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  1. I switched from Tamrielic Grass to Folkvangr and it worked on the very first try. Thank you @sheson and @z929669 so much for your continued and unwavering support! I was under the impression that dyndo would work with any grass, but looking back with hindsight, trying a different grass seems like an obvious option. I'm so happy that it works now, it looks awesome. Now I just have to get the colour of the distant grass to more closely match the near grass. https://imgur.com/a/HzIvqay I see that there has already been some discussion here about it, so I will begin happily tinkering. I'm so psyched! Skyrim never looked top tier until now THANK YOU.
  2. @z929669 thanks for the bethini link! I made all of the changes and messed around with the tree distance settings in the mcm. My trees are visible now! @sheson I ran the lodgen for Tamriel after making the expert and verbose changes you asked for. I did so after deleting everything from the logs folder just fyi. I assume that has no affect on anything. Here are the three files it created: https://we.tl/t-kHgYPIg9Jq The Nifskope image still has no grass as far as I can tell. LODGen_SSE_Export_Tamriel.txt does contain GrassMap=..LODGen_SSE_Grass_Map_Tamriel.txt and the file lists the desired grass billboards for the worldspace. GrassDensity is at 65. Thanks again for the courteous and quick help!
  3. Hey guys, So I was posting earlier about not being able to get the grass added to my lods. I'm starting to think that it's not the grass that's the issue, but all billboards as I've noticed that I'm even getting tree pop-in. I stopped posting for a few days because I started heavily messing with my load order again. I've watched all of the tutorials on youtube, some of them multiple times, and read through the manual and some of the help files. I'm at a total loss. The Tex and Dyndo outputs were both generated without error. Dyndo ESM is below all other esms, esp is at the bottom. I've included a video showing these things. Logs: https://we.tl/t-m4dPwO0exi Skyrim Ini and prefs: https://we.tl/t-j5wq4TedJs Grass Control Ini: https://we.tl/t-oMJCYkzJJX I've tried caching the grass before tex gen and dyndo, I've tried Tex gen and then caching the grass then dyndo. Neither works. Honestly I'm starting to feel like a real big dumdum because I'm putting a lot of energy into this and just can't seem to figure it out. I know @sheson you wanted me to add verbose or something, but I think my mistake is simpler than that, as I'm not getting tree lods either. Please have mercy on this incompetent soul!
  4. I reported that for a different set of logs. I since changed my settings to more closely copy @z929669 settings, perhaps that is why. Either way, my bad! Yes I see them now in the bottom right! Yes these lines are present. Thank you again for taking the time to look at the logs. It's really generous and probably mostly a thankless job. Even if I never get these billboards to show up I'm really grateful for the help.
  5. I have done so here: If wetransfer is no good for you please let me know your preferred alternatives!
  6. I just noticed that while playing with this dyn output my map looks like this. Is this a clue? Edit: The map only looks like this while in blackreach.
  7. Thanks @Greg I will try that. I've just gone ahead and tried @z929669 suggestions to change the "GrassLargeReference to 1 in ..\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_SSE.ini so grass LOD starts right beyond the large reference distance (uLargeRefLODGridSize, typically between 5 = off and 11). Use this with DynDOLODGrassMode = 2 in ..\NetScriptFramework\Plugins\GrassControl.config.txt" I'm not running cathedral landscapes. I reran Texgen & Dyndo using the settings you suggested after changing the above ini files. And still no grass in the distance. I have this feeling that I'm missing some basic step, but I've looked through the manual and the grasslod help page and it's not obvious to me. It seems to me like I am getting better billboards, they just don't contain the grass and I can't tell why. Could it be that I need to put the grass files into the /data folder of my Skyrim instead of creating a new mod on MO2? I'm unable to upload my logs directly because the site is telling me I can upload 0mb, but they can be downloaded here: https://we.tl/t-ryv7FfZYWN just incase anyone is feeling generous! Thanks again for the help so far. I really do appreciate it.
