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  1. "Lag", eh. Well if by lag is meant delay, I have none that I can perceive. It's more that I can almost "see" the refresh when I pan very slowly. flashflashflashflash, as I very slowly move the mouse side to side. With HDR it's a very noticeable "shimmer" effect that doesn't look right at all, and it's a lot easier to see even with smooth movements in broader arcs. The lighting will scintillate or flash. Hard to describe precisely. It's still there with HDR off, just easier to spot with it on I think. edit: I will try vsync, since I have freesync and Radeon Enhanced Sync as options (both of which I turned off for troubleshooting), I never use it.
  2. I've posted in another forum about my struggles to resolve micro-stutter, but I'm not exactly sure that's what I have. When I move a high-DPI mouse very slowly, and in very small increments horizontally, it's almost like I can see the refresh flashing, bright to dark, bright to dark. It is pretty much imperceptible with long, natural movements of the mouse in normal gameplay UNLESS you have HDR turned on. Then, it's blatantly obvious and intolerable. I do notice I get headaches and more fatigue in general than I would expect, even with HDR off. I have tried many things to resolve this, including but not limiied to: installing OSR, installing Oblivion Display Tweaks, various combinations of settings within those two, messing with BethINI, creating custom resolutions with various timings, updating my drivers, limited frame rate, disabling vsync, disabling freesync and going back to vanilla. Maybe it's not micro-stutter after all, and this is something else?
  3. To be clear, vsync is disabled everywhere, including my 3d driver, and clamped is not selected in Bethini. Nor is there any AA, ENB etc. and Freesync is also disabled in both the monitor OSD and my driver (it's a crap implementation in my cheap monoprice monitor). The FPS field in Bethini is already populated with 60, which is why I was wondering if that's some sort of hard cap for the engine. Display Tweaks has a iMaxFPSTolerance setting that equates to max frame rate, which I have set to 160 which equates to 100fps according to it's docs. I After that I'll prolly uninstall Engine Tweaks and try just OSR for the microstutter fix. I don't think any of the settings, mods etc are actually causing microstutter, they just aren't fixing it. IIRC every time I've played Oblivion it's there, on every computer. But ofc, proper troubleshooting does require a baseline, so if all else fails I'll start from scratch. Got a vanilla backup I can use to check. Thanks folks.
  4. Great, that's reassuring. So perhaps while I'm here you could help me clarify another setting, as I'm trying to stamp out "micro-stutter", aka a nasty headache after 5 mins of play. So far I haven't gotten rid of it. I have OSR installed, but I use Oblivion Display Tweaks for the actual fix. What exactly are the "Clamped" and FPS settings in your app? Again, this is me trying to be 100% clear. I'm guessing that FPS is Max FPS, and Clamped tries to force it to always run at that max, something like that? In the popup it says setting it to 60 (the default) effectively disabled it, but is that actually true, or is that popup from back when 60fps was the highest conceivable refresh/frame rate? Also, is 60fps some kind of magic number for Oblivion? I have my max fps set in OSR to my monitor's refresh rate (100) but maybe this is why I still have stutter.
  5. Hello there, First, just a quick note: forum link in the readme doesn't work, appears to direct to a non-existent page. Ok, now the questions: the ultra preset auto-selects vsync, is this intended? Second, the "recommended tweaks" button doesn't stay checked if you relaunch. I'm assuming this is not a problem, maybe that check box is a one-time thing, but it never hurts to check! I see other settings like actor fade are persistent, so I'm thinking everything is ok.
  6. I don't need fast and/or simple, I need comprehensive. That does not exist for Oblivion that I can find. The Morrowind guide I had for MO2 was absolutely unparalleled in this regard. In any case thank you for your help.
  7. I think I will. It's been a year or so but the MO2 stuff will come easier to me having some experience with it, and virtualizing is a superior implementation and an amazing achievement to boot. I only have a handful of mods installed and I could even nuke and reinstall everything, including Oblivion, from scratch. One reason I used Wrye Bash was the author makes a few comments such as... "No other mod manager can install a mod via a 'wizard.txt' file" " If you wish to use Mod Organizer 2, you will still need Wrye Bash for its bashed patch feature." "MO2 will also require more work to get OBSE and TES4LL up and running." ..if you would care to comment on those potential pitfalls. Everyone has their preferences and loyalties, but having said that A) you responded instantly with good advice and B) that guide is anything but basic for a beginner. In fact, it's frustrating that it's presented that way as the author assumes a huge amount of detailed knowledge that no beginner has and leaves out steps as a result.
  8. Oh yes, I seem to remember using a modding organizer for my Morrowind modding that used a virtual file system, would that be MO/MO2? I'm not entirely sure I'm willing to start over with those, only because I get paranoid about each and every step, and I've installed several things already with WB. But maybe you could advise me on that. My current mod order is the official DLCs that I cleaned with TES4Edit, followed by OSR and then the OSR tweaks. Assuming that the order starts with zero. Since we are talking load order, that guide recommends starting with a Vanilla loose files project as follows, but that vanilla project is now LAST in my load order. I sorted with LOOT, but it seems weird to me what I assume to be a backup is last in the hierarchy. Maybe it shouldn't actually be installed? Here's the text of the guide: "I also recommend just making a vanilla loose files project in Wrye Bash Installers by right-clicking on the white header that says 'Package' in the top left, going to 'Files..' and selecting 'New Project...'. Untick 'Blank.esp', and name it something like 'Original Game Data'. Then, you can copy all of your vanilla loose files and folders to there, in case they get overwritten by other mods later. Mine has Music, Shaders, Textures and Video folders, and all of the vanilla DLC ESPs and Oblivion.esm. After that, right-click on the white header in the top left again and uncheck 'Skip Bethsoft Content'. Then, you can install the project." and then later on: "You can make a new BAIN project with all of the cleaned DLC ESPs in it, as a backup. Then, you can install this project after the previous one with the loose vanilla files. You can then uncheck the old, dirty vanilla DLC in the previous project in Plugin Filter." which I did.
  9. Hello all, I hope it's ok for a newbie to post here. It was the most relevant search result, so here I am. I am following the guide at https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/49898?tab=description and finding that the guide is anything but basic. Enough with the humorous asides. After installing OSR, I installed Bev's INI tweaks which modifies the former. However, I failed to delete the folders that weren't related to OSR before installing. I therefore uninstalled Bev's in Wyre Bash, deleted the extraneous folders, and reinstalled. I got a popup which, intending to read, I somehow dismissed accidentally. Looking through my Oblivion folder structure, it looks like it was just a backup of the ini settings I removed, hopefully. Then I reinstalled Bevs in Wrye Bash. At that point, OSR turned yellow. According to the Wrye Bash general readme, this means there is an underride. OK, that makes sense..must be as a result of my messing about. I'll anneal OSR. Still yellow. Refreshed all the data, just in case...still yellow. This concerns me, as I'm discovering that a single misstep when you're not knowledgeable can lead to much suffering. What did I do wrong, and how might it be fixed?
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