLOD with very few in-game problems... And now, with the SAME load order, I'm not allowed to do that anymore? It's rather puzzling...
  9. Ok, thank you very much Sheson! for everything!
  10. Can you download from this link? https://ufile.io/hxdrfzp3
  11. The Papyrus log is of course, very big. What part are you specifically looking for? Maybe I could upload it as a zip file?
  12. I start new games normally, by clicking on the "new game" prompt in the main menu. SInce I use Realm of Lorkhan, the game starts from the Realm of Lorkhan's cell. Once all mods are loaded, I save and then re-load the game from that save. Then I coc into Anise's Cabin's basement and enter the main Skyrim worldspace by exiting said basement (normally, through the ladder). I wait until the "DynDOLOD succesfully initialized" message appears, then I coc to WhiterunExterior01. I then run to the main Whiterun door and enter Whiterun normally. Once I enter, I wait a few seconds, then I run at normal speed towards Dragonsreach. I then coc into SolitudeOrigin and then run towards the Temple of the Nine Divines etc. I use PapyrusUtil, I'll go finding the log.
  13. Nothing seems to override the references 056abf, 056ac0, 0f4fec, 07adfa or their base objects besides DynDOLOD itself. 07adf8 is overwritten by Legacy of the Dragonborn.esp, but this plugin just replaces the vanilla base record with another vanilla base record (which is not overwritten by anything) and adds the "Visible when Distant" flag. When looking at the exterior windows of any one of the mentioned buidings (e.g. Dragonsreach castle), even while just standing and not doing anything else, duplicates of the windows periodically appear and disappear floating at a certain distance from the windows themselves. The duplicates are a lot darker than their "original" counterparts. Does it happen with a new game? Yes. Everytime. I don't know if it is a problem of script latency since all other windows seem to be perfectly fine.
  14. This is DynDOLOD_TES5_log.txt: https://pastebin.com/QbtZeU1S Editor IDs in the LOD window references: For Dragonsreach: dyndolodesp_07E2C8_skyrimesm_056ABF_DynDOLOD_CHILD_Tamriel_DynDOLOD_GLOW dyndolodesp_07E2A3_skyrimesm_056AC0_DynDOLOD_CHILD_Tamriel_DynDOLOD_GLOW For Temple of Nine Divines: skyrimesm_0F4FEC_Tamriel_DynDOLOD_GLOW For Bard's College: skyrimesm_07ADFA_Tamriel_DynDOLOD_GLOW For Blue Palace: skyrimesm_07ADF8_Tamriel_DynDOLOD_GLOW How to reproduce the problem: It presents itself everytime that I run DynDOLOD with my current load order or with slight variations to it.
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