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  1. well, this was posted as 'feedback' so really its just that.
  2. straight from the xEdit discord. and again: the allowmastersedit has absolutely no reason. if you want to skip the 4second wait, cool beans. but nothing in the entire STEP guide, either LE or SSE even REQUIRES that argument to be enabled. that argument doesnt prevent/allow 'Quick Auto Clean' from cleaning masters. it is for much more in-depth edits.
  3. the arguments '-iknowwhatimdoing' and '-allowmasterfilesedit' should NOT be entrenched into the STEP guide. for starters: nothing you do with xEdit actually requires the latter one. and the first is NOT meant 'simply for disabling a single pop-up': it does much more and the user is /meant/ to -ahem- KNOW WHAT IT IS and WHAT THEY DO. hence, the name. This applies to SSE, as well. thanks.
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