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  1. I'm attaching the screenshot... I hope it's the correct one. I'll update to Alpha 95 and let you know how it goes. My schedule as of yesterday is ridiculous for the next week but I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able.
  2. I believe those are the 3 mods affecting the shrine. The versions are BDS v2.11.0, Multilayer Parallax Soulgems Azura's Star Realm v1.2 and Azura's Statue Improved Multilayer Parallax and ENB Particle Light v1.0. The Multilayer Parallax Mod, I chose the 3x size for the Shrine of Azura. I'm not entirely sure how to check the references so I'm including screenshots of xEdit... I believe the ENB Particle Light is last before Atlas Map Markers, A Clear Map of Skyrim and my dynamic patches. I'm also attaching the Object Report. https://ufile.io/edmiw0fv
  3. The full model is there and only the LOD disappears. The model does appear on A Clear Map (without the ENB glow) and oddly... if I actually visit the shrine, I can fast travel, save and load the game and the LOD appears from everywhere again without disappearing. Anyway, here are the relevant files (the debug log is from an earlier failed attempt to generate LOD... I figured it might still help though). https://ufile.io/nx236q6p https://ufile.io/i5gcwz74 https://ufile.io/i6nx8uz5
  4. I tried that previously and wasn't able to complete running Dyndolod but had LOD 32 set to 'none'. So... I'll give it another go and set LOD 32 to 'level 0' (as suggested on the Clear Map of Skyrim page). edit: this worked. Setting 'Dynamic' and 'VWD' flags, LOD 32 to 'Level0' and grid to 'NeverFadeFull' has given me ENB light viewable form everywhere. Fantastic! Thanks again. re-edit: apparently it works when I first load the game but if I fast travel or move to an interior, the statue (and ENB light) disappears altogether. Should I re-upload my files? No changes to my LO... and at this point I'm licked. I have no other ideas.
  5. I was hesitant to take up your time with the log files as it seems you get a lot of messages here and this isn't really a bug or issue so much as user incompetence. I checked the rules above mine and found nothing associated with the Shrine of Azura. Anyway... I'm now on a mission to get this right so here are the links to the relevant files... https://ufile.io/247mv6kv https://ufile.io/aaqzk9bo https://ufile.io/x4n20t14
  6. That was what I did initially... unfortunately it removed the shrine from the LODs altogether. I'm guessing that for whatever reason, a Clear Map of Skyrim is overwriting the ENB LOD. I'll keep at it and hopefully find a solution. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks. So... just to be clear, LOD 4,8,16,32 should be set to 'none' the flag should be set to Dynamic instead of VWD, grid should be FarFull and the mesh mask should be set to clutter\statues\shrineofazura01.nif.
  8. Hello... I'm having a problem in trying to create a custom rule for this mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46522?tab=files). I can't seem to get the LODs for the ENB lights to work. I'm using the second example from the guide here (https://dyndolod.info/Mods/Replaced-Full-Model-Example-Azura-Statue). I created the rule just above the '\' section in the Dyndolod UI. I know that there's another mod that apparently does the same thing I'm looking to do but I don't really want a giant nude statue in the middle of the world. I can see the statue from just about everywhere that I have a proper line of sight so the LOD is not a problem... except for the ENB lights. Is there anything else I should be doing? Maybe an additional step that I'm missing? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I never got the chance to find out... as soon as I applied the steps in that link, everything just worked.
  10. Here are the logs returned with the Windows Event Veiwer: "Unable to open the Server service performance object. The first four bytes (DWORD) of the Data section contains the status code." "Unable to open the job object \BaseNamedObjects\WmiProviderSubSystemHostJob for query access. The calling process may not have permission to open this job. The first four bytes (DWORD) of the Data section contains the status code." "The Open procedure for service "WmiApRpl" in DLL "C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem\wmiaprpl.dll" failed with error code The device is not ready.. Performance data for this service will not be available." These were all logged simultaneously which is why I was unsure which log to post. Having Googled them and taken (to the best of my limited knowledge) all steps to mitigate the issue, there's no change. edit: anyone else who has this issue... the solution can be found here. At least it worked for me. Crisis averted... https://www.admin-enclave.com/en/articles/windows/306-resolved-the-open-procedure-for-service-bits-in-dll-c-windows-system32-bitsperf-dll-failed-performance-data-for-this-service-will-not-be-available-the-first-four-bytes-dword-of-the-data-section-contains-the-error-code.html
  11. Oh, you mean the Windows Event log entry? I didn't think you would want to see that as it didn't seem to be related to Dyndolod. I'll re-run it and post the log here then.
  12. It's the same issue I was having yesteday (I'm re-posting the links to the required logs https://ufile.io/f/do0q2 https://ufile.io/5lcjens0 ). Where would I find the Beta? The 'download' page directs me to the Alpha 77 file.
  13. Is there any way for me to get the older versions of Dyndolod 3 and Dyndolod 3 resources so I can test the issue I'm having? I'm currently using Resources Alpha 22 and Dyndolod Alpha 77. I've exhausted every troubleshooting step I can find (re-install, repair ,Net Framework 3.5 and 4.8) and the problem persists. I was able to successfully generate LOD with the previous versions hours before I downloaded the new versions and just want to make sure I'm not having some strange interaction. My only other option as far as I can tell is to format my hard drive.
  14. Not sure how I skipped the test file... here it is. https://ufile.io/5lcjens0 I updated the .Net Framework but same result. I'll check the window event log once I figure out how to do that... Thanks again. edit: the Windows Event viewer did in fact return... something. I have no idea what it's telling me but it looks quite serious. I can't even post what it's saying on here because I don't actually know what I would be posting. It doesn't look like this is a Dyndolod issue though. Looks like it's time to learn a new thing...
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