  8. @z929669 Apologies for starting in two places! I posted over there because it occurred to me it might be more appropriate after posting here. I had no idea you guys would be so responsive. "DynDOLOD_SSE_Log.txt has multiple runs, and the most recent run failed basically just after starting the DynDOLOD program (presumably via MO)." Yes I think you're referring to the run that I did just to get the screenshots this morning of my settings. Have I not done so? From the mod page: UseGrassCache = True ExtendGrassDistance = True OnlyLoadFromCache = True Again, apologize for starting the question in two places. I'll only post in that thread from here forward.
  9. @sheson I don't think I've entered Grass=1 incorrectly I believe that LODGen_SSE_Grass_Map_Tamriel.txt does have similar time stamps. The BTO file looks like this, though I don't know if it is showing grass or not. I think not?
  10. I posted this as well in the main thread: Check in MO2 right data tab there are ..\Grass\Tamriel*.cgid files - CHECK Make sure TexGen is generating billboards for grasses by checking its log ..\DynDOLOD\Logs\TexGen_SSE_log.txt - CHECK "Creating billboard C:\Modding\DynDOLOD\TexGen_Output\textures\terrain\lodgen\tamrielicgrass.esp\tg_fall_grass03_0000085a with Meshes\landscape\grass\tg_fall_grass03.nif TamrielicGrass.esp tg_fall_grass03 [GRAS:FE02385A]" Check the grass billboards in the TexGen output show something and are no fully transparent - CHECK Check the DynDOLOD debug log ..\DynDOLOD\Logs\DynDOLOD_SSE_Debug_log.txt contains <Notice: [Tamriel] Gathering grass data for object LOD> It does NOT contain this line. Check the DynDOLOD log ..\DynDOLOD\Logs\DynDOLOD_SSE_log.txt that there we no errors in the LODGen log or check the LODGen log ..\DynDOLOD\Logs\LODGen_SSE_Tamriel_log.txt directly that its last line is Code: 0 - CHECK Check the object LOD atlas ..\DynDOLOD_Output\Textures\DynDOLOD\LOD\DynDOLOD_Tamriel.dds contains some of the grass billboards generated by TexGen It does NOT contain any grass. Check the export file ..\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\Export\LODGen_SSE_Export_Tamriel.txt has GrassMap=..\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\Export\LODGen_SSE_Grass_Map_Tamriel.txt - CHECK Check that ..\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\Export\LODGen_SSE_Grass_Map_Tamriel.txt contains a few lines with grass billboard texture names and paths in it - CHECK Open ..\DynDOLOD_Output\Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\Tamriel.4.0.0.bto and check visually if there is grass LOD in there. The many tiny X will be obvious. To be honest, I have no idea how to open a bto file. I ended up downloading a program called DAZ stuido based on a google search, but that's not working.
  11. Wow! Thanks to the man himself. I've gone through the list and I have some clues I think, though I don't know how to interpret them.
  12. Logs.rar There we go. Does this work? The last full generation was last night, I booted it up again this morning just to take those photos.
  13. @z929669 Thank you for the quick reply! I've done my best to capture photos of all of the things you asked for. Grass caching does take me roughly 2 hours. It gave me a completed successfully message when complete. Instead of taking photos of the dyndolod log I've just attached it here as it's very long. Expires in 1 week: https://we.tl/t-7bUVlkJ6xD GrassCache INI: Dyndo INI: TexGen Settings: Dyndo Settings: How I create new mod in MO2 from overwrite folder: Some of my Grass CGID folder: If there is something else I should include, I'm definitely willing to! I've tried this process about 4 times now. I'm very confident that the grass is generated properly. I have indeed read the instructions on the NGIO page many times over. Thanks again for responding!
  14. Hey all, I've been trying to generate grass in my lods and failing for a few days now. I was wondering if any of you would be willing to help me troubleshoot? I've been following the original posts step by step as best as I can. I'm kind of at a loss. I changed the two values in the dyndolod ini, and the 1 value in the grasscontrol ini. The texgen previewer is showing me grasses. First I successfully cache the grass in MO2 and send it a new mod, setting it to ignore missing data. Then I run texgen, followed by dyndolod, setting dyn to generate Object lods + Ultra. I put dyndolod .esm at top and .esp at bottom. My grass still looks like this: https://imgur.com/jKZB921 If any of you could spare a few minutes, I would really appreciate any help at all at this point. Thanks!
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