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  1. Oops... I must've edited this value at some point while messing with options. Fortunately I have a backup (original) DynDOLOD.ini. Thank you for figuring that out! If I had a firstborn... You know
  2. Thank you And...I've stumbled upon another bump. After generating terrain with xLODGen, DynDOLOD's option for generating trees is greyed out. I made sure to only select Terrain with xLODGen. Does this mean I can't generate trees with DynDOLOD anymore?
  3. Do we need to generate map LOD if we have the mod A Quality World Map (classic with all roads)? Will they affect each other? Also, can it be generated anytime or before using DynDOLOD? And if I understood correctly, it's generated separately from terrain in xLODGen. I apologize in advance if the question is n00b-class.
  4. Thank you sheson. I overcomplicated the process, it seems.
  5. I asked on Nexus about what exactly needs to be done, and got this response: 1. Run xLodGen for landscapes only 2. Run Texgen 3. Run Dyndolod 4. Run xLodgen for occlusion only I have no doubt that this is correct, but I need more information. Please, help? What exactly needs to be done in SSELODGen when generating landscapes? I've only been using DynDOLOD so far, so this tool is entirely new to me. I installed it successfully and connected it to MO2, fired it up and I have several different options... Should I only select Terrain LOD? I have donwloaded xLODGen from sheson's initial post here, I think this is the correct version. I believe xLODGen64.exe should be integrated with MO2? And I'm using DynDOLOD downloaded from Nexus, should I have some other version? Also, should we disable pre-generated LODs by other mods when generating our specific landscape with SSELODGen? Like, for Majestic Mountains, Terrain LOD Redone, Enhanced Landscapes and EVT, HD LODs Textures? I have all listed. I downloaded the file SSE-Terrain-Tamriel-Extend.esm, do I need only that when generating landscape? Do I install it like a mod in MO2 or just put it manually in Data folder? I think I read somewhere that it should be removed after generating landscape. Or after generating Occlusion? I need to have around 5 tabs open in my browser with various instructions and at least two .txt manuals so I could have a hint of what needs to be done. After reading through a lot of stuff, I'm even more confused and I'm developing a headache. I just want to have functional Skyrim landscape without holes and weird flickering, and without having to strain my poor brain that's still recovering from CVST seizure episode. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I could probably say I'm just st00pid but my pride calls it "temporarily impaired" Please, I need really clear instructions.
  6. I have to be perfectly honest: I've had it with Vortex. [spoiler=Ranting]Nearly every update breaks something. Whenever I ask for support, the answers are along the line "you should change this and that in your computer settings" - even though it used to work fine before. If a piece of software is forcing you to modify your established setup after every update, it simply isn't worth it. Not to mention other persistent issues, like messing up my load order (LOOT integration sucks) and flagging perfectly good plugins as incompatible (example: sosracemenu.esp). Their "ease of access" is more trouble than it's worth, which is what I know now that I'm more familiar with modding. Ever since I installed Skyrim SE, I've only used Vortex, so I'll have to get very familiar with MO2. Before that, I'll have to safely migrate my mods from Vortex to MO2. I have found several suggestions on how to do this and nearly all of them indicate that I should reinstall my game from scratch. I sincerely hope that is not the case because I've done that recently and the process is tedious at the very least, if we consider the time consumed and additional cleaning... But if I gotta, then I gotta, I guess It is also unclear to me how I could retain my current mods without them being deleted from the system when I uninstall Vortex. Also, there are other important tools to consider, such as SKSE, SSEEdit, LOOT, FNIS and other that I was able to access via Vortex Dashboard. In short, I would like to retain my entire Skyrim directory as it is. Without __folder_managed_by_vortex files, of course. I understand that the Purge function can do this, but I dread to think what will happen to the directory when I hit Uninstall Vortex. If anyone is familiar with the correct and hopefully detailed process on how to switch from Vortex to MO2, please help me. I am bound to do something wrong if left to my own devices / mixed suggestions from other places on the net. I figured this is the safest place to ask for guidance. I've received excellent advice and guidance here before, and I hope others who would like to make the same transition would find my thread very useful - even if you guys merely provide links to other places. At least I will confirm what works and what are the outcomes.
  7. I just want to report that I have solved this issue It was the .ini files! I made BethINI regenerate my Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini from scratch and voila - the problem is now gone. I don't know what value exactly was messed up, but fortunately, it's finally gone. Well, at least I had updated my drivers according to your advice, DoubleYou Lots of them were outdated, and I didn't even know.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean. A lighting mod? This is what I use: -Cathedral Weathers -Relighting Skyrim -Quick Light -ELE -Imaginator I used them all before and they produced the image I wish to go back to. Relighting Skyrim, Quick Light, ELE and Imaginator have been in my mod list since forever, only weathers had changed over time. I also have SSE Engine Fixes, if that is of any relevance. I might add that at one point (recently) I had Luminosity, but it made interiors too bright comparing to ELE; the latter is much more realistic and plays really well with Relighting Skyrim. When I installed Luminosity, however, I also installed the misc Light Editor - these files: JW_Light_Editor.pas and mteFunctions.pas, which are placed in Edit Scripts folder of SSEEdit. I forgot about them when I removed Luminosity, but eventually I remembered and removed them. Could it be that those files have done some damage? Removing them didn't change anything. Otherwise, I can't think of anything else. The only thing that "injected" changes in my image was ENBoost which is now gone. Do you perhaps have a suggestion on what files I might be looking for? I'm already scouring my Skyrim directory to find the culprit as it is. Thank you for still bearing with me, DoubleYou, I really appreciate it.
