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  1. The error appeared at the end of stage 1 of generating a lod from Open cities, during stage 2 there was no error. This showed up around Dyndolod.exe 15-17 alpha, just didn't attach any importance to it
  2. Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/c3NpBl8 Dyndolod.exe saved the plugins, and SSEEdit did not find any errors, also I did not notice anything strange in the game (see screenshot)
  3. All logs: https://dropmefiles.com/pKYIr For some reason, sometimes I get this error and bugreport at the end of dyndolod.exe (sometimes there is sometimes not)
  4. Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/yrsWmDP I don't know how, but you fixed it (see screenshot)Also, be careful when you look at the logs (people can hide viruses there) - it doesn’t mean that I did it And I'm 16 years old :)
  5. 2) When using Dyndolod.exe with Open cities in 2 stages, the glowing windows should be activated only during stage 1, without Open cities loaded. During stage 2, you do not need to activate Glow windows + High (automatically activated), as it will look strange near the window (see screenshots) And why did you remove the automatic cleaning?
  6. In the new version, the error has disappeared, but now the trees look wrong (see screenshots) Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/VbD95aE All logs: https://dropmefiles.com/TIfVh Also I noticed: 1) TexGen.exe and Dyndolod.exe complain about a broken Bashed patch or not the latest version of it, but I am using the latest version posted TODAY in Discord!
  7. I disabled all plugins, but the error still remains
  8. All logs with bugreport: https://dropmefiles.com/shUG0 I still have this error List index out of bounds (-1). Any ideas?
  9. Dyndolod.exe log: DynDOLOD 3.0 x64 - Skyrim Special Edition (SSE) (32C1A695) starting session 2021 - Pastebin.com Dyndolod.exe debug log: https://dropmefiles.com/heOse Bug report: date/time : 2021-01-10, 02:53:54, 533mscomputer name : DESKTOP-F - Pastebin.com I thought this is a simple problem and the log is not needed, only the error codeTexgen.exe is working fine, I think the problem is with plugins
  10. Can you please explain to me what it is if you have time? (^ ^) I had this error in dyndolod.exe in version 14 when I first started it, but then it disappeared when I started it again. In version 15 it is constant, I do not understand what it is
  11. Hello Sheson! You know what that means Computer says "List index out of bounds (-1)"
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