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  1. OK, I managed to make it, with "Regions..." option, made cells Border Cells and it's working as intended! Creation Kit is great! Thanks for your time and help TechAngel!
  2. yes, but it's not working at all, and I've checked the other worlds (Skyrim and Solstheim) they have 0 x and y, and they have those borders set in-game, so that's why I'm asking.
  3. Small Worldspace was unchecked, I managed to fix it and do it perfectly, thank you! Oh and one last thing, is there any invisible wall, script or something in CK that prevents you to go any further? You know with this message on top left corner of the screen.
  4. I mean, I have the island, and the water is set to 1400, the water is all around the island, but on the worldspace map, and very far from island I can see the end of the world, the end of water, i want it to generate infinite ocean all around so it looks natural.
  5. isn't that gonna cover the whole island in water? I'm sorry for bother but I don't really understand, i need to make water higher, make lod turn back to the height it was, and replace island lanscape lod? or something else.
  6. Thank you for help! You mean Creation Kit setting in the worldspaces?
  7. Hello everyone! I have a small problem with my worldspace, everything works fine with LOD and all, but I can see the edges of the map, any way to fix this? To be water or something? And also when I'm on my worldspace map the clouds are... just like from Skyrim? they are not flat above the world, they are shaped like in skyrim. I can see High Hrothgar shape in the clouds actually.
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