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  1. I have tried forcing fawkes to use the melee option in game but he keeps using his gatling gun. With the melee option, he should be using ranged against enemies far away and melee when enemies are close. I even tried giving him his super sledge but no luck there either. Weirdly enough this goes same for all of my companions even when I force them to use melee. After further testing and narrowing down the issue, it seems that arwen realism is the cause of this issue since this only occurs when arwen realism is activated. Could someone else verify this also? Current load order nontest: https://pastebin.com/mTFbdAHt Current test load order with arwen realism: https://pastebin.com/ As for how I Installed the arwen realism mod, I simply installed it by downloading it and adding it through MO2 which prompts a fomod setup install for the mod and chose my selected arwen plugins above accordingly.
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