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  1. A few questions I have about Noise.dds: 1. What is the noise.dds and what exactly is it used for? All I know is that its used on terrain to simulate fake grass using noise to make it appear more "grainy". 2. How is it effected by things like light and the terrain below it? 3. Why is it Greyscaled? Is it the darker it is the more transparent it is, so parts that are black are completely transparent?
  2. Hey sheson, quick question. What exactly does dyndolod do with the grass cache? Or more specifically, if I switch grass mods can I use the same grass cache for generation or do I have to regenerate it?
  3. Hi Sheson, before I forget and do it wrong, imma do all the Logs first. DynDOLOD bug report: None TexGen Log: https://ufile.io/vhbkh43u (nothing in here, generated from quick in and out setting look up to make sure settings matches DynDOLOD options. Nothing located before that.) TexGen Debug Log: https://ufile.io/4xede0ka (nothing in here, generated from quick in and out setting look up to make sure settings matches DynDOLOD options. Nothing located before that.) DynDOLOD log: https://ufile.io/8nkdirse DynDOLOD debug log: https://filebin.net/q2l7uywle1i8lkdj I'm having a problem with my mountains and trees using other meshes, and then when I approach it transfers to the high quality meshes (without fade). Comparison Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/74BwjiR the last 4 pictures are the best examples and are taken from walking 2 or 3 feet back and forth. This problem seems to be the same problem the user, Breaking Mountain, had here: I have reran DynDOLOD multiple times since the problem occured, no change. Problem still occurs on new games (see last 2 images). I don't think its a wild edit since not many of my mods touch mountains, although guess thats why its called "wild" edit. Loot reports no dirty plugins, I clean/uninstall any mods that are dirty. On a previous generation, I tried the mountain mesh rule: Mesh mask = mountains LOD Level 4 = Level0 LOD Level 8 = Level0 LOD Level 16 = Level1 or Level2 Flags = VWD Grid = Far LOD Reference = Unchanged Mountain (and tree) problem still existed. The fBlockLevel0Distance seen in the pictures 57000 ( fBlockLevel1Distance: 60,000) My usually play with fBlockLevel0Distance on 30,000. Increasing fblockLevel0Distance does make the problem happen further away, though it still happens (as expected) (and takes 5-10% of GPU more at 60k then 30k) . My uLargeRefLODGridSize is usually the default of 11, when changed to 5 as suggested, the problem still occured. The only thing from that post I can't verify is bolded below Another note is I did try a fresh ini by removing my current INIs, launching the launcher and then using the new skyrim.ini and skyrimpref.ini on my save, problem still occurred. Where in the DynDOLOD log does it list the refernces/plugins that need conversions? Although this may not be a large reference bug. The big question is how do I fix these mountains and trees?
  4. The zoom in is just to highlight the change and see a side by side comparison, Although now that you mention it i wouldn't make much sense if it was a side by side duplicate like I thought it would be. After reading the post above mine, I turned off my ENB and noticed a lot better visuals, so thats prob the problem. My bad, I meant TexGen_SSE.ini and am refering to the "automatic tree/grass discovery - base record object bounds Sqrt((X2-X1)^2 + (Y2-Y1)^2 + (Z2-Z1)^2) >= Min[Tree|Grass]ModelVolume" reading in "DynDOLOD/docs/help/GrassLOD.html" underneath "Not all grass types have LOD / grass LOD billboards" led me there.
