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  1. All the guides that are available online aren't useful for the new version as the options differ, and I couldn't find anything about tree LOD in the manual. I just want to know what settings I have to set to have all the trees in the worldspace visible at once and have them appear on the map. As far as I understand it means generating tree LOD as static LOD, but it's not clear what i actually have to change in the settings to achieve that.
  2. Recently got DynDOLOD to work for me. I followed GamerPoet's tutorial closely. First ran TexGen, then DynDOLOD on medium settings, activated both in MO2, both the mods and plugins on very bottom of load order. I'm getting an infinite loading screen at the very start of the game, even before the "Start new game", "Load save", "Continue", etc. options appear. There is a little loading wheel in the bottom right so the game is not frozen. I'm on SSE, have about 292 plugins but most of them are ESLs. I ran an SSEEdit script to check it and the amount of references in all of the plugins is nowhere near the limit. Disabling TexGen_Output and DynDOLOD_Output makes the game load up normally with no issues. I searched the forums and reddit for people with a similar issue but didnt find one with a fix that worked for me. I have an ENB if that's relevant.
  3. I did try to launch the programs through MO2 but they do not work manually either. They do not work at all, even if I launch them directly through their .exe. (Shortcuts with an -sse argument in the case of the DynDOLOD programs). I disabled UAC in it's entirety: The programs didn't work, neither manually nor through Mod Organizer. I added all of them as exceptions in Windows Defended: again, neither worked. Each time I made sure to launch them as Administrator, and I always launch MO2 as administator as well. All of the programs are in my D: drive, in non special folders. At this point it seems like the issue is shared between DynDOLOD and SSEedit, so I'll ask on their forums/ nexus and if the issue is resolved I'll post here as well.
  4. ...SSEdit doesn't work either. Practically same reason. Last line is about how it tried to load Plugins.txt. Error window says "There are no modules in the data folder"
  5. Copied them, no luck. Never used xEdit in my life and was hoping not to. But It seems I have no choice, gonna do that now.
  6. Disabled UAC, doesn't work. Added them as an exception to windows defender/ antivirus, doesnt work. I dont have any 3rd party antiviruses or something like that. Is there any more concrete way to find out what is blocking acess to it?
  7. I might be reading it wrong but does this mean there is nothing I can do?
  8. Oh and "Plugins" are only mentioned in relation to the Plugins folder in the SKSE folder
  9. I finished transfering my steam library to the D drive, it is now "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common". Still getting the same error. I found the logs from yesterday. Only places where DynDOLOD is mentioned in here (Several times, same text, probably from each time I tried to run it. "38:07.861 inithooks called mod_organizer_instance in process D:\Programs (D)\DyndoLOD\TexGenx64.exe:4640 (log level 1, dump type 1, dump path C:/Users/Sayor/AppData/Local/ModOrganizer/SkyrimSE/crashDumps)" Checked that dump path, it only has a "SkyrimSE.exe-16012.dmp". Empty when I open it with notepad, and last modified two months ago.
  10. I searched up online how to move my Steam library and am doing that right now, to a new folder in the D drive. So what do you suggest doing to resolve the issue? I never had issues with using MO2 or modding tools before. Nor do I have any antivirus that would block it. I also always run MO2 as administrator, and have tried running the shortcuts manually as administaror as well. Neither worked, still getting the same error.
  11. DynDOLOD itself is in my D drive, so not a special folder. and The location of Skyrim is where the default steam folder is. Do you suggest to move my steam installation folder to the D drive as well? Also, the programs give the same error when trying to start them manullay (Through shortcuts with an -sse argument added).
  12. I am using MO2. I installed DynDOLOD in a separate directory than my game and not in program files or anything. In MO2 I added -sse to the arguments for both programs (I'm using the x64 versions of them if that's relevant). Without the arguments the programs give a totally different error so I'm guessing that it isn't the issue. When I do try to run the programs (Both DynDOLOD and texgen), I'm getting this error log. Gonna use TexGen's as an example. [00:00:00.063] TexGen based on xEdit x64 (DAB7081D) starting session 2021-04-15 10:01:59 [00:00:00.073] Game Mode: SSE [00:00:00.078] Game Name: Skyrim Special Edition [00:00:00.084] Using Skyrim Special Edition Data Path: C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\ [00:00:00.089] Using Backup Path: C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SSEEdit Backups\ [00:00:00.095] Using Scripts Path: D:\Programs (D)\DyndoLOD\Edit Scripts\ [00:00:00.101] Using Cache Path: D:\Programs (D)\DyndoLOD\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\cache\ [00:00:00.107] Using Temp Path: C:\Users\Sayor\AppData\Local\Temp\SSEEdit\ [00:00:00.114] Using ini: C:\Users\Sayor\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Skyrim.ini [00:00:00.124] Using save path: C:\Users\Sayor\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Saves\ [00:00:00.132] Using plugin list: C:\Users\Sayor\AppData\Local\Skyrim Special Edition\Plugins.txt [00:00:00.140] Using settings file: C:\Users\Sayor\AppData\Local\Skyrim Special Edition\DynDOLOD_settings.ini [00:00:00.157] Using language: English [00:00:00.167] Using general string encoding: 1252 (ANSI - Latin I) [00:00:00.176] Using translatable string encoding: 1252 (ANSI - Latin I) [00:00:00.192] Using VMAD string encoding: 65001 (UTF-8) [00:00:00.202] Loading active plugin list: C:\Users\Sayor\AppData\Local\Skyrim Special Edition\Plugins.txt [00:00:00.218] Fatal: Error loading plugin list: <EDirectoryNotFoundException: The specified path was not found> I have checked the path it is trying to load "Plugins.txt" from and there wasn't any file called like that there, only a "DynDOLOD_settings.ini". I asked one guy in a discord server for help because I knew he used DynDOLOD. His Plugins.txt file is completely empty, and DynDOLOD worked for him, so I created an empty Plugins.txt file there, yet the programs still give the same error.
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