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  1. "You can try to CLAMP the UV in the shader of the tree LOD model. If the UV is just a bit beyond the 0.0 / 1.0 limits, the difference can not be noticed in the the distance." Thank you, so I will have to correct it with NifSkope right?
  2. Is this what you are talking about? P/s: I try to compare it with 2.87 version
  3. Thank you for the reply. When I was far away, it was almost impossible to see the leaves but only the trunk and large branches (as in the photo I took earlier) and as. I approached them they gradually appeared. The closer they are, the more visible they are, which is proportional to the distance I approach them (the closer I get, the more blurry) Here is the photo as I approach the full model
  4. Yes, in the area I marked them in red are all the LOD 3D models. I created myself using the instructions in DynDOLOD \ docs \ trees.ultra so it sure matches the full models. I use the settings when creating them: LOD 4 = Static LOD4, LOD 8 = Static LOD8, LOD16 = Billboard So I just need to increase AlphaCoverage = to increase the density of 3D LOD right, is it bound to ObjectLODGenerateMipMaps / TreeLODGenerateMipMaps or not? Sorry about my English, it's really bad.
  5. @Sheson Do you know why my trees, when seen from afar, are very fragile and their foliage almost invisible. https://i.postimg.cc/kG9G4Ztd/Screen-Shot85.png In DynDOLOD_SSE.ini I did not change any settings except set Grass = 1 and GrassLargeReference = 1. I also posted pictures of v2.87 and v3.0 Alpha 4 for comparison. Thank you
  6. Are you installing MO2 or DynDOLOD on the Windows drive. I also suffered from MO2 installation at the drive containing Windows. You try to check it again
  7. Can anyone please confirm for me the performance of generating LOD Grass compared with setting ExtendGrassDistance = True (OverwriteGrassDistance = 1800) in No Grass In Objects. I tried but LOD Grass generation didn't work for me even though I successfully generated Grass Cache with no error. If it doesn't improve then maybe I should use ExtendGrassDistance = True and wait for DynDOLOD v3 to complete. Thank you
  8. I have some problems with the new version. I. Big cities seem to disappear on the world map https://i.postimg.cc/B6HKjRFt/screens3hot.png and when viewed from afar https://i.postimg.cc/Pqt6dzvg/saaacreenshot.png I've set uGridsToLoad = 5, uLargeRefLODGridSize = 5 and uGridsToLoad = 7, uLargeRefLODGridSize = 11. But the problem persisted. II. About LOD Grass https://i.postimg.cc/yNGs9dK8/screenshot.png I have set DynDOLODGrassMode = 2 in GrassControl.config.txt and Grass = 1, GrassLargeReference = 1 in DynDOLOD_SSE.ini. It seems that the grass does not load at long distances. I also successfully created Grass Cache as instructed by meh321. I send you a diary DynDOLOD_SSE_log: https://pastebin.com/vXCmzZ3L TexGen_SSE_log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pLf0vFoNeZ_QEk8nOXfEpiY38gigHLJP/view?usp=sharing TexGen_SSE_Debug_log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11618JqxlB5h1UygqJkmzhgumXxtGy6rk/view?usp=sharing GrassControl.config.txt: https://pastebin.com/MCC6T7z9 Skyrim.ini: https://pastebin.com/WZ6Zkfqm SkyrimPrefs.ini: https://pastebin.com/nz7cQ7sC Complete diary of DynDOLOD: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15pjSq4epr83DeyjXr9GihJDLMRj-Idj7?usp=sharing I have no problems with version 2.87. Maybe I was wrong somewhere in version 3.0 Thank you very much.
  9. This question will probably have to wait for Sheson to answer. I cannot answer it. Haha Someone already created it for you, just download and install :)
  10. With Noble Skyrim I recommend using HD LODs Textures SE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3333 t looks like DynDOLOD cannot generate wrbuildingslod01.dds (which you will see remote rooftops, otherwise it will use Vanilla's default color) HD LODs Vanilla DynDOLOD does not seem to touch them. And if you use different textures, you'll have to fix them yourself. Sorry, maybe i can't describe exactly but maybe that's what you were looking for and sorry about my English xD.
  11. Thank you, I found my problem, it's due to my * .ini setup.
  12. Hello Seshon, I need your help once again. Right now I'm having a problem with the object in SSE, it seems to be covered with ugly textures on the surface which I think is a LOD problem (Tamriel). I have searched the Internet a lot for this problem but no one has ever mentioned it. Video https://youtu.be/Qn9Y400pwEc In the video it is after I have created LOD Objects with xLODGEN (I used DynDOLOD but the problem persists) Here is the image before I create the LOD SkyrimPrefs.ini https://pastebin.com/sSTRftA0 Skyrim.ini https://pastebin.com/DC4CDWWY Loadorder https://pastebin.com/katdH6iB Modlist https://pastebin.com/FpjShSTj Thank you very much. P/s: Sorry about my English
  13. And personally I have one more problem with LODGEN. If I run them multiple times (5+) my LODGEN starts having problems with my system, it takes a pretty long time compared to normal (about 4 hours more than normal), check I see it only uses 1% -0.3% of the CPU. If I reinstall Windows then I use it normally at ~ 60% CPU consumption and the time is shortened. I have encountered this problem 3 times already xD Maybe this just happens to me, but maybe I can give you a little bit of information: D
  14. Oh no, I created my own LOD 3D using the instructions in DynDOLOD\Docs\trees.ultra\tools\. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere and I recreated them. Fortunately the version you sent me reported that the NIF file was correct so I could fix them. I hope you will update this feature in the next version of DynDOLOD because the current version (2.86) does not have this feature yet. Thank you
  15. Great, now LODGENx64 correctly suspects the problem ** passthru_lod.nif file in its log. I went ahead and replaced the file with that problem. Unfortunately I didn't save that error log, sorry. Now DynDOLOD works perfectly for me. Thank you
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