  5. Hello Sheson, I am trying to setup Grass LOD for my current game and have run into a problem with the visuals. After Setting object bounds in creation kit, doing the math and setting the object bounds in the dydolod.ini, generating grass cache, creating the Texgen, and then running dyndolod, I COCed whiterun to see the results were poor. https://imgur.com/a/PFbZwe8 I completely updated my DynDOLOD before generating. The files in Texgen's preview button looks fine and the files that TexGen created look fine, all three grasses this mod adds looks like the one in the pictures. The only abnormal thing I did was only create grass with TexGen by unmarking everything else and export it into a seperate empty mod so I could enable and disable to switch between no grass and grass incase fps was a struggle or something wasn't right. What's the problem and how do I fix it? Any questions or more information I can supply you need please ask, I want to get the bottom of this. TexGen preview: https://imgur.com/a/DIy9vA5 TexGen created: https://imgur.com/a/3XgoDNG I will generate another grass cache using a different grass mod tonight and see if the results are the same. The current grass mod I'm using is Realistic Grass Field by ArtByMari (1k version) and this is what the texture file from the mod looks like: https://imgur.com/a/WBFr0cn and the mesh: https://imgur.com/a/TH1Luwl Second image is with it selected. TexGen Log: https://easyupload.io/pl29l6 Dyndolod Log: https://easyupload.io/nayp3y
  6. Just looked, and it was at 1. When I went turned it to 0 no change. If you look closely at the image, you can see that the mountains underneath the snow is also low quality. 1. Read the first post what logfiles to upload when making posts. https://ufile.io/f/mvedx Dyndolod and Texgen's log and debug log. (no bug report.) 2. Is this different from LOD generated by DynDOLOD 2.x? I haven't generated a lod from DynDOLOD 2.x in forever. The only semi recent change ive made it installing the dyndolod 3.0 resources from nexus rather then here. Although this was a problem I noticed before I regenerated DynDOLOD, and regenerated DynDOLOD to try and fix the matter. 4.There are still people setting uLargeRefLODGridSize to such insane values? 21 is the setting darkstorne suggested in the nexus media tab (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/images/690) It doesn't solve the problem, it simply moves it further away (21x21 grids away) making it less noticeable. I get no performance impact at 21. 3a. Looks like there might be wrong rendered mountain LOD textures installed from a mod. I use Majestic Mountains, and the only mod that's overwriting it is No sunlight through mountains (meshes only) and Texgen. Unless a esp is redirecting mountain lods. Or the LOD resources under majestic mountains is outdated ( I do have for dyndolod 3.0 version installed and enabled) 3b. It could also be a problem with one of the snow LOD shaders being modified by a plugin. It looks like the snow of MM was being overwritten by another mod. This also made the snow patterning on mountains a lot better. Thanks Sheson! I looked at that post earlier but didn't go into SSE edit and search for the files, I simply made sure no files texture files were being overwritten in a conflict in MO2.
  7. Hello, after taking a break from my skyrim game, I went into it and mountains look like this: https://imgur.com/a/srHlf1b This is after my Pref ini got reset for some reason. After doing some testing, I retweaked uLargeRefLODGridSize to 21, which seems to have made it distant, so its not nearly as bad.
  8. Yep, I cleaned and re-generated after installing/sorting the mod(multiple times). The mod had over 1700 UDRs. So ill just play without it.
  9. Hello Sheson! I have encountered a problem with Tree LODS appearing inside Trees when I am right next to them. I assume this is not a problem with DynDOLOD at all, but was wondering if there's a (simple) way you could help or if you'd recommend not downloading the mod at all (unless fixed ofc). When downloading this new mod: WhiterunTundraOverhaul (replaces pine trees in the Tundra into Aspens, also the Mod Creators first mod) This is the problem: (not in TFC) Tree enabled/disabled with console The problem only occurs in the area where this mod trees are replaced and only for some trees.
  10. If you want to change texture size after generation do you have to run them both or can you just run TexGen?
  11. Does the "preview" button in TexGen preview the current texture size? I assume so, its just my puny mortal eyes don't show any difference between them.
  12. My grass needs to be darker, as seen in pictures. So, in the ini I have: ; grass LOD brightness multipliers GrassBrightnessTopR=0.400 GrassBrightnessTopG=0.445 GrassBrightnessTopB=0.450 ; make bottom darker to fake shadowing GrassBrightnessBottomR=0.200 GrassBrightnessBottomG=0.223 GrassBrightnessBottomB=0.225 Would I decrease or increase to make it darker? I assume decrease because of the fake shadowing section. (images to big to attach.) https://imgur.com/a/eRZKfQA https://imgur.com/a/8a6Lkg1
  13. I ask here because Dyndolod needs the Object bounds to generate grass LOD as seen in the trouble shooting of your second post: Matter not, I tested it and it seems to be fine.
  14. Hello Sheson, quick question: After adding the object bounds to a grass mod do you have to run the grass precache again?
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