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  1. I don't think it's a particular cell that's the problem. It seems to happen on different cells at random. This time it happened at a sovngarde cell, the previous report was tamriel. I don't have any lod texture replacers except the noise texture. This is a list of all the mods I have installed, in addition to the files by xlodgen and dyndolod: I just tested it with beta 77 and it happened again: Edit: A Quality World Map also has the LOD32 textures.
  2. I uninstalled Steam and Skyrim, deleted all game related files including game folder in my documents and steam, sse and vortex folders in AppData folder. Then reinstalled everything and after running xlodgen I get the exact same error, it looks like it happened on a different cell this time: Below are the settings I use for xlodgen if it helps. Again this happens when run specific chunk for LOD4, W and S left blank. Running it for LOD8 and LOD16 goes without problems, as well as when I don't select a specific chunk and run it normally for all LOD levels. Vortex\Dashboard>Add Tool Name: xLODGen Target: C:\Games\Tools\xLODGen\xLODGenx64.exe Command Line: -sse -o:"C:\Games\Tools\xLODGen\xLODGen_Output\" _ Vortex\Dashboard>run xLODGen select all worlds disable Objects LOD disable Trees LOD disable Occlusion enable Terrain LOD: LOD4 Quality:5 enable Protect Borders Optimize Unseen: off diffuse size 1024, normal size 512 LOD8 Quality:10 Optimize Unseen: 550 diffuse size 512, normal size 256 LOD16 Quality:10 Optimize Unseen: 550 diffuse size 512, normal size 256 LOD32 Quality:10 Optimize Unseen: 550 diffuse size 512, normal size 256 All BC7 Quick texture format disable mipmaps disable raise steepness disable bake normal maps
  3. I don't think it's your monitor that needs calibrating. I calibrated mine recently (with x-rite calibrator) and the colors in that video look oversaturated. I re-watched it couple of times and whatever is causing the colors to be off seems to affect both the rendered cell as well as the LODs. If this oversaturation is a desirable effect the problem is that when gamma curve is pushed so far every little bit of deviation caused by all kinds of effects coming from the engine can have a very big effect and change the colors dramatically even further creating big color discrepancy on different objects and areas within the same scene. Edit: In other words, I think some color chaos needs to be accepted with this happy tamriel.
  4. Currently the 0003072E is only overwritten by DynDOLOD.esp, which was installed after the terrain LOD textures and meshes were generated with xLODGen. Nothing except Skyrim.esm for the landscape record (00030E24). I disabled all xlodgen and dyndolod files in Vortex, then ran xlodgen and generation completed without a problem when I selected: Sovngarde, Terrain LOD for diffuse and normal textures only and specific chunk for LOD4. I'm having some doubts about my installation being corrupted. I was thinking about what could have caused that previous map mesh problem that I posted the photo of. It could have been some mistake I did when installing meshes or textures or something, but I just don't see how that could have happened. Maybe there's some problem with my Skyrim installation that is has caused the mesh problem with the map and the xlodgen generation for LOD4. If it doesn't happen for you when generating chunk for LOD4 I think I'll just uninstall, delete all skyrim files from appdata, my documents and reinstall everything again and see if it still happens.
  5. Use BC7 Quick for both. BC7 allows higher compression quality, so the option for Max is there just because the format allows it, but in practice there is no reason to use it.
