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  1. Hi - with the videos it was more of a 'this is what I'm experiencing' sort of thing - I was hoping that you'd tell me if there was anything obviously wrong? I'm going to make the switch to MO2 today and hopefully things will improve! Here's hoping I can just drag my downloaded VORTEX mods directory over so I don't have to redownload everything...
  2. Doesn't feel right guys? What am I doing wrong... :( https://youtu.be/G_0HhIb5nkM https://youtu.be/7JbO8kpbD8k
  3. So - rather than try and explain what I've done in thread posts (which I know can be incoherent and poorly explained on my part) - I thought I'd say what I've done here, and if anything is obviously wrong hopefully someone can point it out! Firstly, I'm not using any particular guide, due to my own mod list (NSFW boob mods anyone?), but I'm very closely following STEP and Lexy's LOTD - specifically around the 'FINISHING LINE' sections. *** To start, my loaded mods include - Majestic Mountains and Cathedral Landscapes (main versions) - I also use Noble Skyrim along with the HD LOD pack recommended by the author. Overall then, the LOD resource packs I have are: *LODGen Textures for v3 is Cathedral Landscape So - firstly, after making my SMASHED patch - I begin SSELODGen with these settings: At this point I have SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esp and CATHEDRAL LANDSCAPES LOD pack enabled. Once generated, I install the newly generated SSELODGenOutput folder and DISABLE the above .esp file and the Cathedral Landscape LOD textures. --One thing I noticed - I don't have an option for SSELODGenOutput to overwrite anything? There are no 'conflicts' according to Vortex. *** With me so far? Good. Now, with that completed, I now run TexGen - with the size at 512 - as follows: I then install the generated TexGenOutput folder into my mod manager, overwriting everything. *** I then run DynDOLOD - with the following settings: After generation, I install the newly generated DynDOLODOutput into my mods - and DISABLE the MAJESTIC MOUNTAINS LOD pack (as per STEP guide 3.0b *some debate about this). At this point - dyndolod.esm is enabled, and the dyndolod.esp is last in my load order and enabled. --Again, there are no conflicts with the DyDOLODOutput, so nothing to overwrite - is this normal? *** Then I run the XLODGEN for Occlusion only, and install this above everything else. *** At this point - the game should run fine, yes? I'm going to redo the above steps (for my own sanity) and post a short gameplay video - hopefully things are as they should be! It'd be nice to actually play this game for once - rather than spending literally what must be days of my life, regenerating these files. Thanks for reading -J
  4. Hi - instructions are within the STEP 3.0b guide, under 'Wrap up' for DynDOLOD "Disable (TEMP) Magestic Mountains - LODGen." I don't use Mod Organiser, so I assumed that this step was simply the same as disabling the MM Lod files in Vortex?
  5. I know you said this in the other thread: "If a mod includes special landscape textures only for terrain LOD texture generation, then those textures obviously need to be disabled again. If a mod includes object LOD assets (meshes or textures), then those need to stay active after object LOD generation as they might be used directly as well." I guess I'm just struggling to understand how to tell which mods only include 'special textures' and therefore should be disabled, versus ones that include assets. OK, thinking about it some more - are you saying that some mods, like cathedral LOD special textures, are only used in generation to CREATE LOD assets, whereas some mods (like HD LOD SSE) include those assets and therefore shouldn't be disabled? I think I can get my head around this if so.
  6. Ok I think I understand what you're saying - but in that case, why do certain DynDOLOD resource packs (such as cathedral landscape and majestic mountains) need to be disabled after generation? These are the files I'm using - so you're saying the HD Lods shouldn't be disabled after generation - but I don't understand how it's different to the other two. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi Sheson - I was referring to this mod -- https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3333?tab=posts Based on your experience, would this need to be disabled after LOD generation or not? I'm using the dyndolod version, similar to the OP.
  8. did you disable the HD LOD resources pack? The author doesn't say to do it on the page, but it's similar to majestic and cathedral packs that it SHOULD be done - removing it (after running DYNDOLOD) has fixed a lot of the z-fighting I was experiencing
  9. Trying to eliminate z-fighting as I'm not sure of the cause - it's usually in mountains and far off water (flickering) anyway - I know that when generating xlodgen for cathedral landscapes, and dyndolod for majestic mountains - you DISABLE the resources file afterwards however, should this be done with the dyndolod resources file also?
  10. Yes exactly that - but it only affects how the ENB processes 'detailed shadows' which is a fundamental setting of most ENB presets Without ENB activated there's no 'flickering', and no dark circle - as intended by the enablelandfade=0 However, with ENB activated, and detailed shadows, there's the dark circle seen in my photos
  11. Thanks - with the ENB I get its not the fault of this tool, but I thought that most people using the step guide will use an ENB. It might be worth including what 'detailed shadow' should be disabled when (if) disabling landfade in the .ini Sorry - can you clarify with the terrain-ESM, it should still be used even if using mods? I just thought those 'mods' would've generated the same back textures? I'll trust your word if you're certain Also thanks for the chunks idea, I know a cell coordinates outside Whiterun so I might just keep generating for that one to test!
  12. Hi, I've read through the threod a couple of times - but I just want to know are there any final gamma/brightness adjustments when using CL and MM? I am going to try generate with 1.25 but don't want to waste a few hours if it's wrong! Cheers
  13. Not sure if this helps - I used xLODGen with better terrain, which seemed to work great - however, upon 'cell changing' there is a little 'black load' fuzz - I guess that's the best way of describing it? I suppose this is what you referring to when you said to DISABLE benablelandfade So I did that - okay, problem solved! (almost) The issue with this is, I use an ENB - and with an ENB there's a constant 'dark circle' in all directions which doesn't match the terrain LOD in the background. Disabling 'detailed shadow' in the ENB fixes this, but then I lose a lot of the intended quality! Is there any workaround? -- Also, can I ask if SSE-Terrain-Tamriel is necessary in every XLOD generation regardless of landscape mod used? Image - ENB activated (no Dyndolod generated - just xlodgen) Image - ENB (detailed shadow) disabled
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