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  1. Can you remember which one specifically it is? Have changed one of them to no avail.
  2. That is exactly what I am not getting anymore and it must be moreHUD as i never had that issue before so will try disabling and seeing if that works, thanks you!
  3. They aren't loose ones and it doesn't say take all it says "take most" is this a mod thing? Tried that still only takes one pretty sure it's a mod thing as i used to get a "how many" selection now I don't get that
  4. So have followed the step guide am new to this all sorry for being annoying but whenever i pick up more than one item such as septims instead of it asking how many i woukd like to pick up it just takes 1, i use a gamepad btw
  5. Thank you to everyone who commented i have now solved the problem! Turns out the TEMP LOD Cathedral File was enabled so disabled that and all is well
  6. So i did that and this is what i got, where do i go from here?
  7. How do i find out the texture names + sources? on the data page the cathedral landscapes are still showing there, are they worth deleting or not until i find out the actual problem?
  8. Tried that and no luck When i first installed the mods i found that i had to do a vanilla start for all the mods to initialise properly would I have to start a new game at all?
  9. How do i go about seeing what the mod sources? Ground textures are deffo wrong! So I did have to disable that one haha, do I now have to redo my DynLOD and the rest etc? I have done do i have to redo my LOD's now?
  10. Hi can anyone tell me why this is happnening to me only in riften and surrounding areas? I followed the STEP guide to an absolute hair apart frpm some personal preferences, would i have missed something somewhere? Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks
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