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  1. I've setted up MO2 to not handle nexus links. Thats the cause I guess. It's not urgent because the browser download works with the second mirror, but maybe you enable browser download for it like the application download has. If both approaches are possible at the same time.
  2. I can confirm again a higher fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS value increases script-related stability. I will also never play with the VM option again.
  3. I've done all you've instructed. It stays visible. I've overwritten everything with texgen_output and dyndolod_output. Why a mod is overwriting it? Where should I put the dyndolod resources in MO2's hierarchy? Atm I it's placed relative near at the top. Another thing I noticed is the academy light doesn't switch when I do the same out on the water. - They are always off then. I went far away and very near to be sure.
  4. Another issue. Now ingame. In the midiumgrid-lod the lights of the academy of winterhold are deactivated. Can you fix that? I show you a video of what I mean.
  5. Ok here we go again. But my first report was already the full bugreport.txt you mentioned. I post it again for the oversight. https://pastebin.com/gz5iwBS3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/t0m27bual9qimrp/DynDOLOD_SSE_log.txt/file (Too big file for casual pastbinners)
  6. I have an access violation issue after generating LOD with dyndolodx64.exe All .exes within the dyndolod- and sub-directories run as admin through MO2. LOD works but I'm sure the error report is not intended anyway. My specs: Windows 10 Pro 1909 Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB Core i5 6600K 16 GB Ram M2 SSD
  7. I have about 45 to 60. 60 is the setted cab. I thought about the pros and cons of the framerate in that matter: Low fps = more time for the script, but at the same time the hardware is more busy. High fps = vise versa. I don't know how the engine works, but when scripts are executed by cpu then a faster gpu would increase the script issues.
  8. It's vanilla chopping. My alter ego stands in front of the wood a does nothing. But the camera has already changed. The only way to prevent reloading is to start another animation like sitting down or trying to chop once again. Hard to do while the camera is glitchy and the cursor is disappeared. Here I found a post that gives some indication of the value's impact. Based on oldrim and the slightly different ini entries. (ATM seems to be offline so I'm not sure if it's the right site)
  9. Windows 10 Core i5 6600K Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB 16GB RAM
  10. My script overload was easily noticeable due to the suspended stacks within the log file as well as occasional "soft-freezes" while my Skyrim was executing scripts packages from mods. Also in average every fifth try to chop firewood led into a glitch. Thats why I've choosen that for the tests. One of the tests was a value of 20 000 ms with vm - All 40 tries to chop were successful Another one was 6 000 ms with vm - One of 40 failed One was 3 000 ms without vm - Also one of 40 failed I've set it to 3 500 ms without vm and (until now) I didn't got any issues in chopping or anything from mods. If that changes, I will write again.
  11. I did some testing regarding VM script loading. My heavy modded game got script overloads with the following activated: Background Load Scripting VM (BethINI) bBackgroundLoadVMData (Ini entry itself) In combination with fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS 6000 (BethINI default is 2000) After deactivating the VM for the scripts, a fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS of 3000 is enough to prevent any overloads. (extensivly tested) I interpret it as the VM option is far worse in script performance and badly optimized for the Special Edition. I strongly suggest you to deactivate it by default.
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