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  1. Yes it stays when doing console tll. I did a full map 1K with vertex colors 0.01 and checked the most problematic areas and it did the trick. The blended part and the fully loaded cell are now consistent. So what I was considering as LOD4 is not actually LOD4 but a blend between LOD4 and fully loaded cells? Do you have ressources/articles that explains how LODs work in that regard? The result is very good with vertex Colors = 0.01 so far.
  2. Here's an update with different vertex settings on a specific junk. 0.01 gives the best result, literally negating the darkening effect (0 seems to do the same as vertex colors=1). I'm going to render a full map see how it goes.
  3. Updating with new screenshots : it seems to happen only on LOD4 level. I've noticed it as well in mountains area where it shows also in the same way. The LOD8 look great and consistent from afar with the fully loaded cell, the over darkening effect happens only on LOD4 then goes away again when the cell is loaded. So LOD8 is more correct to the fully loaded cell than LOD4 is. (all settings in xLODgen regarding brightness/contrast and gamma are the same through all LOD levels) Also looked into the beta 65 vertex colors but it seems the setting applies to all LOD levels, but this issue seems to be specific to LOD4 only, so not sure what is happening.
  4. DyndoLOD Alpha High Settings, with grass density of 75, Base Vanilla game. Terrain with xLODGen. Flawless run, I did get some minor stutter especially at beginning, probably when cells or maybe LOD/grass was loading...? I don't know it's hard to tell, I didn't have those micro stutering without the grass LOD, but I was also running at x6 speed so that may be why. Later in the run when I slowed I didn't notice the stuters anymore, so maybe I was just going too fast.
  5. That would be the least nail in the coffin of terrain LOD if it could be done... I just tested with some grass and the quality is already good enough to not notice any terrain pop in anymore, it's just great now. Even with vanilla landscape, I can't really tell now with a bit of grass.
  6. That's great info, I was just wondering how the snow on object LOD was done...that's great to know, thanks. I have bEnableProjecteUVDiffuseNormals=1 already yeah. So ok, it's the engine that just put a strong darker tone on those greens, even after I corrected the rest of the cell...thanks for the infos.
  7. Here are my current results. As you can see, it's pretty close, the only issue that remains is the darker areas (circled in red). For some reason, even after applying noise and tweaking settings, the rest of the cell can be corrected fine, but the darker greens are just too dark. Could it be that xLODgen just darkens too much darker colors when making the LODs? Also, I'm thinking of maybe manually editing the most problematic areas, and then using xLODgen for the rest. I'm not sure what would be the best way since I'm not too familiar with the files/tools yet (maybe extracting bsa, finding the full texture dds, and then copy paste them in the LOD4 dds?) 1) Tried it but for some reason the LOD wouldn't work, but I'll try again. 2) Even with improved snow setting off, the LODs are still noticeably darker, even after noise and using brightness settings in xLODGen. However, using a mod with very white snow (like nordic snow) produces LOD's that are brighter/truly white, and I can just disable the mod after, it's all fine and the LOD's are perfect for the snow.
  8. Also, any reason as to why generating LOD makes the darks darker (even after using brightness/noise correction)? I can get the Lod to match the loaded cell pretty well except for the dark tones. They seem to be overdone for some reason. Not talking about overall darker tone that we can correct with noise.dds/brightness, but specificaly dark greens for example who end up still being over darkened so to speak. Could this have to do with the format? Or just the algorithm that changes the colors?
  9. Hmm I don't know anymore : 1) - I did a specific chunk at 2k with your recommend settings and +2/+2 brightness/contrast => perfect LOD, no difference (using STEP mod list) - then I did a full map 2k and the LOD was slightly different again (checked with the cell where I previously had a perfect LOD, and it had changed) Then I noticed different LOD levels seems to be blended together as we move around, there is a sort of transition/blending effect, so I'm wondering if this has to do with the change I noticed? 2) For the snow, I generate LOD using nordic snow mod, then disable the mod and its just perfect. So that's one way to have terrain LOD and snow LOD matching finally. 3) I got the "perfect" LOD using the STEP build, which seems to have specific ground texture which is better suited. I tried my settings for Vanilla and Cathedral Landscapes at 4k LOD4, and there is still a difference due to how the texture details/tiling are made in those mods. So I guess one easy way to eradicate texture difference is also to use a landscape textures that have somewhat not too defined groundcovers to begin with. Even with Vanilla and Cathedral, the LODs were still way better than anything I've seen on the nexus so far, so that would be indeed a great step up for those using those mods, but still I'm baffled by 1) and the problem is 2K full map takes a long time to render so it's difficult to further test this. Thank you, I'm going to generate some more and see if I can refine. Thank you I found out about "Where in Oblivion Am i" mod in the meantime and it did the trick for cells coordinate. What you say about circular fading could be the issue I ran into when fully rendering 2K. There is a way cell and LODs blend that seem to mess up with my "specific chunk" setup. EDIT : Could be that I fully rendered 2K on LOD4 only and 512 for LOD8/16, therefore the resolution change is a bit too big and the blending messes up the LOD4 too badly...? I'll try 2k/1k and report
  10. Thank you for the clarifications. I'm not sure what you mean by "built on the fly" since the engine must be looking for some file to know what to show/render. The LOD meshes are great as it is, especially with the protect borders feature, it's looking good even at the recommended 5 setting. Using your #C0C0C0 noise.dds with minor tweaks on contrast/brightness also has made wonders. The only "pop-in"/noticeable effect that remains is in the difference of the texture level of detail between the loaded cell and the LOD4...Is there a way to address this with the normal/diffuse size maybe? I'd like to make a perfect match between the loaded cell's textures and the LOD4's ones. I'd like to use the chunk feature as well so I could test all this faster, but I don't know how to scope the cell's coordinate in-game.
  11. Would there be a way to make the terrain LOD4 use the same files as the loaded cells, so there would be no terrain pop in anymore? Is it what the "-1 no compression setting" is for?
  12. Thank you so much for those tools and setup/informations! I was able to generate seamless LOD for Vanilla using your default settings in first post and some minor tweaks on brightness and contrast. I can barely notice to the transition anymore on regular terrain. Snow LOD is still slightly darker, although I did find a workaround to create lighter LOD using a snow mod such as nordic snow, which generates lighter LOD. One can then revert back to vanilla snow and the LOD will even be a bit brighter than the loaded cell! Thank you for your work, now with DynDOLOD, we're on the road to true "no more pop-in" Skyrim...!
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