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  1. Despite that it still fixed several issues i had with lod, performance and ctd. so thank you for creating this!
  2. No i'm using the original settings (i think) and haven't reallyt dabbeled into the .ini files on this setup until now. Also I can't seem to find where to enb option is available.
  3. How well does it go to install on an already done setup. For example; I have DynDOLOD, ENB, ENBoost, realistic water 2, northern grass installed already which all change certain settings. How well Would it go to install bethini on recommended tweaks, default option on an already pre-existing setup. Because i noticed how it changed the lod settings which dyndolod is supposed to edit.
  4. I double checked the sse engine fix and it was back to false. changed that to true and now it works.
  5. Hello again, I tried booting the game up today but now the save crashes immedietly and the crashlog is not something i have seen before. could it be the effect of uiCompression=1 .net Framework: https://pastebin.com/Tw9K1Ur7 Papyrus log: https://pastebin.com/cRyYXJXb
  6. Thank you so much sheson. I don't know what caused it but i am glad it's fixed.
  7. Somehow uiCompression=1 and 0 fixed it!!! I don't know how, it didn't work before. What exactly does that do? will it affect the game in any way? Papyrus for 1: https://pastebin.com/vfvrDtcR Papyrus for 0: https://pastebin.com/E86rP1ik
  8. Yes i did the the uiCompression as per mentioned earlier and that with i have not cleaned my save is very possible but i don't know how to do it. could you describe how to do it or post a like with a tutorial?
  9. The reason why think/thought the cause was dyndolod is because for some saves loading up is possible but then loading something or saving becomes impossible. this has happened 2 times before, each solved by loading earlier saves, losing hours of progress. however those saves that seem corrupted, for lack of a better word, can function again if i deactivate dyndolod. a working save functions like a regular save. Heres the papyrus log for what you described me to do: https://pastebin.com/yn3CfFVj The game worked perfectly as far as i noticed. That previous .net framework is for saving.
  10. I redid the tge papyrus log on both trying to save and ender a cave and both of the logs ends with a reference to dyndolod but both ar wildly different to be. Saving Game: https://pastebin.com/LTsE5K8G Loading Cave: https://pastebin.com/8HXN5a4R At this point I must apologize for being such a nuisance and not understanding well enough.
  11. I'm sorry for all the short responses but to summarise i've not hit the reference cap. The last thing that comes up in papyrus.0 is: [04/25/2020 - 07:44:23PM] [sHESON_DynDOLOD_LODObject < (CA02DD2E)>] [sHESON_DynDOLOD_Firstborn < (CA02B1C4)>] Enable #2 [Form < (11041D31)>] using dyndolod\lod\effects\fxrapidsrocks01_dyndolod_lod.nif TRUE False TRUE I don't know what the "TRUE false TRUE" means but none of the form ideas could be found when searching on SSEEdit
  12. Or rather about the meshes is searches on a form id comes up with nothing. after i've read the papyrus.0 log
  13. Here's the Log: https://pastebin.com/K1nGaKNx what is wrong with my load order? Also the game seems to be working if i load up earlier saves. but after a certain point it dosen't work. I also tested for corrupted meshes but it came up with nothing
  14. I'm really sorry that i came of as ruse that was not my intention. love your work and the support you give, this crash i've been getting have sent me across all manners of forums for a fix until i started a different approach in finding the issue rather than fixing it after arthmoor said that .Netframework is not reliable. This is a help request and i get a CTD, i tried the fix you proposed but it did not work. It's not only saving that's impossible but also leaving or entering a cell or exterior(worldspace?). The game is Skyrim Special Edition and my load order is here: https://modwat.ch/u/Atoro10/plugins Skyrim.ini: https://pastebin.com/Sz3sqYDD Skyrimprefs.ini: https://pastebin.com/ZexRMr5T Someone on Skyrimmods Told me to run all plugins at once through the creation kit to find any error's in the individual cells which came up with nothing. At first i thought the problem was Interesting NPCs since this form of crash first happened after a while when i had downloaded it last, then it got resolved and i don't really know how. Turned out it's not 3DNPCs but Dyndolod or something in it that's causing it so far as i know, not blaming fantastic mod, and now i'm here.
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