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  1. I'm not sure why the TexGen log is from version 2.85, I downloaded the Dyndolod 3.00 Alpha 33 Mega file you provide and copy/pasted the entire folder onto my normal DynDOLOD installation folder. Im unable to upload the DynDOLOD_SSE_Debug_log and the LODGen_SSE_Export_Tamriel.txt as the file sizes are too large even when compressed to a .zip file. I can provide the DynDOLOD_SSE_log and the LODGen_SSE_Grass_Map_Tamriel.txt though. Let me know if there is an alternative way I can send you the other two required files. DynDOLOD_SSE_log.rar LODGen_SSE_Grass_Map_Tamriel.rar
  2. Hi Sheson, thank you for your continued efforts in bettering the Skyrim mod scene. I'm currently having trouble with getting the Grass LOD generation to work correctly. I've followed all the appropriate steps to the T to ensure a proper LOD/Billboard generation for grasses, yet my efforts have failed. I will post the three Log files you require, in hopes that you can help me find the solution to my problem. I have generated the Precache Grass with NGIO successfully, except grass LOD does not seem to load in game. Upon further investigation of the files you explained to check, Grass/Billboard LOD DOES seem to be generated (i think.. if im reading the log correctly) , except I cannot see this in game. I have compressed the Log files as the sizes exceed the limit I can post on this thread, I hope this is not an inconvenience. I look forward to your response, thanks again. TexGen_SSE_log.rar LODGen_SSE_Tamriel_log.rar TexGen_SSE_Debug_log.rar
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