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  1. I probably should've indicated that that is what I have done in the meanwhile!
  2. Thanks for the timely responses. I'll hold tight for the LW patch update - is there a timeframe for this, out of interest?
  3. Hi All, I was wondering what the STEP Lighting and Weather Patch does in terms of the fixes it may include, or edits to records. I use all the recommended mods in the 18-Lighting & Weather section of the guide. The equivalent reference document for the CR patch is useful, but I can't seem to find anything similarly for the LW patch either on the wiki, this forum or elsewhere on the web that describes what it does (beyond the red-marked mods listed in the STEP guide that give an indication of what mods it does effect). I ask as I wouldn't mind removing Lanterns of Skyrim from my current load order (post-1.0.0 update) - the old LoS MCM adopted for the current STEP iteration has overly bright, white tone lights for my taste (an issue acknowledged in this thread here), which do not respond to the light patch recommended on Manny's Nexus page for me. LOOT pulls a strop if I remove LoS completely, and keep the LW patch; an error message appears with regards to dependency. Will the game play nice if I keep the LW patch, but remove LoS from the load order (despite LOOT's alarm bells, which I know aren't reliable)? Alternatively, if I remove both LoS and the LW patch for the sake of my OCD and LOOT's constitution, what am I losing by dropping the LW patch with regards to the rest of the section 18 mods? Many thanks in advance!
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