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  1. Thanks. LOL. I'm actually really good (in my opinion) at making the actual world in the CK, but all this LOD stuff goes over my head.
  2. Interesting. Would changing the terrain height in CK make a difference?
  3. I just meant that there's some weird static around my rivers and coastlines.
  4. Hello, everyone! Sheson was very gracious in helping me figure out some errors on my end, and now I am looking for more assistance with another issue. LOL. I followed the tutorial on this forum about setting up TES5LODGen and for the most part everything rendered correctly, except for rivers and coastlines. I'll post a screenshot at the bottom of what the final result looks like. This is my current configuration for TES5LODGen: -LOD 4: Mesh Quality 5, Unseen Off, Diffuse Size 512, Format DXT1, MipMap, Normal Size 512, Format 565, MipMap -LOD 8: Mesh Quality 10, Unseen On, Diffuse Size 512, Format DXT1, MipMap, Normal Size 512, Format 565, MipMap -LOD 16: Mesh Quality 10, Unseen On, Diffuse Size 512, Format DXT1, MipMap, Normal Size 512, Format 565, MipMap -LOD 32: Mesh Quality 10, Unseen 600, Diffuse Size 512, Format DXT1, MipMap, Normal Size 512, Format 565, MipMap, Raise Steepness EDIT: I also have tried changing the number for Unseen on LOD32, but 600 works the best for me.
  5. Yeah, I opened an ESP from the backup folder from before I made the LOD and everything worked well. I still got the error messages, but since it works now, I made a new LOD properly this time and I can just focus on the cause of the errors.
  6. I did not use occlusion, but later tonight I'll check and see if xEdit made a backup anyways. Would a backup restore everything to a state before the error? You're a bit lucky that you don't deal with CK. Modding is very rewarding, but the CK might be the most frustrating program I have ever used in my life. I'm leaning towards this being a CK issue. I backed up my ESP to Google Drive, then completely deleted it off my computer. I created a new ESP and loaded in a custom texture and got the same warnings. Tonight I'll try other people's assets to see if I get the same errors. My textures seem to open fine in my viewer. I'll try NifSkope tonight.
  7. I deleted everything in both terrain folders, but I still got the CK error messages. I ran both TES5LODGen and DynDOLOD through MO, but got the CK error messages. (Everything still looks great in game, though.) I even checked for errors on the entire ESP and the texture files in xEdit, but it didn't seem to find anything.
  8. I did delete the generated LOD files from the terrain folders and still had the CK errors.
  9. Thank you so much for responding! I was definitely foolish for ignoring that error message. I was too excited to see my finished world. I will try to install that DLL file that it warned me about. Which folder should it go into? Okay, since some textures were not converted, they are uncompressed, and causing memory issues? If I understood that correctly? Ah, my output folder was on the same SSD as Steam, so that might be what's causing the issue! I will do it over again and this time have the programs go to the C drive. Thank you again for responding and for creating these awesome programs!
  10. Greetings, DynDOLOD community! I am really hoping you can help me out with this issue. The TLDR summary is that after using TES5LODGEN and DynDOLOD, my Creation Kit gives tons of warning messages about every single custom asset: wall texture swaps, armor, weapons, etc. It often crashes and I can't do any new edits. Everything works completely fine in game. Here's the more detailed version: I am building a custom worldspace called "Sunland" until I come up with a better name. I created a worldspace with TESAnnywn and it went fine. I created a custom wall texture that changes a duplicate of Dawnguard walls and vanilla buildings into white marble, as my worldspace is inspired by Ancient Greece. All during the construction phase of my mod, I never got any warning messages. I am using some armor from the Soldier Replacer mod on Nexus, which I will ask permission to use before I publish. (If they say no, I can always select something different.) Never got any error messages during the construction phase. Same goes with imported weapons and items. I used TES5LODGen to generate my worldspace terrain LOD. I got an error message about "vcruntime140_1.dll is missing." I stupidly ignored it and opened the worldspace in Skyrim, and the terrain LOD worked perfectly. (I had the output outside the Steam folder.) Next, I used DynDOLOD to create my object LOD. It also worked perfectly. (Also had the output folder outside the Steam folder.) But, as I said before, now my Creation Kit is basically unusable with anything that's not vanilla, Dawnguard, Dragonborn or Hearthfires. I even created a new esp and imported some of my custom or other modder assets, and I had the same warning messages and CTDs. Did I royally screw up the Creation Kit and all my work on my mod? Like I said, it runs smoothly in game, but now I can't make any changes that I want to make. I will post my error log below. Thank you.
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