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  1. I think I fixed it. If you copy override every worldspace between dyndolod and rw2 just make a new empty patch. If you have similar situation that esm file is conflicting, but esp is alright just copy esm water info to new empty patch, but don't change others. When i changed every water to be equal it didn't work. Not really
  2. Hi Sheson, I was wondering what could be the issue here? It seems that dyndolod esm and realistic water two are conflicting resulting in two different textures between active cells and lod I think esm is in higher order and it changed realistic water two because i could not make patch manually I understand it says dyndolod esm, but I heard dyndolod doesn't edit water lod in other comment section rather xlodgen https://imgur.com/TTHkuJ5
  3. Hey Sheson I have good question! So setting this below seems to make grass load very long distances and this is the only option for potato pcs 1 = Display grass only in active cells (without fade) and let DynDOLOD handle inactive cell Grass Is it possible to tweak u grid to lower than 5 for the grass to take less gpu performance. *I seem to read alot of UGRIDSTOLOAD discusssions saying it is unsafe, but as we know lots of is old news It seems that this setting is crucial for lods however with this setting distance settings in Grass Objects Meh321 mod doesn't respond anymore. Like if grass lods started way closer (right after Fade/Distance=#) it would save so much performance. I understand that this is too hard to do to seperate lods and grass just wonder does it exist at the moment? The option to have shorter grass distance and right after this grass generated lods or does it rely on ugrids number?
  4. I thought you first run texgen to confirm everything like settings and filters that need to be met for a billboard to be automatically created
  5. Hey Sheson it's me again you good friend that annoys this forum thread How do I confirm that grass has files for the LOD? Currently trying Veydosebrom regions and either I can't figure out how or it doesn't have any lods at all. Not all grass types have LOD / grass LOD billboards Check TexGen generates grass LOD billboards for all desired grass types. Plugins from mods often forget to set object bounds on base records, which filters them out from automatic grass/tree LOD billboard generation. See ..\DynDOLOD\docs\help\TexGenConfiguration.html for more details. Is there a way without texgen?
  6. Hi Sheson, I wanted to ask which guide should I follow of yours? Manual inside folders or S.T.E.P 0.3 Thing is both of them are different let's say xlodgen Bake normal maps in one guide is on and another is off, quality numbers are different and some other options presented in xlodgen. In step guide you presented vram above +4 and below options and manual guide has only one option which you are unsure is it for quality or performance.
  7. It might be the case, but I am too deep in generation that I am afraid to close it now. I will try without fulllodback once again to see if this is the case. Thanks for the quick replies
  8. Don't know used to work before. <What am I supposed to look for in the TexGen logs? You probably want to upload the DynDOLOD and LODGen logs. Uploaded files which were written in page one. Only difference in 2.87 was that I used to change script in 2.87 about trees from 1 to 0 and I have never seen warnings before Lodgen files doesn't really say much. https://easyupload.io/m/b0xdu8 Lodgen files https://imgur.com/ca26Co5 Current state of dyndolod just in case
  9. I have extremely long Dyndolod generations that takes half a day and all I did was following your manuals settings in texgen lodgen dyndolod and press ultra trees. Before ultra trees I had no issue. CPU and RAM usage is normal Trees EVT Custom large Treesfallback is to 0 I used to generate 3d trees on previous dyndolod version in 1 hour Dyndolod output size is 14gb at the moment after like 8 hours Dyndolod generating object LODS for worldspaces takes most of the time. https://easyupload.io/m/uiibye
  10. I have a question about dyndolod or xlodgen when selecting worldspaces. Let's say it crashes on certain worldspace and I track which were generated by following folder structure in the output. Would selecting remaining worldspaces + the one that crashed generate a correct dyndolod? This would mean person runs dyndolod twice overwriting everything that dyndolod generated firstly before crash.
  11. Hey it's me again. I used your newest readme setup and on dyndolod part my pc runs out of memory and reboots in lower resolution
  12. Later I tried using numbers from 0.3b step guide and my pc crapped itself I got error in the end. (most likely i should toggle off some world area in dyndolod) Guess I read readme inside folders https://imgur.com/5sNJtFQ https://imgur.com/AljFAJe Funny that it used so much memory to the point my pc went all black
  13. Hello, First of all stunning work. Recently I tried creating 1024k texture resolution toggled in every dyndolod settings area and it seems to start creating LOD up to 8192x8192 It took over 2 hours and I ran out of memory, started lagging so I stopped. I used to run DynDOLOD quite often and it took me a hour or so before, but this time it started to eat memory like crazy. Well it doesn't matter, but I wanted to ask can I force gpu on Dyndolod somehow? My gpu only use mod organizer and everything else (ram and cpu) use dyndolod. Or is that mod organizer issue?
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