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  1. Basically want it to be less obvious when I'm changing from full texture to LOD I believe this video covers what I mean: https://giant.gfycat.com/EveryColorfulEagle.webm The lod isn't even a similar colour and the mesh is completely off, I'm just wondering if I've done something wrong or is this just expected.
  2. Is this normal for terrain lod or am I just being extra picky? Once you get near the LOD the fade-in is extremely obvious and Terrain changes a lot
  3. If an object disappears as you get close to it, is that because of the occlusion data? I reran occlusion with the latest beta 75 and the palace of the kings in SE is disappearing as you approach it: https://i.imgur.com/27hoxae.jpg Nope =/ disabled occlusion and it's still happening. Maybe someone knows what could be going on still? EDIT: found the culprit, it's the better dynamic snow patcher that's touching the static object of the Palace.
  4. Must have been a previous setting I had then, it did warn me when I saved to set it back to 5 which I accepted. I did the ini change ingame as you instructed and works fine, thanks for your time on this :)
  5. I also noticed that bethini high sets it to 7, I read all sorts of stuff about raising this parameter having negative impact on the game. Is there any truth to that?
  6. from 7 down to 5, didn't think that would cause crash on load though. Not sure what set it to 7 either since I never touched that setting before now =/
  7. Update, I started a new game using the new bethini. This time I changed some mods up, have cathedral weathers and landscapes etc. No CTD. Must be something specific to my save (was getting pretty big, 18MB ess)
  8. I think I posted the wrong one, sec here is my working ini: https://pastebin.com/aBUML2Qs https://pastebin.com/gvYqB2KT
  9. https://pastebin.com/DF0nEFhr There you go, I wonder could it be possibly something to do with SSE display tweaks? It does modify some of the same settings like the fmax etc
  10. Instant ctd upon game load using the newest version of bethini. Only ticked the recommended tweaks and preset on high. Netscript crash log: https://pastebin.com/x1bPBX60 Solved by deleting SkyrimCustom.ini Something in there is causing ctd, here is the offending ini file: https://pastebin.com/EXHdE26Z
  11. I'm learning so much here, never knew the ctrl f3 thing to browse bsa. Appreciate you taking the time to go through this with me. I fixed the affected nifs and converted them to BSfadeNodes but now after redoing the dyndolod process (remade the textures too) I got something like "Dyndolod couldn't find master files". Then I realised I was outside in the save, went back in and back out and it's successfully initialised. CTD appears to be fixed too. Once again much appreciate your help here and I've learned a lot!
  12. Ok so after investigation Dyndolod is referencing this nif: bstamriel\lod\ayleid set\arbridge01_lod.nif Opened up the dyndolod.esm in CK also and it threw me this error: MODELS: Could not find model bstamriel\lod\ayleid set\arbridge01_lod.nif I searched all my folders and unpacked the rigmor.bsa as well and there's no such folder as "bstamriel" The only place I found that nif referenced was here: rigmorcr\meshes\terrain\rigmor_cyrodiil\ayleidruins\arbridge01.nif And this was contained in the bsa of the rigmor mod. This nif is already in BSFadeNode format So either I've done something wrong in generating the dyndolod output or maybe dyndolod is programmed with the wrong path for rigmor of cyrodil?
  13. Man I love it when there's such a definitive answer, will get going with this and report back o7
  14. I'm not used to reading the net crash log yet but here goes: Unhandled native exception occurred at 0x7FF67821FE45 (SkyrimSE.exe+28FE45) on thread 20992! - error message Possible relevant objects (3) { [ 0] NiNode(Name: `Scene Root`) [ 1] TESObjectSTAT(FormId: 1B003BF4, File: `DynDOLOD.esm`) [ 1] TESObjectREFR(FormId: AA02BD36, File: `DynDOLOD.esp`, BaseForm: TESObjectSTAT(FormId: 1B003BF4, File: `DynDOLOD.esm`)) } Faulting modules? Those look like base/ref ids if im not mistaken, where would these be located? The logfile for the lodgen has no errors in it for RigmorCyrodil
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