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  1. I have a portable instance of Skyrim because of issues with windows being on a slower drive with little capacity. I believe this is the issue since the drop down where the mo2 path is chosen shows MO2's main install instance on my C drive, not the G drive where skyrim is at. What do I do? I can't really fit the game and all of it's mods on my c drive nor would i want to given how slow it is. Again sorry I guess I ran out of time to edit or delete the other "question" I posted.
  2. OK, so I haven't messed around with this mod in about a year because this happened last time I tried to use it. For some reason, and I'm not saying it's BethINI's fault, but for the second time after downloading the mod and running through the quick steps to set it up, I am unable to adjust the settings in the display menu of the system menu in game. I can't adjust those settings in BethINI either. I can't exactly tell if this issue is affecting all settings, but it's blatantly clear when the draw distance settings are all the way up with DynDOLOD and XLODGen. I have a very good system but it can't handle Ultra fade settings when everything else is cranked to high in 4K with 4K textures and the mods mentioned above as well as an ENB. Please help me. I just reinstalled the game and all mods and it still didn't work.
  3. I ended up solving the problem somehow but thank you. I'll use those guide's the next time inevitably break the game.
  4. Someone please explain why DynDOLOD is telling me I need PapyrusUtil when I've always had it in my load order? I've tried rolling back to older versions but nothing seems to work. I've had this issue in the past and I don't remember how I solved it.
  5. I don't have any real issues other than the snow not matching up. I know how to fix the purple texture. It just didn't come to mind until after I posted it. I've come across greener than I actually am at basic modding. It's only these two mods I don't understand and It's clear I'm not asking the right questions and maybe not using the correct terms lol. I very much appreciate all the help so far though and don't mean to pile anything on you man, I'm just tired of modding and want to play. Again, thank you both, and I will check out the general SE topic for more info. I will figure this out ( as it is a small matter of colors matching), I always do.
  6. I know. I was just showing you what happens when I disable bethesda's snow shader (because you said to remove it in the thread). I removed no snow under roof because it messes with SMIM, and I got the purple texture even after starting a new save, but kept all the lod textures. So, I made a connection and I'm glad you verified that I'm wrong because that rules something out for me. I know I have to regenerate after removing such a mod, but I'm only testing so it's not even a big deal to me ATM. But, i'm going to regenerate again, without the mod. I tried out those noise textures and they seem to make the snow transition less jarring but that was after generating. Should I regenerate with one of those mods active, then remove it after, like SSE - Tamriel - Terrain? I do apologize if I'm not asking the right questions here, but I'm not great with trying to figure something out like this through text, when I'm not entirely sure on what I'm doing.
  7. Now, I don't know why either of your mods would be responsible, but before I generated, that wasn't happening lol. I'm completely lost now.
  8. This is without BDS so I'm wrong about that. I don't know why it does that.
  9. I'll keep that in mind for the future, thank you. And I figured the damn snow shader was the issue, it's just that whenEVER i disable it, pretty much all snow textures I use just don't like. Or at least Better Dynamic Snow doesn't like it and I get that weird Florissant white roads and stuff. And as far as bEnableProjecteUVDiffuseNormals, I've never messed with it so it's always been at 1.
  10. compressjpeg.zip Sorry, I'm relearning how to use a computer after 6 years without one.
  11. So, the only issue I'm seing right now is snow in the distance is far too dark. I'd give you screenshots but the file size is larger than 1mb. Is that just a matter of messing with brightness in xlodgen?
  12. It seemed to work pretty well. Thank you very much. This is far better than the other version.
  13. I'm simply reading and listening to the guides and these are the things they are saying. I'm being and clear as I possibly can with what I know on the subject, but I just meant that the mod always worked and I never changed any of the steps while using these mods in the past. But I'm at the TexGen step right now, and it just finished. I ran it twice and the same thing happened. The files don't appear in the TexGen Output folder. I've never run into that one before Edit: I'm stupid. Forgot to change the path when I moved files earlier. I'll continue and Let you know how everything goes. Again, thank you for your help/advice.
  14. I found a new guide for 3.0 that I followed. I did this like 4 different times and ways yesterday. But yeah, that's where I'm at now. I just don't see why 3D Plants and Trees isn't at least working. That's been a constant in my load order for a while now and I've had success generating it's loD's twice in the past. As far as grasscache, I'm going to set the required ini value to 2 instead of 1 this time.
  15. Still didn't work. I also tried the Alpha version too and I know it is very experimental, but people still get it to work. I followed the guides exactly both times and nothing is working. Grasscache didn't work either, at least not all the way. Lot of flickering, not nearly as far as people get it to go, and some places are totally devoid of any grass until I get close enough to it. It's all just very bizarre, but I will not stop until it works. I did read somewhere, and it might have been you who mentioned it, but Alpha doesn't need third party BILLBOARDS anymore? Do you think it's the fact that I'm still using 3d Trees and Plants BILLBOARDS and the resource mod? I used the BILLBOARDS the first time around when It was a success. Did that a second time and failed. Added the recourse mod that is suppose to work with XLODGen and I tried generating everything with that, not just terrain, and still failure. Again, all the tools and plugin's for this process are installed. What is the best way to shoot you my load order? I can of course copy and paste the files from the MO2 mod directory, but obviously not in the order I have them all in. Edit: ini files were properly changed and saved
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