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  1. You could make that the title of my biography. Anyway. I did that and it works with this almost-vanilla-setup. I also tried to regenerate LOD and deactivate DynDOLOD, go inside the Hall of Elements, save, main menu, load, and go out again. The window glow change at certain daytimes and weathers is only bugged for some reason wen deactivating and going outside immediately. When making a save and reloading before going outside it works as it should. The double window blinking did not return after reloading as well. I guess it is solved now? Thank you for your dedicated help.
  2. That had a strange side effect. The window emittence of the college (maybe other window types as well, did not check them all) froze. When traveling there at night and waiting until daytime it stayed glowing. When cell load was during the day it stayed dark when waiting until night hours. A solution which causes other issues is not a solution. I use Papyrus Util. Medium 2.81: 242367=,1,1,1,,829162,Skyrim.esm,-1,-1,1,1,WinterholdExtTower01:10,,829162,Skyrim.esm High 2.81: 268367=,1,1,1,,829162,Skyrim.esm,-1,-1,1,1,WinterholdExtTower01:10,,829162,Skyrim.esm Medium 2.82: 292855=,1,1,1,,829162,Skyrim.esm,-1,-1,1,1,WinterholdExtTower01:10,,829162,Skyrim.esm
  3. I tried to deactivate DynDOLOD in the MCM, go inside an interior cell and go into the Tamriel world again. The window blinking stopped - from near and far away - but I do not get the "DynDOLOD successfully initialized"-message even after ~15 minutes. Why won't it initialize by itself? Giantfires burn in LOD, the fakelights are visible, waterfalls are animated. What gets deactivated if I do not get the "DynDOLOD successfully initialized" message?
  4. I not sure if that could be something but I found that the ref "WinterholdExtTower01_DynDOLOD_GLOWLOD [sTAT:D10375DC]" is set as "Persistent, Is Full Lod, No Respawn" while "WinterholdExtTowerRing01_DynDOLOD_GLOWLOD [sTAT:D10375DD]" is set as "Persistent, Initially Disabled, Is Full Lod, No Respawn" Only the tower has the window blinking problem while I did not see it with the ring windows. Could "Initially Disabled" be missing from "WinterholdExtTower01"?
  5. I'm doing that. Played around with some of the sliders in DynDOLOD MCM (tried to move them to the left), but no effect. Yes. Used "coc WinterholdCollegeExterior". Problem persits in new game. Could not find errors in the Papyrus log. The small windows are not affected, only the windows of the main tower. I don't think I have a "large reference" setting. That is only in SE, right? I am on Oldrim.
  6. Alright. I tried multiple clean save game cycles. Recreated DynDOLOD. Updated DynDOLOD from 2.81 to 2.82 and recreated from scratch. Nothing has worked so far. The only difference was, that it went from *pop up > slowly fading > vanish > pop up again* to *pop-up > vanish instantly > pop-up again* Can't find errors in any log.
  7. The dublicate windows of College of Winterhold pop up, slowly fade, vanish and pop up again after a few seconds. No sheson errors in papyros log as far as I can tell. (Oldrim btw) Pop up: Fade: Fade more: Gone: Then it pops up again like in pic 1. Only the College of Winterhold windows are affected. All other windows in the gameworld are fine. I'll try a clean save game cycle and/or to recreate DynDOLOD tomorrow. If there is a known solution please let me know while I sleep. I have no mods running in that area that change anything in Winterhold btw.
  8. This is just beautiful. Thank you so much for DynDOLOD and your dedicated support in this forum.
  9. Now that I understand the thing with custom rules needed if an object has no lod file, I am wondering how DynDOLOD manages to implement any of the objects (walls, towers, windows, etc.) this castle was created with, since all of them are custom objects and none of those have lod files. Anyway - thank you so much for your help. You are doing God's work here.
  10. Wait - those are dynamic and only show up after a quest so "Grid" would have to be "Far Full". So in "Advanced" I choose e.g. "Medium", then add custom rules, save the present for future use and generate LOD, right?
  11. Ah ok! So I just have to set the rules for a certain mesh file after the last entry in the advanced menu. Alright, so I set the Mesh Lodgen export rules for this specific object, the roofpiece, like those you posted in the other thread? "LOD4: Full modelLOD8: empty or Full modelLOD16: empty or Full modelVWD: not checkedGrid: Far LODReference: Unchanged" Or other settings? (Sry, senpai. I am a peasent worldspace editor and do not know much more than *put object into CK - place object - parent it if need be - choose refs - put marker in front of it so NPCs look at it in awe - etc.*.)
  12. If I just check "IsFullLOD" in the ref window for every roofpiece in CK - will DynDOLOD just pick it up? (Vanilla LOD does not react to IsFullLOD with the roofpieces for some reason) Better ask the LOD expert before I sit there for an hour going from cell to cell changing the ref of every roofpiece.^^
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