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  1. sorry i meant to put 90, not 70 90 was used.
  2. Hey there, so i have not been able to use ANY version past 65 over the past few weeks or month....ver 65 works great though. i keep getting this exception message : Range check error. i did a search on here, i didn't see any msg's that helped. any advice is appreciated, thanks. ( was using xLODGen ver 70 and latest resources ofc. ) bugreport.txt
  3. I must say, after running Dyn 3 for SkyrimVR there is MAJOR visual improvements over 2.96, thanks for the updates Sheson!
  4. Dyn 2.96 let me use the folders i wanted, in order to place the files directly from my MO2 compile, into the appropriate LOD output folders. Dyn 3.0 Does not.... 'why' is all i wanted to know .. so referring to my previous post outlining my problem is redundant, a simple answer or direct link explaining why this is now mandatory may have been more helpful, however, my bigger initial problem is solved, i guess i'll just be forced to move the output folders after every compile, just seems like a step backwards from 2.96 functionality.
  5. My apologies Sheson, as it turns out, this error was an issue related to the custom cleaned master files I was using for my large Wabbajack mod list ( which WJ requires )....... so i replaced them with friendly Dyn3 master files from a friend who also uses Dyn 3 with a large mod list, giving it a go now. Im a Dyndolod noob despite using it for years now, and alot of the words used to explain how this tool works in any-and-all manuals are still difficult for me to understand, so these errors where a bit intimidating since 2.96 " just works " ... i also wish i could have the same folder structure like before within these tools, when i compile my LODs within MO2 using Dyn 2.96, they where immediately unloaded into my Modlist folder accordingly without issue, now i need to manually move them, is there a reason Dyn 3 is restricting this feature now?
  6. i post an error when i get an error....but either way , 2.96 works for me, 3.0 does not .... i dont have time to troubleshoot this tool, i'll wait till this is a working beta version
  7. these errors never happened with 2.96 ?? 3.0 just feels overreaching
  8. ya, also very unimpressed, picking up on errors it shouldn't be..... this Dyn 3 is waaaay too ignorant and picky, can't use my own output locations like i could with 2.96 and also cant seem to create ANY dyndolod without silly errors like this! Unresolved FormID [02006718] [Content] [02006718] < Error: Could not be resolved 2 >XATR - Attach Ref Error in Dawnguard.esm [REFR:02015DC3] (places sc_towerfloatingrocks02 [STAT:02010BAD] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of DLC01SoulCairnCraterKeeper [CELL:02002C75] (in DLC01SoulCairn "Soul Cairn" [WRLD:02001408] at 6,3)) i am NOT messing with vanilla files to appease a 3rd party tool..... back to Dyn 2.96 i go!
  9. Hi Sheson, just a minor issue i'm having, any reason why I am getting this since updating from 2.96 to 3.0?? <Error: Invalid path C:\Diabolist VR\1.DVR\mods\TexGenx64 Output\> [00:24] Resetting invalid path to C:\Diabolist VR\Base Modding Tools\00. DynDOLOD 3.00-32382-Alpha-39-1629185779\DynDOLOD\TexGen_Output\ The path is most certainly valid, I've tried to resolve it in diff ways, but no go, I've always used the same texgen / dyndo setup in MO2 with Dyn 2.96 and below without issues, thanks for any help with this!
  10. This must be it, because all other options above do not seem to pertain to my issue, it only happens when I initially load into certain ( not all ) areas, if i save, and reload the same area immediately or teleport to the same area after loading in, it does not occur. Thanks for the extensive and quick reply.
  11. Hi there, i am getting what looks to be a brief & odd texture flicker / overlay when loading into my newly compiled DynDOLOD with SkyrimVR ( new game save. ) Any idea what this might be caused from? , When loading into my game It flickers for 1-2 sec and immediately goes away but also as i am moving forward in the game world, bridges flicker at a distance for a few seconds then it turns normal looking, it's not game-breaking but i would love to solve this issue if possible. Here is a few screenshots for comparison , Maybe i missed something in the RTFM, if so please direct me to the right section, Thanks for any help with this. Flicker Normal VS VS
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