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  1. Thank you for doing so much for so long. The latest SE Guide has made my current playthrough of Skyrim the absolute best I've ever played. You've done great work.
  2. I found a banner hovering in the air near the entrance of Stillborn Cave (on the road to Winterhold).
  3. Now that I've had some time to play this release in a proper playthrough I feel I can give some better feedback on the switch to AI Overhaul. When it works, it works great. I'm seeing NPCs using animations I've never seen them use before, going places they've never been before, and having conversations with dialogue I've never heard before (or at least didn't hear while using ICAIO, perhaps because certain characters never/rarely met with ICAIO's changes). Overall it makes towns feel more alive and its citizens more realistic. All that said, it sometimes just doesn't work. Quite frequently I'll find NPCs standing with their faces against some wall or stuck in some weird place staring into space. Occasionally this seems to break some of the scripted dialogues in the game, such as world encounters where you find NPCs engaged in conversation that then abruptly stops (presumably because one NPC is stuck). Overall I'd say the positive changes of this mod outweigh the occasional issues, especially considering ICAIO had its share of quirks too. As to which mod is better, there are quite a few things I liked in ICAIO that this mod doesn't have, but there are also a lot of nice things in AI Overhaul that ICAIO didn't have. In my opinion both mods are great but AI Overhaul is the winner just because of the added compatibility.
  4. It seemed like the mod author was initially receptive to the idea of separating his quest changes, but he has since ultimately decided against it and has further clarified that this mod is no longer just landscape and water fixes but rather an all-in-one fix for whatever he considers a error. Given that the mod author isn't even documenting all of these "fixes" that get added, and is now responding with hostility to any user that requests a separate mod for just landscape and water fixes, I would say I agree that this mod should be removed.
  5. After trying nearly every horse mod I could find on the Nexus, I ended up replacing Convenient Horses with Simple Horse for my current playthrough and have so far been very happy with it. It does not have all of the features of Convenient Horses, but the features it does have work simply and flawlessly: Horse WhistleFollower MountsFast DismountHorses Avoid FightingNo additional mods are required for it to work and every feature can be disabled/enabled within the MCM. I highly recommend trying it out.
  6. This is great news and I hope it works out. It would be such a shame to lose a mod over this. Thank you for being such a positive and active voice for this community.
  7. I just updated Guard Dialogue Overhaul and now LOOT refuses to load it before WACCF. Nor can I manually add it back to WACCF's 'Load After' list, presumably because Guard Dialogue Overhaul is already on that list. Does anybody know of a workaround? (Other than manually moving it back after every LOOT sort)
  8. My initial impression is mostly positive, though I've noticed NPCs will occasionally stop what they're doing to stare into space for long periods. This sometimes results in weird behavior, for instance Danica spent a few days standing in a drain staring into a wall and these two spent an entire day engaged in a staring contest on these stairs. I am noticing this less frequently as my game goes on though, so maybe its just some weirdness with their initial placement.
  9. Your post convinced me to try out the Dark version and I have to say I completely agree with everything you've said. Every mountain in the game looks gorgeous now. I especially like how it affects the landscape in the snowier areas (such as Winterhold) where the color of the rock contrasts with the snow and ice. But you're also right that it is a bit jarring to see all that dark rock scattered around towns where the buildings are clearly made with a different material.
  10. Some things I noticed while updating: The release date (at the top of the guide) hasn't been updated. --- I saw this too. Looks like the changes to GIST's install instructions are missing from the changelog. --- 'Not So Fast - Main Quest' is missing the green bar indicator to show it is required for the STEP Patch. --- From the xLODGen and Occlusion instructions: click the red X to close xLODGen. Took me a minute to realize this probably just meant closing out of the program. I was waiting for a red X button to appear somewhere within the program before I remembered that in some windows themes the close window X is red. --- Edit: I also saw that the author of Lanterns of Skyrim II has warned users to not clean the mod. Is there a list of which mods in the guide should and shouldn't be cleaned with xEdit?
  11. I really like this change. I haven't played enough yet to have a full opinion on Luminosity, but I immediately ran around to check all the 'pitch black' interiors I remember from ELE and they are all now beautifully lit. Love it!
  12. A new version of the guide (0.3.0b) is releasing soon and some of the detailed instructions have already been updated for the new guide, meaning they are incorrect for the current guide (0.2.0b). Your options are to wait for the new guide (supposedly releasing by the end of this week) or follow the old instructions, which I believe in this case is to simply install the main file of Enhanced Blood Textures (the non-LITE version), then disable the LITE version (and optional file if you downloaded it).
  13. Sounds great! I was very much enjoying ICAIO in my current playthrough and I'm interested to see how this new one compares. Especially if it is more compatible, as I've had my eye on a few larger scale city mods that I may want to try someday.
  14. Can't wait! I was just thinking about starting a new game to try a new build idea, this will give me the perfect excuse to do so.
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