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  1. I just reached LOD generation section (STEP 5) and was wondering what settings influence LOD. In particular, does it matter whether I am currently using Low/Medium/High/Ultra presets in BethINI? And does it matter if I am using ENB? Does it matter what screen resolution I am using when I run the LOD generation? Are the any other adjustments that I need to keep an eye on?
  2. FYI: In the instructions for A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds, the "expand/collapse" button is not working. Fortunately, it seems to be in a permanent expanded state. Also, the configuration for CoMAP - Common Marker Addon Project does not mention that the variable bObscuredUndiscovered appears both under [Map] and under [HUD]. (The variable does appear twice, but with no explanation as to why.)
  3. Typo in Guide:Mod Organizer/Hide Assets: 3. To hide a file or folder, right-click on if and select [Hide].
  4. The recent (yesterday) update to Fixed Mesh Lighting has two new options for "Other > Hargraven" in its FOMOD. These involve patches for SMIM and Unofficial Material Fix. Should I uncheck these boxes since these patches may be handled elsewhere in the STEP Guide?
  5. April 2022 a version of Unofficial Material Fix (that does not require SMIM) was added to Nexus Mods. Should an instruction be added to specify which version is STEP-appropriate? (I'm assuming that the original version is the one I should be using now. Right?)
  6. When using ELFX - Exteriors Fixes, we have the option to use regular or ENB versions. If I choose the ENB version now and the performance test indicates that my system cannot handle ENB, will I be able to swap versions later? If similar options appear with other mods, will I be able to revert to non-ENB versions later (i.e., before 21-Post-Processing in STEP Guide 2.0.0)?
  7. Glad to help. The instructions have been really easy to follow so far! By the way, the image captions at the bottom of that section refer to 3.x, rather than 4.x
  8. In the "Clean the Masters" section, step 4 says "Follow the standard cleaning procedures to clean Update.esm, then Dawnguard.esm using the standard cleaning procedures" I believe the intent is to clean Dawnguard.esm using the specific instructions listed, rather than using the standard cleaning procedures.
  9. BethINI Baseline Configuration: The example image for "Detail" does not match either described option. Lens Flare is unchecked (agreeing with ENB option) yet Ambient Occlusion remains checked (disagreeing with ENB option)
  10. Still within STEP 2, the BethINI setup inclluded: Ensure the Mod Organizer path is correct (e.g. ..\Modding\Tools\Mod Organizer). However, the default System Setup places the Mod Organizer directly under \Modding, rather then under Modding\Tools
  11. Within STEP 2: Within SkyrimSE Installation Steps, the example file location leaves off the suggested "\Games" prefix (used in the Setup Guide) Similarly, in the Tool Setup table (xLODGen) the suggested "\Games" prefix is also missing.
  12. In the section titled "The "Modding" folder structure should now reflect:" the second line refers to the folder "..\Games\Modding\GameName". I am not sure what step in the instructions produces that folder. Did I do something wrong? Or will that folder be created in a later step? Also, it might be helpful to mention the subfolder "..\Games\Modding\Tools\xLODGen\xLODGen_Oputput" (with the correction I mentioned earlier).
  13. I am excited to see the progress that has been made since my last visit to STEP. Thanks for all the great work! I noticed a couple of typos on this page (stepmodifications.org/wiki/Guide:System_Setup_Guide): 1) There are two places where reference is made to "Modding Folder". I believe these should read "Modding" folder (since the folder is recommended to be called "Modding"). 2) The suggested folder for xLOD outputs is currently "xLODGen_Oputput". This should probably be "xLODGen_Output" (without the "p")
  14. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but on the Interface tab under the Mouse Settings I believe the first slider should be labeled "Look Sensitivity" rather than "Lock Sensitivity".
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