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  1. So I did another test by regenerating dyndolod and texgen but without grass lod and it removed almost all the fps drops I could walk around kynsgrove all around without any fps drop below 75 fps(my monitor's refresh rate with gsync and vsync and display tweaks mod) I did notice one single massive stutter as I was walking around the kynesgrove are but after that it was smoth as butter. What can I do to make grass lod performant? I'll also post the debug log: https://ufile.io/bube2axt
  2. here is the link to the log https://ufile.io/bow8oni1 Do I need to post the load order as well or is it already in the log? It's too large for me to read it, so idk if it's there already or not. Edit: Lowering the game's setting to high in bethini didn't help much in that particular area. My modlist is very small copared to most modlist with just less than 200 individual mods and 100 plugins. No quest or gameplay mod or even location mod. One big texture mod skyrim realistic over haul and a few smaller ones and thats it. Running enhanced vanilla trees and a light weight grass mod. I regenerated dyndolod again but on medium settings and it helped nothing, but lowering it from ultra trees to tree lod helped a bit but I could still feel a large fps drop. Edit 2: I do have precashed grass and grass lod as well.
  3. Hey! I've been using ur mod on my playthrouh since the beginning for 2 weeks now. I'm decently far through the game and I almost never fast travel. I only travel by walking no sprinting either. I love the immersion ur mod can provide specially as it performs incredibly well given the immense improvement it provides over the vanilla game. However, I've notice that I got some "Hot spots" on certain areas, where, my game lags quite a lot. I usually get well over 100 fps 99% of the time while walking without a hitch, running the game with vsync and gsync at 75 hz. When I walk around Kynesgrove and the Windhelm's docks my fps drops to bellow 60 around the 50s which triggers my vsync and halfs my fps as per usual vsync functionality. Gsync can help with fps drops when they are over my monitor minimum fps threshold, which is between 55 to 75hz. When the game gets to below 55 I get an effective frame rate of half of 75. It looks horrible. I want to know if this is expected behavior on certain areas as the game can overload with lods even with dyndolod. Or if there shouldn't be such anomalies in frame rate and either there is an issue with the mod or with my load order. I'm running dyndolod on high settings with grass lod and tree lod on ultra. My pc is pretty decent: 2060 SUPER(equivalent to 2070 8gbs of vram), Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb of ddr4 ram and a sata ssd. When I disable dyndolod as per the instructions on the mods's mcm I get normal frame rates, so it's definetly dyndolod. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you for reading and sorry for my bad English.
  4. Thank you for the info. I got one more question tho. I deactivated my bashed patch before generating the lods. Now my occlusion data isn't forwarding my encounter zone changes by the bashed patch. Should I regen dyndolod with the bashed patch enabled or do I need to manually forward dozes many many records by hand?
  5. I accidentally downloaded and installed the 2.x version of the resources. I generated texgen with that, then tried to generate dyndolod. OFC it failed and told me to install the right version. I did so. The question now is, do I need to re do texgen? Or is texgen independent of the resources mod?
  6. gotcha, thanks for all u've done for the community ; )
  7. I'm sorry I missed that. I probably miss understood the explanation u gave on the main page. I thought the options were to start after the last loaded cells mode 1 and much further away in mode 2. I now see that makes no sense, as that would require extended grass from NGIO. I'm kinda new to this stuff, so sorry for the misunderstanding. Just to clarify, does large reference mode mean closer to the player than the furthest loaded cells or not? Cause If it's close enough to blend with the real grass, then that's the solution to my problem. But if not then It would only make it worst. PS: I'm autistic, so maybe a more literal and detailed explanation could help me grasp it. I'm quite terrible with figurative thinking. Also english isn't my first language... NVM: Found the issue. My base game settings for grass weren't working properly, so no matter how far I set it, it would never render all the grass all the way up to the cell borders. So the solution is to use NGIO's override grass distance without the extended grass. Fixes the issue with no noticeable pop in. The only thing I did notice popping in, was tree lods when I got closer to them, they flickered in to a new model, even tho, I'm using ultra trees. I was moving at 500 speedmult tho, so maybe the engine didn't have time to fade it in in time idk. U made this mod u should know If I messed something up. I've used dyndolod 2 for over three years and didn't get this kind of flickering, that've noticed at least. Using EVT for 3.0. Why does the flickering happen? Why not just fade it in like with grass?
  8. I'm currently getting a weird empty spot on my grass right before the last loaded cells, and after the real grass ends. What have I done wrong? I've tried disabling grass fade, have tried adjusted fade range, fade start min and max, I'm out of ideas of what to try. Did the pre cash, texgen and dyndolod. Didn't enable override grass distance option in NGIO config, thought that'd be unnecessary with grass lod. Did I miss something on the main page? I've read it 5 times already, can't find a solution on it or online.
  9. I actually found out what was causing the issue. It was the mod No grass in object. I did do the while precache btw idk why it was causing stuttering tho. Maybe i went a bit overboard with the configs of the mod.
  10. Is it normal to get random stutters every few seconds while using dyndolod on high settings on a pc like mine, 2060 super ryzen 5 3600 16 gb ram and ssd 500 gb on windows 10? I have very few mods, mostly vanilla playthrough. I'm also on a gsync monitor, with gsync active and triple buffering vsync in nvidia pannel active too. This is my first post here, so sorry if I missed something.
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