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  1. Thank you! I just thought I should clarify, for anyone having the same issue, the backups were in the xEdit Output mod that is created earlier in the instructions.
  2. I just checked the Overwrite folder and it is empty. I thought to go to the xEdit Output directory and found some backups in there. Would these be the ones I should move back into the Data directory? There are three versions of Dawnguard. Should I use the oldest backup?
  3. I have just reinstalled Skyrim SE and begun following STEP (for SE) for the first time. I am in Step 3 and have hit a point where what I am seeing is not matching what the instructions are telling me. As far as I know I followed them correctly. I ran SSEEdit on each of the four esms, and did the manual edit on Dawnguard when prompted. I am now told to move the files from the Skyrim/Data directory into the new mod and rename them to their original filenames. There are no modified esm files in the Data directory, only the originals (eg Update.esm). I tried going back to the start of that step, again loaded Update.esm in SSEEdit and let it run. When it got to the end, instead of closing I hit save manually, but it said there were no changes to save. I presume I keep these four files in the Data directory, but something is not matching up. What should I do?
  4. Thank you for the direction. I have picked up Enhanced Ligjhts and FX and gone over those packs. I decided that TTRSO seemed like the perfect solution for tweaking the skills and perks. It looks as though it should be compatible with STEP's Complete Crafting Overhaul, but can anyone confirm if that is correct? I also thought I would not install TTRSO's Stealth/Pickpocket/Lockpicking and use Steal Skills Rebalanced instead (a mod I am surprised is not in STEP Extended). Again, can anyone confirm if they work together properly like that?
  5. I have been away from Skyrim for a while and not kept up with the mods coming and going. I have just about finished installing STEP Extended and want a couple of extra things to finish off the game to best suit me. I will be running everything STEP Extended and adding Frostfall at the end. I do not use an ENB, other than ENBoost. What I use will need to be compatible with this baseline. Firstly, I want a mod to adjust the lighting in Skyrim. The brightness in TES games always bugs me: I like darker nights and really dark caves, so lanterns and light spells mean something. It also adds to the atmosphere. Secondly, I want a mod (or set of mods) that rebalance the skills and perks. Many of the vanilla skills are useless (or near enough) and there are a lot of really bad (or boring) perks. I am not sure what the best approach here would be, particularly with keeping compatibility to STEP. A rebalance of the combat system may be required here too (or included as a part of it). Finally, and possibly related to the second, I want better magic. Skyrim magic is pretty dull, even compared to Oblivion. I know there are a million mods for this, but I am not sure about compatibility with STEP (and possibly compatibility with magic skill/perk changes in the second request). Like the STEP philosophy, I want an enhanced vanilla experience, not crazy spells that do not fit the setting.
  6. Thank you for the confirmation. I have been impressed by my early experiences with Mod Organizer, so it is good to know I am doing it right :D
  7. I am using Mod Organiser for the first time and trying to make best use of it with STEP. Things are not explained too clearly, however. I have worked most of the confusion out myself, but one point is still unclear even after searching the forum. What I have just done is created a new profile called STEP Core. I have then downloaded and added all the mods from STEP:2.2.8 that have a green bar down the side. From my understanding, they are the mods that make up STEP:Core. If I am understanding things correctly, my next step (and I know I have the hardware to do it) is to copy this profile and create a new profile called STEP Extended, then add all the mods that do not have a green bar to it, ensuring they fit into the list in the correct order. Following this, if I wish to, I can create a copy of STEP Extended to install a STEP:Pack set of mods. Firstly, is my understanding of STEP:Core and STEP:Extended correct? Secondly, going into the future, how do all these copied profiles interact as STEP evolves? For a hypothetical example, say someone creates a new mod called Immersive Sacks and everyone agrees they need their sacks to be more immersive, so this replaces HD Sacks in STEP:Core. Would I just need to swap out HD Sacks for Immersive Sacks in my STEP Core profile, or do I need to change it in all my copied profiles (eg STEP Core, STEP Extended and STEP Sackpocalipse Pack)?
  8. Thank you for the responses. I will go with 2.2.8 for now and keep an eye on the pruning for 2.2.9 :D
  9. I have not been playing Skyrim for a while and was thinking about starting another new game. I needed to reset to vanilla and update my mods anyway, but when I did a little reading here I discovered you are in the process of transitioning to a better format in 3.0.0. Should I go ahead with STEP 2.2.8 (or even 2.2.9, as it presently stands?), or would it be better for me to just wait for 3.0.0? PS The captcha on this forum was painful. It took me a few minutes to get the images to line up properly. Why not the good old random gibberish?
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