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  1. no grass in objects doesn't seem to be working for 1.6.X, is there a work around for grass LOD?
  2. i do wanna just say thank you to anyone developing or helping with development of this mod, i always struggled with skyrim because of how horrific the lod pop in looked. dyndolod makes the game far more playable, and does this in a really intuitive way. so thank you for all the time being spent on this. this link is just to a screenshot of my whiterun tundra (no enb) https://ufile.io/i2fycl1s
  3. i was changing to this mod when i first had the issue of it not generating any grass lod, i then tried them all individually afterwards and i dont think any of them worked. as far as i can remember veydosebrom worked before then, but maybe im just remembering it wrong. clearly i dont have much knowledge on this subject but i would assume its the same issue
  4. im only asking because i didnt see it mentioned in the posy, in the "dyndolod/edit scripts/dyndolod/dyndolod_sse.ini" you have set grass=1? if this isnt the issue and someone is able to work out what it is can you let me know, just because my issue seems very similar *AFTER UNINSTALLING VISCOUS GRASS MOD AND TRYING CATHEDRAL LANDSCAPES IT WORKED* however this also confuses me, as previously i tried about 10 different grass mods and none of them worked. can someone explain to me why some grass mods work and others dont?
  5. okay, talk tomorrow then probably
  6. thanks for the help, like i said, i should be able to let you know what happens tomorrow. is there a particular grass md you would recommend trying it with?
  7. ill try install a short mod list with mods that should work and then try it, and see if i have any luck. i wont be able to that until tomorrow so ill post the result then
  8. here is a screenshot, it only displays in the active cells, the grass lod doesnt seem to generate https://ufile.io/xykourd2
  9. i get an output, but the grass lod is missing. everything else is there
  10. so ive read the posts and generated lod again, it still hasnt work so im posting the log files onto ufile.io (texgen, dyndolod and lodgen as im not sure where the error is actually occurring) https://ufile.io/f/0r7jn
  11. i cant get a grass lod to generate, i have a grass cache and grass is set to 1, so im not sure why its not working, i can send log files if you want but im not sure which ones i need, so if you could tell me if you need any then ill post them. thanks DynDOLOD_SSE_log.txt LODGen_SSE_Tamriel_log.txt TexGen_SSE_log.txt
  12. texgen has generated grass files, and in dyndolod_sse i have set grass=1, but no grass lod is being created
  13. ive done this and it worked, however it isnt displaying any grass lod
  14. im using veydosebrom regions and getting this error when generating grass lod, please help Error processing grass data Tamrielx0007y0000.cgid Unable to read beyond the end of the stream. System.IO.EndOfStreamException
  15. Iim now using the alpha 5 version and still being told that it cannot find a texgen output, even though i run texgen everytime
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