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  1. Thanks. I was reading a few more posts on it as you responded. I will give this a try, since most (if not all) of my cities/towns/villages have mods changing them and I'm sure a multitude of the mods I use alters the terrain somewhat. Its just something else I need to add to my routine. Thank you for the work you put into these tools. I'm sure it is difficult keeping them updated while answering inane questions from people like me. Enjoy your Sunday.
  2. For the life of me, I thought DynDOLOD's alpha also handled terrain LOD's. Actually, I thought DynDOLOD and xLodGen were basically the same thing, just done by different authors. So I can be a bit slow on the uptake, but I finally looked the latter up and saw that not only is it the same author, but one does terrain LOD's and one does trees/object LOD's. So I'm assuming that we basically need to run BOTH if we want the best VISUAL experience, correct? Sorry for asking. I just finally have a video card that can handle everything I can throw at it so far and I've gone a bit over the edge on downloading stuff. And xLodGen looks like it can generate a bunch of the LODs I seem to be downloading individual mod LODs for. I feel stupid for never even having bothered looking it up in the first place. But if I add it to my basic "routine" (along with DynDOLOD, Nemesis, etc) before playing I wouldn't need mods like Terrain LOD Redone, right?
  3. Hi Sheson, I am having an issue with the latest two versions of DynDOLOD that previous versions had not reported before. This may be a problem better addressed by the author(s) of SSEEdit, but I thought I would report it here as well in case it is a new development that needs to be addressed. Here is a link to my latest debug_log (there was no debug_log): https://www.mediafire.com/file/d0hzm05mh1sjswh/DynDOLOD_SSE_Debug_log.txt/file I know exactly where in SSEEdit this issue appears via this screenshot: https://imgur.com/bLRaT1j however I am not familiar with the troubleshooting techniques for this sort of error. As you can see, the two objects on the left side cannot be resolved. I know how to REMOVE these errors in the Properties on the right side via the video the warning links to, but not when they are in the NAME - Base entry. I don't even have the option of removing them in the right pane, only editing. If I remove them in the left pane and then rerun DynDOLOD it still flags them as an issue and proceeds no further, and I am not sure if I can even remove the entire sub-block further up the hierarchal chain. At the very least I am informing you of the problem I am encountering with these versions. It may just be my build, but as stated I have never had this issue until now. The mod is the same zip file I have used for years and his mod (although now removed from Nexus) has not changed in a long time. Do you have any idea what is going on in the log and how I can fix this so DynDOLOD no longer sees it as an error? I'm not sure if this is a memory issue like last time, but I did ensure I was running the 64 bit version this time. EDIT: Sorry, I was on the right track. Just had someone point out I was removing them correctly, but my references to delete message had updated to others in that mod and I hadn't noticed. EDIT: Got it fixed. That particular mod is a minefield of errors. Hope it didn't remove any of the King trees. Thanks for listening to me complain. Outside of the fact that DynDOLOD seems to notice more errors than other versions, the errors were not from this mod but that one.
  4. Sorry again. Similar issue. Of course he only had the issue once, it took me several times to get DynDOLOD to run through properly. And no, I haven't looked at the Event Log yet. I just got up, answered your question, and then was looking at a reply in the SkyUI posts and watching a suggested video. I was looking up event logs per your request and they don't look anything like the above, so I'm not sure I'm even in the right place. I apologize for my lack of knowledge in this area. I upgraded this computer to Windows 10 when I had it built and nothing is where I remember it from Windows 7. And I really haven't explored the Windows 10 system very much on this machine. That's why I didn't do any of the successive upgrades. I was happy with 7 until they stopped supporting it, and then I was strong-armed into upgrading. Antivirus could be the issue. I run Norton, and they are notorious for taking a lot of things out of your control and then burying how to undo them. I really need to sit down and look at anti-virus programs again before this subscription is up. And by hundreds of comment, I simply meant that there were NOT a lot of people complaining about a similar issue that we were so it must be our setups that are the issue, not some new bug we discovered for this Alpha. I'm not blaming DynDOLOD in any way. Its most likely my machine or setup causing any issues I have. As I said before, everything seems to be running fine now. Next time I run DynDOLOD I will try to remember to get an event log if I have issues so that I can pass it along with the debug_log and bugreport.
  5. It may possibly be an issue with drivers. I'm not sure about that. I usually keep them updated with a program that does them for me. I don't overclock. Heat... eh, maybe, but I doubt it. I have the cpu water-cooled with 5-6 fans in there. Bad memory. Again, could be. Windows is recognizing 64GB, but you can never really tell with RAM. But I hope not. Those were expensive sticks. Probably more machine than I need but my wife did say this is the last one I'm getting in this lifetime. And I didn't mean to trivialize the "normal" errors. I just meant they are errors I normally get before troubleshooting the game further. Same with code. My slang for "Damn, that's a lot of stuff in there-where do I start". But I am going to write that "check the Windows Event log" down in my book of notes. I don't normally look into that because I usually don't have issues with this computer. Outside of Skyrim, of course. I see z929669 was running into the same issues I was, or at least similar, although he was a little more informative than I was. Considering there aren't hundreds of comments with the same thing I'm going to go with drivers or some other program on our machines causing the issue as my tentative explanation for that. Thank you for your patience and knowledge. I'm sure dealing with people like me can be exasperating and most likely annoying. At best. But so far everything seems to work, so again, I thank you kindly for your help.
