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  1. Okay, just reporting back -- adding a copy of the nif file with the _lod.nif extension to the mod's mesh folder did the trick. Sorry for missing that document, very informative, exactly what was needed, and thank you!
  2. Heh, I learn best from my mistakes, but the mod author document is what I was missing. Thanks will read carefully.
  3. Hi all, small question, but has been nifggling for a while now: So, this is a great little mod, but the author never created any LOD objects, and recommended updating in xEdit to use Full Models in order to get the bridges to appear with Dyndolod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22605 I've set the flags on the Placed Objects to use "Visble When Distant" and "Is Full LOD" I've set the flags on the Statics to use "Add-On LOD Object," "Has Distant LOD" and "Uses HD LOD Texture" Still not able to get the bridges to render at distance. Is one or more of those flag changes incorrect and/or do LOD models of the nifs actually need to be physically created?
  4. Yep, that was exactly it. The preset I had saved overwrote the high rules on pass 2. Loading the High rules first, then applying my rules and re-generating esm/esp fixed everything. Going to now save presets for both pass 1 and pass 2 so it doesn't happen again. Thanks Sheson!
  5. So encountered an odd (probably self-inflicted) glitch in Whiterun after generating underside using Open Cities: It appears a chunk of Dragonreach is missing and the reference is to Tamriel_Underside.nif. I used the standard process of running DynDOLOD twice, first without OCS enabled for trees, and then with OCS enabled to generate the esm/esp. Is there a new twist to the process for OCS when setting underside on?
  6. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/9282393-no-grass-in-object/page-76#entry90410143 https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/9282393-no-grass-in-object/page-77#entry90429523
  7. Yeah, typo now fixed - LOD4: Here's the entire post, and it pretty much contradicts what's it's saying in the ini about TreeFullFallBack. I think HIS goal might have been to get the best possible display. MIne is to get reasonably close to that and not kill my PC. 😉
  8. Right, so this was the piece that was confusing me a bit over on the EVT forum -- it wasn't clear to me whether he was saying change LOD 4/8/16 to Full AND FarFull, or just generically set trees to FarFull without any changes to 4/8/16 (I did set the chunk to LOD4 in DynDOLOD_SSE.ini):
  9. Hello there, Saw some updated possible settings for the alpha for Enhanced Vanilla Trees on the Nexus, and tried them with fairly stunning results. Texgen HD trees, on High rules Ultra, then setting tree rules to Full for LOD 4, 8 and 16, and FarFull. It looked amazing but took a really long time to generate and performance is hit pretty hard. On an RTX 2070s 8g. I'm trying now without Full/FarFull but wondering if there is some interim setting that would get things looking as good with a bit less of a performance hit. I saw the performance read on the grass lods, but thinking the trees were the really big hit.
  10. And here's the look after adjusting RGB in DynDOLOD_SSE.ini -- looks great. Thanks audawarduz, and sheson! Real / LOD R 64 / 62 * .4 = .413 G 50 / 72 * .445 = .309 B 24 / 63 * .45 = .171
  11. So halving the direct and ambient brightness for LOD grass in TexGen (80/12) definitely gets the distant grass to a better place -- it's moving into more of a green palette (for the tundra grass at least in clear weather), but I think better than where it was. Will continue to test RGB settings:
  12. Ah thanks Sheson. I see this, and will test - sorry I missed:
  13. Thanks audawarduz -- that's very helpful. I'm new to the extended grass, so going to try it for a bit in game and in some different weathers to see how how I feel about it. My guess is it could appear differently in different light. Plus regenerating the grass cache is a pretty big operation in itself (unless that is unncecessary when changing GrassControl.config.txt). Will continue to test -- thanks!
  14. HI Sheson, thanks for all the work on the new version and all your past work of course! Question on the RGB brightness settings in the DynDOLOD_SSE.ini for grass (following up on your answer above): Are those settings used only during Dyndolod generation or are they used during Texgen processing as well? I am wrestling a bit with the brightness of the distant grass as well (see below), though I am a bit torn as to whether it's just something I am getting used to, not seeing grass at that distance before: If I wanted to darken those circled areas at distance, are the RGB grass settings the best way to go about doing so? I was thinking of perhaps using the eydropper to pick a target color, and try regenerating, but wanted to check whether that would be the best approach. Thanks again for everything you're doing! :)
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