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  1. I turn off large references and the problem is still there.
  2. It seems that what I have encountered is not the same problem as what you have given.I use dyndolod3.33. https://postimg.cc/QH8ZcmbW https://postimg.cc/pyBgV8HV
  3. Can anyone give me an opinion on how the snow in the distance is going to have significantly whiter chunks of snow that stick out of the ground, I use the snow of the cathedral, the majestic mountains, and generate the underside
  4. Thanks,the problem go away when disabling large references. If my screenshots are helpful, please check them out. I think DynDOLOD caused the big reference bug because I got the problem when I ran DynDOLOD with only the necessary mods, and the problem went away when I disabled DynDOLOD. I use DynDOLOD 3.27 Here is my log,is there any other information I need to provide? DynDOLOD_SSE_log.txt
  5. When I use Dyndolod, I can get one LOD flicker of Riften from far away(Screenshot from the nearby lake) Dyndolod should not cause a LargeRefGrid problem,but I still have this LOD without using any mods (other than necessary). Or, rather than a LargeRefGrid problem (the overlap of close and distant views), it looks more like two different LODs overlapping。 Can anyone give me any advice? enable:https://postimg.cc/gallery/G2qMpFg disable:https://postimg.cc/gallery/pKV9P7r
  6. I used TFC 1 to approach the bridge from a distance and disabled the bridge . the lod left in place, so I think that's the problem with the lod. I've tried this mod before, and both it seems like you can't use the LOD generated by Dyndolod once you use it, and it seems like it only edits the last two-thirds of the Winterhold College and the bridge, not the first third of the flicker.
  7. Sheson said it seems to be a vanilla bug and he will add an automatic workaround for the next DynDOLOD alpha version. So I will wait for the next version of Dyndolod to see if the problem is resolved. And a INI setting OR a driver setting or some other issue relating to my video drivers could really lead to a large reference bug?After all, this problem only happened on the Winterhold College Bridge, and nothing else happened during the dozens of hours I played.
  8. Thank you very much indeed. This problem has been bothering my OCD for too long.
  9. Yes, I reinstalled the game,make sure the game's data folder is truly vanilla. No other plugins or meshes etc. Only if I set the value to 11, I'll get a flicker like this. Even the Winterhold college building started to flicker after Dyndolod was run. I'm at my wit's end.
  10. Yes, I use MO, and when I open the game directly from the root directory without MO, I still get this flicker, I will try to reinstall the game, I'm not sure I threw something strange into the ontology Even if I didn't start the game with MO, I still got this flicker and wondered if something was wrong with my game itself
  11. Sorry, I have read the relevant content, but it is too difficult for me as a non-English speaker to understand.What I'm wondering is that even if I didn't add any mods, I would still get this flicker. The picture(.nif) is here:https://postimg.cc/wtx1TjFt
  12. It's not ice that flickers, it's buildings. I tested it without using the mod and still got the blinking.I'm going to try to capture a picture to illustrate.
  13. I found when I set "uLargeRefLODGridSize =" to 11, I can get a good lod transition, but from a distance to the winterhold college bridge near the town, I can get an obvious flicker, when I set the value to 5, flicker disappear, but I don't want to lose a good good lod transition, what method can improve?
  14. 我想问一下如何改变一个特定事物的视觉显示的距离(我使用了废墟,这增加了很多索文加德 雕像对于Skyrim,我发现当我使用Xlorgen时,它可以在相当远的地方显示,而当我使用Dyndolod时,只能在非常近的距离上显示)。 Translation: I would like to ask how to change the visual display distance of a particular thing (I used the ruins, which added a lot of Sauvengarten statues. For Skyrim, I found that when I use Xlorgen, it can be displayed at a considerable distance, while When I use Dynalod, it can only be displayed at very close distances).
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