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  1. Hi Sheson! Found out the problem. my dyndolod was out of date just got the newer version and now everything is working fine Thanks!
  2. Hi im kinda noob at modding but ive tried it for some months now. I have a problem when running TexGen64. ive already installed the whole DynDOLOD thing before but i changed some tree mods and need to install it again. but now when i tried to install it this message appeared: textures\dbm resources\new museum\stainedglass01.dds not found! textures\dbm resources\new museum\stainedglass01.dds not found! Check the top of the log that all required *.BSA files are loaded. Make sure TexGen is started in the desired game mode. The current mode is: SSE Turn off MO 1.x archive management. BSAs need to be loaded the normal way via matching plugin names. Check that C:\Users\Usuário\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Skyrim.ini (MO users check ..\ModOrganizer\profiles\[profile name]\Skyrim.ini) is contains the correct entries for [Archive] sResourceArchiveList and sResourceArchiveList2. See ..Docs\DynDOLOD-README.txt for more. i checked the skyrim.ini and compared to what the README file says that the skyrim.ini file should contain and apparently its all there. i dont really know what to do and everything i know about modding seems to be useless now. i dont really know much about .bsas and this order that the message mention and would really like if someone helps me in that matter. detail: after the first dynDOLOD installation i started to use BethINI. i dont know if this fact has something to do with the error but as far its changes the .ini files and apparently the error is in the ini file i think its worth to say i would really appreciate some help. thanks!
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