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  1. bHideLegendaryButton = true Above is a default setting in the .ini file. It means the button to make a skill legendary is hidden. Probably would make sense to change it to keep the default Skyrim experience.
  2. Discussion topic: Obsidian Mountain Fogs by DrMegaloblast Wiki Link Step > Step-OMF (no ENB) > Step-OMF (no ENB, no Ethereal Clouds) Step > Step-OMF (with ENB) > Step-OMF (with ENB, no Ethereal Clouds)
  3. I can confirm the lines in the sky issue. Tested with: Cathedral Weathers 2.22 Ethereal Clouds 2.0 Alternate Start 4.1.3 weather 0010E1F1 The issue occurs when loading following mods and testing with the weather type above. The lines don't appear in every weather. I don't know what is the source of the visual issue but for me installing older version of Ethereal Clouds ( I have 1.0.7) fixed it. I wait until you guys can test, confirm the problem and find a fix.
  4. In my opinion it is best 'horse whistle' mod available hence why it is included in the guide. however, the mod comes with few extras which may not be in everyone's taste. I like the mod and been using it for many years but whether it stays close to the mandate is highly questionable. however, the guide has mods like CACO or CCOR which for me completely change vanilla gameplay experience so convenient horses would not be the first one to assess for mandate compliance in my opinion.
  5. would you mind highlighting exactly what is different and post it on the bug reports thread for TechAngel? https://forum.step-project.com/topic/14711-step-skyrim-se-guide-v020b-official-bug-reports/page-4
  6. you will receive a letter from Delphine 2 weeks after returning the horn and will be able to continue the quest. it is explained on the mod page (Not So Fast - Main Quest).
  7. Discussion topic: Atlas Map Markers SE - Updated with MCM by Kronixx and kryptopyr Wiki Link To be used with A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds
  8. It is one of my favourite mods because of how useful it is but the compatibility is a massive issue, any mod that adds new items to the game needs a patch. May be worth considering replacing it with something less problematic that gives a horse whistle and maybe follower's horse.
  9. Dyndolod 2.81 is now available on Nexus. Perhaps, you may want to update the guide to reflect this? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/32382
  10. couple of issues identified so far. 1. Required compatibility patch for CACO added items food, ingredients etc. The patch is available here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21249 2. The mod is missing Raw Canine Meat in Form ID '6318174F CHItemMaterialCookingList'. This makes Raw Canine Meat not lootable while on the horse. Not sure if there are any other items missing at the moment. The issue has been raised with the mod author. 3. Potentially patches will be required for any other mods that add new items that could be harvested or looted while on the horse.
  11. Not sure to which mod this relates to but I have experienced few times an audio bug when transition from under water to land. the sound of water ( the sound when you're diving) is on loop even when on land. it happened to me couple of times when walking through a waterfall in Swindler's Den and two more times in some open world locations when walking out of the water. as I mentioned earlier, it seems like when transition from underwater to land the underwater sound stays on. reloading a save fixes the issue.
  12. There is patch available on nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21249. In xedit it looks like it just makes CACO items to be collectable while riding a horse. A bit of googling suggests that any new items that can be looted/gathered or any new worlds where you can ride a horse will require a patch. I can confirm that the patch is working. I have spent few hours playing and so far have not found CACO alchemy ingredient that I was not able to collect while on the horse. @TechAngel85 will you plan on incorporating this patch into the guide?
  13. Anyone has noticed that while riding a horse assets added by CACO cannot be automatically gathered? it seems like they are not recognised as alchemy ingredients by convenient horses.
  14. Should the tags in Mod Anthology not get updated too for the removed mods?
  15. I definitely experience the same issue with the inns. In addition, it seems like during the day the dark areas in the inns get brighter but at night they go really dark. Unfortunately, I have not had time to look into it yet.
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