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  1. If it has no optimization, does it mean that xLodgen leaves the mesh alone? Would it result in faster xLodgen process? Is it worth using -1 for any reason at all?
  2. Quick question, I understand that when choosing mesh LOD quality, the lower the number, the higher the quality. Thus far, I've chosen 0 when I thought I wanted the highest quality possible, but I only just noticed that there's actually a negative value? -1 Is it supposed to represent an even higher quality than 0? Or is it a setting that represent something else (like disabling the mesh generation process for specific distances) ?
  3. A question if you please, I have gotten into the habit of recreating DynDolod everytime I install changes to worldspace like towns and settlements. But now that I've recently been playing around with xLodgen as well, I'm wondering whether re-running xLodgen is also necessary if I install those towns or settlements mod. By necessary, I mean does it actually matter if I do it or not? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. I was afraid that because it said "default" it was something I wasn't supposed to erase.
  5. How can I change the Tress/grass billboard values of TexGen back to default? I would like to return the direct and ambient lighting back to the default values from TexGen.
  6. I'm posting this in the hope that it might help anyone who had trouble like I did with ENB and the grass billboard. After much testing, I discovered that the setting that truly screwed up the grass billboard colors is the ENB feature of Image Based Lighting. Any other ENB preset that doesn't use IBL will likely not encounter any issues with getting the grass billboard to look right. IBL can look nice, but personally, I prefer having long distance grass that stretches to the horizon Some of IBL's looks can be simulated using a combination of tweaking bloom, direct lighting, and ambience. Worst come to worst, there are certain effects from Reshade that you can add on top of ENB that can achieves similar look without screwing up the grass billboard colors at little to no cost in fps. After tweaking Rudy's ENB without IBL, the grass billboard looks great. Thank you to everyone who provided answers and advice. Your help was appreciated.
  7. Ah, Ok. Now it's clearer. Thank you. I'll just keep fiddling.
  8. Yes, I understand color mixing. In concept at least. But in practice when I generate meshes with the value of 1, it creates a mesh with a brightness that is far above what the TexGen preview shows. For example, you mentioned that a value of 1 for all RGB channel should create billboards with a brightness of 50% or less. The question then becomes 50% or less of what ? 50% of what is previewed in TexGen? 50% of how the texture itself appears when viewed in a texturing software? The reason for my confusion (and why I've been doing this through trial and error) is that I don't know what factors actually determine how the meshes look in the game. Clearly the settings in the BrightnessMax and BrightnessBottom is just some of them. I've done texturing before for Skyrim, so I know how things like specular, glossiness, glow, etc work. But in this case, it's not really the texture that determines how it will look in-game. Which is why my original question was whether it was possible for this feature to be turned-off, in the hopes that I could make the mesh look more like how the texture file actually appears. Fiddling with the numbers so far has not yielded the desired result. Granted, ENB also plays a factor, which is why I'm also testing different values there too. Thank you. I will take a look at that.
  9. My knowledge of math doesn't extend to how colors are produced through software. So let me ask specifically what would be the values to put in those variables in order to make the colors neutral (or equal to not having the effects applied)
  10. So this then? GrassBrightnessTopR=1 GrassBrightnessTopG=1 GrassBrightnessTopB=1 GrassBrightnessBottomR=1 GrassBrightnessBottomG=1 GrassBrightnessBottomB=1 Cause I think I tried putting 1's in the brightnessTop and it made the meshes white. I forgot whether or not I tried it with the BrightnessBottom.
  11. Question, is it possible not to use the grass LOD brightness multipliers ? I don't see any features to shut it off. But I would like to try to test if I can get more consistent colors in the grass billboards by not having the multiplier applied onto the meshes at all.
  12. This isn't a question per say, but if anyone has any tips on getting ENB to work well with the grass billboards, let me know. I've spent literally hours trying to get the billboards and the grass to look similar in terms of lighting and colors, but I just haven't been able to get it right. The meshes are simply lit way too differently, and I've tried to modify settings both on the ENB side and on the Dyndolod. Without ENB the billboards blend easily enough with the actual grass. With ENB lighting though, it's a pain in the ass. So if anyone has any particular settings that work well for their setup, I'd be interested to know what those settings are. For those wondering, I'm currently using Rudy ENB for Cathedral weather. But I'm open to settings from any other ENB and weather mods. Thanks.
  13. I understand, but I thought that grass was separate from Ultra tree. I was just wondering if it was possible for me to save some time by using LOD's that I generated in my previous sessions. If they're the same I guess I'll just redo the whole thing over to be safe.
  14. Ok, so it seems I have to rerun DynDolod again in order for the settings to take effect. In order for me not to recreate everything from scratch, I'm assuming I can just untick the things I've made before like Ultra trees, and select only Generate Object LOD and Generate Dynamic LOD. Is this correct? Or do I have to do everything over?
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