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  1. Some nvidia cache is first on the list when it stutters actually. I got everything run through CAO and it got better, thou nvidia’s stuff is now causing 10 fps drops for about 0.5 second when i run to a new area. (sorry for text screenshot, it moves too fast so i can’t copy it)
  2. I have regenerated not using grass, it still stutter. According to resource manager it happens when any textures/dyndolod stuff loaded.
  3. Just if i had an idea what could possibly cause this...
  4. Yes, it has. It is maybe on cell change, but i can say for sure that disabling dyndolod output increases perfomance and almost eliminates stutters, except some micro ones in riverwood area.
  5. Actually - FPS is fine, but it stutters a lot.
  6. TYVM! It helped! I started having 15 fps loss and huge stutters with dyndolod thou... It is on medium preset.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/2urtRH3 what can cause that grass color difference?
  8. Well, there is some weird stuff going on with mushrooms out there but it happens either i have enabled dyndolod ouput and lux or not, may be the distance just not enough.
  9. TYVM! I am wondering about <Warning: Overwritten large reference in Lux.esp [REFR:000CE0ED] (places FXMistLow01 [MSTT:00077772] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of BlackreachWeatherTest2 [CELL:000237D2] (in Blackreach "Blackreach" [WRLD:0001EE62] at 3,3))> Lux is overwritting some stuff in blackreach at cell 3,3, so according to your explanation the whole cell should be flickering because of the engine bug. Any way how i can teleport myself into that exact cell?
  10. 'It is not just moving, right? The ref rows are different. REFR0010 beeing replaced with REFR0200 in Dawnguard.
  11. Thank you! Did not fully understand though why any of DLCs to the game overwrite already existed RNAM records. In my understanding a RNAM record is a place in a world where the large reference LOD should be placed, but if skyrim.esm beeing overwrited by dragonbord DLC it should mean that all these objects are replace in dragonborn DLC, but they do not change already existed objects in tamriel. So, what are the changes they make in RHAM for?
  12. I have read DynDOLOD/docs/SkyrimSELargeRefGrid/SkyrimSE-LargeRefGrid.html and still have questions about large reference warning (attached)i am getting whily generating lods. From the docs i didn't understand what it can cause and why dlcs are updating RNAMs of original game in Tamriel, do they change objects? So without one of the dlc i will have different objects located in that coordinates?
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