  6. To be honest I almost never read back further than what could possibly be causing the errors. Code makes my head hurt these days. But I can see the "normal" errors and warning while DynDOLOD is running. I am talking about the final, stops the process, popup window you get. I did just run it again with the same results. It stopped, without a final error or warning window. Just faded from my screen. There is no debug_log.txt or bugreport.txt for this run through, so I will keep running it until I get one. Sorry this is taking so long but sometimes I almost get through the entire run, and DynDOLOD can take a while, even on my computer. You don't necessarily need to respond today. It IS Sunday, and even programmers should get a break. EDIT: OK, this time it made it all the way through. No rhyme or reason. CPU usage was 0 to 96%. RAM was 0-52%. I didn't change any files, but had to run this at least 6 times until it finally ran all the way through. I couldn't even hazard a guess as to why it was closing beyond the memory issue, but like I said that should not be a problem for me. I have an I9-1098XE CPU, 64GB of RAM, and a 2080ti GPU. Could the drivers or something be interfering somehow? I'm pretty religious about keeping them updated.
  7. Well, even with the corrected path to the 64x.exe I'm still closing with no errors or warnings. I do have a Debug_log.txt and a bugreport.txt: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m3wu8yizsx903ni/DynDOLOD_SSE_Debug_log.txt/file I've gotten further with the logs, up to the Sovengard_log, but they didn't have debug information I could send to you. EDIT: Dang it. Got all the way up to FalmerValleyTerrainUnderside_log.txt this time. I just can't see the memory problem. My computer says I have 64GB, with 63.7 available. I was monitoring memory/CPU usage while DynDOLOD was running and the point it crashed at wasn't even the highest level that the monitor had shown. Never had this issue before. Stupid things like editing a mod in SSEEdit first, but not running out of memory.
  8. Yep, sorry, I was typing as you were replying. Fumblefingers today. You were correct in that part. As always. I'm going to go back to running this until I get a log I can send or it finishes. Thank you again.
  9. Sorry about that. I'm not sure how it is running out of memory. I have 64GB. I get a message in Vortex every once in a while saying it is using a lot of memory and could crash, but it says it is only using 3GB, so I've always ignored it. Even if my computer were not recognizing all the RAM sets, I still have 4-16GB sticks. I am using the 64x version. At least I thought I was. I'll have to look again. That was one mistake, I was pointing to the regular path after updating, not the 64x. Still crashing on me with no debug_log.txt, though. I'll run it a few times to make sure something else isn't going on. I have a large number of logs this time, ending with the Sovngarde_log.txt, so I'm getting close. Thank you for pointing out the 64x issue. That would have frustrated me forever because I wouldn't have thought to look at the path because...you know,,, I'm infallible. Stupid novice mistakes today. I swear I'm about to take the rest of the day off.
  10. So I ran it again. This time I grabbed a screenshot where it errored. Plus, this run has a debug_log.txt. And a bugreport.txt. I hope that is a little more helpful. I seem to be getting random issues on different runs. https://www.mediafire.com/file/63ca598my17u5ax/DynDOLOD_SSE_Debug_log.txt/file bugreport.txt
  11. Good morning, kind sir, Its not a Sunday morning unless I have issues with something, or I pester you for answers. I'm running DynDOLOD and I'm having an issue whole reading images, apparently. I've actually been having issues with the last few versions, but I chalked that up to MO2 nd my unfamiliarity with it. But I switched back to VORTEX and am still having the same problems. I'm sorry this did not give me a debug_log.txt. It did give me several others like the Tamriel_log.txt, which I'm assuming is the furthest it ran since that is the newest log. That one says it ended. Anyway, here is a picture of the error I'm getting. Any clues about what it is? I'll send the bug report because it does mention the error as well.bugreport.txt Hmmmph. I just downloaded the latest version to make sure I had the right one because I was switching back and forth between versions, and this one just closes on me after about two minutes. No degub_log.txt, no bugreport.txt, no popup warning or error. It just closes on me.
  12. Sorry about this question, but I don't have time to read through 125 pages to see if it has been answered yet since I have an appointment in an hour. I thought I had read that with DynDOLOD 3 you no longer needed No Grass in Objects. Maybe I read it wrong or it changed. But right now I am still sorting through conflicts on my new load order in MO2 and don't want to be hassled with all of the Occlusion/grass precaching, etc. I was just running through DynDOLOD to make sure it worked like before. So how should I approach this? Go back to the older version of DynDOLOD I still have inactive in MO2? Or just don't check the grass option in the first screens of DynDOLOD 3 or anything to do with Occlusion? Or go back to the older version of DynDOLOD and the older version of No Grass in Objects? Or something different? I really just don't want to wait an hour or two generating the grass LOD's and Occlusion when I am enabling/disabling/updating mods right now as I sort through my list to see what works. At 1000+ mods I assume I'm going to be on the longer side of that task, even with a i9-10980XE, 2080ti, and 64gb of RAM. EDIT: I guess I should note this is the first time I've used MO2, so I've never used the No Grass in Objects precache plugin before.
  13. OK, thanks again. Guess I have a bit of research to do.
  14. Thank you for that. It helps with placing the Occlusion mod I planned on installing when it gets a few more patches. About the only other thing I use is the Terrain LODGen, but I'm not sure if I need that or a bunch of the other LOD's I have sitting on my computer right now with the new version.
  15. Sorry for asking, but I changed from Vortex to MO2 and am finally getting around to placing DynDOLOD. I know in the right pane the esm should be towards the top and the esp at the bottom. The left pane is confusing me. I found a Reddit article where he said the order should be DynDOLOD Resources, then Textures, then Output. That doesn't sound right to me, but I'm still a little wary on the left pane. If it is correct, where should these be in the left pane? Towards the top? Bottom? Any assistance/advice would be appreciated. EDIT: Just watched gamerpoet's video again and that is the order he shows, installing it after any tree mods I have. Doesn't seem right in my head, so I guess I need to bookmark that page and the manual for DynDOLOD since I can't seem to find what folder I placed it in. I don't know if that has changed any with the 3.00 version or not, so feel free to correct me if it has. Thanks.
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