  6. this is SSELODGen_log.txt generated running normally without a specific chunk set to LOD4 that I did right after I terminated the previous generation
  7. EDIT: no bug report file, infact the log file does not generate because I'm forced to terminate from Task Manager, but I re-run it and copied it directly from the xlodgen generation window
  8. While generating LOD4 with choosing specific chunk for 4 I get this error: [08:36] c:\games\tools\xlodgen\xlodgen_output\textures\terrain\dlc01falmervalley\dlc01falmervalley.4.-4.-1.dds [08:36] Error creating textures for cell [0,1] Access violation at address 000000000040EAF0 in module 'xLODGenx64.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF [08:36] Error creating textures for cell [0,2] Access violation at address 000000000040EAF0 in module 'xLODGenx64.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF [08:36] Error creating textures for cell [2,1] Access violation at address 000000000040EAF0 in module 'xLODGenx64.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF [08:36] c:\games\tools\xlodgen\xlodgen_output\textures\terrain\dlc01falmervalley\dlc01falmervalley.4.-4.-1_n.dds then generation seems to halt and I need to close the log window from task manager It doesn't happen for LOD8, 16 or 32, only for 4. It also doesn't happen when I run it normally for all levels without choosing a specific chunk. Ran it like 5 times in a row for 4, after restarting the computer, deleting all xlodgen files and removing it from vortex then adding it again. The error seems to occur consistently, only I didn't notice if it happens at the same texture. Most of the times the line below shows up once then generation seems to stop, this time it shows on three lines and then it tried generating one more texture for some reason. [08:36] Error creating textures for cell [0,1] Access violation at address 000000000040EAF0 in module 'xLODGenx64.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF EDIT: Regular generation without choosing a chunk finishes normally and no such error in SSELODGen_log.txt file.
  9. Also another idea is to have a text field rather than a drop down menu, the same as the x and y fields, that can accept a number list for 4, 8, 16, 32 separated by comma.
  10. I've already deleted the old xlodgen and dyndolod files and created new ones without LOD32. To test I disabled all new xlodgen and dyndolod files and generated just textures and meshes for LOD32 with xlodgen using the chunk drop down. Then I installed extracted texture files from the map mod. The square does not show anymore and everything looks normal. I have absolutely no idea what might have caused it before, but maybe it was human error on my part somehow. If you think necessary, I can re-generate everything including dyndolod the way I did for the old files to make sure. The chunk drop down is great, it didn't occur to me that it can be used for a whole LOD level and not just for a specific area by leaving the x and y empty. Running it 3 times is no issue, but if possible and easy to do it would be great if instead of 'empty/4/8/16/32' we can have 'all/4+8+16/4/8/16/32' in the drop down menu.
  11. I just checked, the only change A Quality World Map makes inside the .esp is an edit to the WorldMapWeather, so the plugin place shouldn't matter. The white square is a solid white. A Quality World Map only has textures, 24 for tamriel. I wrote to the author asking if he can upload a version with loose files, rather than BSA archive, to make it easier to manage the textures placement in the load order with a mod manager, but no reply yet. If LOD32 meshes and textures can simply be deleted from the generated xLODGen files, I wonder if it would be possible to allow LOD32 to be independent of the other textures/meshes when generating. I understand it wouldn't make sense to generate meshes or textures for LOD4, LOD8 and LOD16 separately, but if LOD32 is used only for the map I think it could be useful to have the option to choose, if needed for such mods. In case somebody else is using xLODGen with A Quality World Map, rather than going into each mesh and texture folder a little easier to manually search and delete all the LOD32 files after xLODGen generation: *World.32* *Blackreach.32* *DLC01FalmerValley.32* *DLC01SoulCairn.32* *Sovngarde.32* *Tamriel.32*
  12. I wanted to get A Quality World Map mod working with xLODGen and DynDOLOD, but I can't figure out why this one area is showing incorrectly. I have extracted the textures from the mod's bsa, loaded them after the xLODGen textures and also loaded the plugin after DynDOLOD. Everything looks good except this one square. Should I just re-run xLODGen with nothing generated for LOD32? Thank you EDIT: Hah, only problem is that I can't disable generation of meshes and textures only for LOD32, it disables it for all of them.
  13. sneaky I am curious myself. Maybe for very large texture sizes it could make some difference for performance. I'm using 1024 diffuse and 512 normal texture size for LOD4 and 512/256 for 8/16/32. I didn't really do much testing to compare. I'm using SSE Display Tweaks with a Gsync monitor, if we know for certain that those mipmaps are used for LOD4 somehow we could do some testing to see if it can actually make a difference to the framerate. My guess is that theoretically it could, but in practice I think all the other LOD textures being loaded are eating a much larger chunk of the framerate than the terrain textures.
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