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  1. Firstly, a big thank you for all the work and effort put in to produce this guide, it's been a real help to me and saved me from more than one foul up! I have a couple of comments though which I hope will be useful................... The mod 'Fire Halo Remover' has been removed from NMM The Enhanced Vanilla Trees FOMOD didn't have an 'Install my LODS' option as you have listed Ruins and Clutter improved says to download v2-8, it should be v3-1 In the DynDOLOD wrap up instructions you say to check both the .esm and .esp file but I had no.esm file and when I asked on the DynDOLOD forum Sheson replied to say there isn't one.............. Hope that helps and thanks again for the incredible effort you have put in to this!
  2. Thanks for the speedy answer! I'll post on the STEP guide forum for them to update the below then!
  3. Hi, Firslty thanks for all the amazing work done here, it's been a real source of inspiration to me as a newbie modder and the guides and advice have helped me through a lot of, almost entirely self-inflicted issues! However, there is one issue I haven't be able to answer so I'm hoping you can. I've followed the new LE STEP guide (3.0.0) in it's entirety and last night got to the DynDOLOD section; everything seemed to work ok but when I activate the 'mod' I see no .esm file. The .esp file is there and ticked but the output folder contains the following items: Meshes, skse, textures folders and DynDOLOD.esp and that's it. Am I missing something really obvious (probably) and if so can you put me on the right path...............................
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