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  1. I got it to work at last. I made sure to load EVT v. 1.9.0 at last and to disable FNIS, these are the only two differences.
  2. Alas, I can't find any other log than the one I've linked you. By the way, the billboards are included in the mods I'm using. On running DynDOLOD, the generate tree LOD option is disabled, which indicates that the trees will be treated as static objects instead, and will use 3D billboards. At least that's how I understood it.
  3. Okay, I‘ll search for the tree report. But please understand that I haven’t changed my tree mods since the last time I ran DynDOLOD. Obviously, they do have 3D models. 🙂 I‘m pretty sure there‘s one tiny little step I forgot about...
  4. Now I don't have 3D trees anymore. 😞 Here is my DynDOLOD log: https://mega.nz/file/NE1QiTQb#9iWMWwck3c94nhcr9YXd4PBSZiQs3R9P-7SwYdSySH0 Thank you very much for your kind help again! Look, everything seems fine:
  5. So... The good news is: it worked. And the bad news: I clicked "Save and Exit", but no Output was created. The path name is correct. What have I missed? Yeah, sorry! Of course it was my mistake, xEdit chose the wrong hard drive and I didn't see it. *facepalm*
  6. I just read you suggested running DynDOLODx64 in that case. I'll do that! *fingers crossed*
  7. Yeah, it's me again. *sighs* I'm sorry, Sheson, you said I should pay attention to the bug reports, but alas it's a closed book to me. Would you mind taking a look at my bugreport? You said: This may be a dump question, but what do you mean? 😞 Edit: Oh... No, that was something else. The error warnings are:
  8. Yes, but I‘m using the same mods as before, there ARE 3D models. Anyway, I will do as you suggested and I already apologize if I need to come back. Thank you for your quick replies - I know it‘s annoying and I really do appreciate the help! Edit: I just read the sticky post at the EVT forum, which is a little bit confusing. I‘m using an older version now, so everything works like a charm. Thank you again!
  9. I‘m sorry for my late reply, I wasn’t doing well these past few weeks. I have 3D models installed, I changed the INI and I also changed LOD4 to Static LOD4, because it didn’t change automatically. I‘ve done this so many times - running DynDOLOD I mean. And I have no clue what I‘m doing wrong all of a sudden. Right now I‘m using an old Resource back-up, but that can‘t be the answer to the riddle since eventually I need to run DynDOLOD again. 😞
  10. Edit: I just tried an older version, and the issue (tree: LOD4 = "Billboard" instead of "Static LOD4") happens after changing the Output path. My game setup is currently on a different hard drive.
  11. I'm sorry for bothering you, Sheson, but I'm at my wisdoms end. I can't create 3D trees anymore and I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. I changed TreeLOD=1 to TreeLOD=0 and deleted everything inside the cache folder. What have I missed? Has something changed in your newest version?
  12. I'm sorry I've asked a question that is already answered in your text files. I really thought I had read through everything - my mistake. Regardless, thank you very much for your kind help!
  13. Hey there, Sheson, I'm having the following issue: When I try to run DynDOLOD.exe for Skyrim SE I get the following error: ... followed by: [00:00:00.048] DynDOLOD based on xEdit x64 (1AC6DFDF) starting session 2020-04-17 17:39:01[00:00:00.051] Game Mode: TES5[00:00:00.053] Game Name: Skyrim[00:00:00.055] Using Skyrim Data Path: [00:00:00.056] Using Scripts Path: C:\Games\DynDolod\Edit Scripts\[00:00:00.058] Using Cache Path: [00:00:00.061] Using Temp Path: C:\Users\Marina\AppData\Local\Temp\TES5Edit\[00:00:00.063] Using ini: [00:00:00.065] Fatal: Could not find ini I take it that I need to change my game mode but how can I achieve this? Many thanks in advance!
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