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  1. let's start from the very beginning: 1) use flat billboards for trees lods as object lods we have repetition of silhouettes: https://imageban.ru/show/2021/06/07/a08f1ac830ad5f559f80b5c3bfc2bb21/jpg 2) standard generator behavior when generating trees lods - randomly, to exclude repetition of identical silhouettes turned to the player by one side. i provided above game screenshot of usual Skyrim.
  2. about random rotation. i say: "lods generated only for 4 and 8 cells size. it's pretty close." bearing in mind that this is not enough. We talking only about TREES lods and tress object lods.
  3. ok, another question: lods generated only for 4 and 8 cells size. it's pretty close. Is it possible to somehow increase the distance for lods? Maybe you can cross objects trees lods and standard trees lods?
  4. can you make it randomly? because in the distance it looks the same https://imageban.ru/show/2021/06/07/be9d409a3dbfe97a31f2d41a8f082e16/jpg vanilla (traditional generation) behavior - randomly.
  5. hmmm if build tree lods as object lods then they all have same direction (not random as if cteare usually tree lods) https://imageban.ru/show/2021/06/07/a08f1ac830ad5f559f80b5c3bfc2bb21/jpg another one for test: https://imageban.ru/show/2021/06/07/4b88737b38eca6fc4479e6b497c13d4d/jpg
  6. I need to put only tree lod textures in the atlas (build as object lod). Because these textures have the wrong source resolution (512*758 or 512*489 etc).
  7. how to add certain textures to the ignore list when creating an atlas? if i don't want to add certain textures to the atlas.
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