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  1. Oof my bad, after going through user images of EVT and seeing the images match like mine, and also reading two of yours comments. I conclude that there isnt anything wrong with the lods silly me :P (Do I have to edit the title SOLVED?)
  2. Nah I was just asking if they look like that, because the billboards look very high detailed compared to ingame
  3. Is the source billboard dds the dds with a single tree? Where should I find the folder on the dyndolod output or?
  4. Here's the billboard texture for them. https://imgur.com/a/D3Z2FUV
  5. Yes Image 1 is what they look like Image 2 and 3 are the tree and its lod Image 4 is a lod of a snow pine And image 5 is a close up of a lod
  6. What I meant with bottom is this, https://imgur.com/a/RW9Afiv This is the Tree lod billboard https://imgur.com/a/eOwXI9E
  7. Can I delete a post or edit it after I posted it?
  8. The tamrieltreelod.dds was in my Dyndolod output folder and the dyndolod output is in the bottom of the load order
  9. I have opened the full model in nifskope and compared it to the billboard texture and they look identical. https://m.imgur.com/a/fyq8SCe
  10. I did look up the dyndolod lod and it was using the srg_pineforest. I installed Indistinguishable Vanilla Tree Billboards, EVT, its billboard (mirrored the choicest in the EVT) and the Dyndolod How do I do the 2nd A? Do I replace the inside of dyndolod output trees with the EVT dds? Or do I replace the vanilla dds in skyrim? (Im using mo2)
  11. Hi Im new here and was wondering after installing DynDOLOD and EVT and its corresponding billboard, the lods do not look like the trees upclose. So I read the manual and also in the nexus page document, I checked the dyndolod output and it was using the EVT billboard and also looked at all the dds and they were also using the EVT. However ingame the lods look like they were blurry and it wasnt a crisp 4k. I tried to save the tamrieltreelod without mipmap but the problem still persisted, for the fun of it I also made it uncompressed but that made me have an infinite loading screen after going outside even after doing the skse.ini fix. I can show the screenshots after I finished work.
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