  9. Yes, it's still like the second picture. Mind you, when I hit Shift+Enter, nothing happens. I just don't know why there is a difference between the initializing image and the one that shows up when the main menu loads. Everything indicates that ENB really isn't there anymore, but the image is still the same as when I activated it. I'm confused. Perhaps I'll just install something to reduce bloom (because .ini settings on their own aren't doing anything). Update on my situation: I validated Skyrim files through Steam. Still the same. Apparently the game isn't corrupted, this is how the visuals are now.
  10. I know there is a SSE version, but I needed the boost, not full-blown ENB. Besides, the one I used did what it was supposed to do. If you know of an ENBoost specifically made for SSE, I might be willing to try it - but only if it doesn't mess up any visuals and doesn't require in-game tweaking. On the other hand, seeing how all this went, I might be more inclined to just ditch anything ENB-related entirely. I just want my normal visuals back. Here's the screenshot.
  11. Thank you guys for your replies I'm strictly on Special Edition. This is the ENBoost I was using. It actually helped with performance, sped up loading screens and normalized the overall saturation and bloom. The only issue I had with it was - apparently - polluted mist and foam on water. I've never used full ENB or any kind of preset. I only tried once to see what it's like, around a year ago I think, and my laptop definitely can't handle it. Yes, I reverted .ini files back to how they were after removing all ENB-related stuff. BethINI FTW.
  12. The ENB overlay in my game isn't disabled even though I've uninstalled all ENB-related files from the game directory. I even used ENB and ReShade Manager and it said that there are no files left to remove. Also, I never had d3d9.dll file to begin with. When I installed ENBoost, I only placed d3d11.dll, d3dcompiler_46e.dll and enblocal.ini to the game directory. After initializing the game, there was also the folder enbseries containing weatherlist.ini and intlightsprite.fx.ini in the game directory. I deleted all of it. This is how my game looked without ENB overlay: https://imgur.com/PwdhVhp It still looks like that until the main menu kicks in. This is how my game looked after I applied ENB overlay: https://imgur.com/csOJHym And it still looks like that - even though I had deleted all ENB-related files. It just won't go away no matter what I do. I've also noticed that outdoors the lighting is considerably dimmer and desaturated; my guess is that Cathedral Weathers is struggling with still present ENB. On the other hand, indoors it's plagued by this eye-gouging bloom and strong colors. I've never had this problem before. Well, at least the water is back to normal. It's clear to me that my game is now visually corrupted. My question is - how do I revert it to look like the first picture? Do I need to verify executable files through Steam? (Please tell me that's not it)
  13. Thank you, sheson. You have no idea how many people eagerly use uLargeRefLODGridSize=21 and recommend it to boot. My default is 7 and I'll keep it that way. I have to admit that I was a bit confused with the offered options Near and Far Grid while generating LOD, where it says 11 and 21. I guess my default setting doesn't matter in this case. As for the reason of my questions, I probably didn't express myself properly, sorry. I was genuinely interested about how and whether all those listed things influence LOD. And I was actually wondering about the snow as well. I'll look more deeply into it if the issue reappears, thank you for the references.
  14. My relevant plugin setup in sorted load order: majesticmountains_landscape.esmsmim-se-farmhouseflickeringfix.espsmim-se-dragonbornternfix.espmajesticmountains_moss.espmajesticmountains.espcathedral landscapes.espcathedral - water.espcathedral weathers.espcathedralweathermcm.espplocktons culling glitch fix.espicepenguinworldmapclassic.espWith SMIM I have windmill LOD. While installing Majestic Mountains, I chose SMIM patch for smaller rocks, and then let MM overwrite SMIM. I didn't install MM landscape because I already have Cathedral. I also installed Majestic Mountains LOD Pack (512 textures). There is an optional file in Cathedral Landscapes - LODGEN Textures, which I understand should be enabled while generating LOD, and then disabled. Before I run TexGen and then DynDOLOD, I will install DynDOLOD Resources and then Indistinguishable Billboards because I have vanilla trees. Now my questions: Is my load order correct? Should I disable MM LOD Pack as well after I finish generating LOD? Should I disable DynDOLOD Resources and Indistinguishable Billboards as well after generating LOD? Will my LOD be messed up if I choose Medium BethINI settings? I wish to use low resolution for LOD. Should I have uLargeRefLODGridSize=21 or less - like 11? How much does it influence performance?I'm asking all these because whenever I generate LOD, the snow on the mountains and distant landscape looks blocky and flat. Granted, I haven't tried LODGEN Textures that come with Cathedral Landscapes. I also didn't have Majestic Mountains before. I want to get it right this time, so some advice/guidance is more than welcome.
  15. The only similar thing I ever had in my game files is d3dx9_42.dll and .log and both are still there. Is this what you mean? Btw, I can't activate ENB menu anymore, so perhaps this is actually how my game looks like without ENBoost. Bloom is horrible and some fake lighting here and there are noticeable. And my water mist and foam are still dark. Not as dark as before - now it's something like dirty peach color, even during the sunny weather (this wasn't the case before, it was properly white). I uninstalled the weather mod.
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