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  1. This is my first post on here since awhile ago so I hope I am posting in a somewhat correct spot. I have been trying to improve Solitude Skyways LOD on my own and I have to say. Its a challenge. Its not just the spatio models themselves but the rock models positioned as structure and support to the entire creation just cut in and out from a distance like a sword slashing sideways gashing the solitude foundation. I have tried several different tactics on my own but once I go south of the solitude warehouse past the bridge, either one at a time or all at once, the skyway and supporting rock is gone from view. My page Modular PatchXPress also can possibly be looked into if it is functioning as optimal as it should be regarding LODs. My page extensively works alongside Solitude Skyway for many of the modules their in. Also many new models that previously didn't exist and/or are new creations from pervious models. New additions and features which compliment Solitude are featured in Section 1 and Section 2 of the page. Most importantly is the Skyway because it is in many ways for those that use it the Spine of Solitude. I will try to aid in any matter I can to help promote its betterment. DynDOLOD does have some LOD_0.nifs and LOD_1.nifs prepacked for the models used in the Skyway including the RockL04.nifs plus all the other rock variants. Its beyond my expertise at the given moment as to address and resolve the popping in and out of the entire creation. Something else while doing my own tests for my own projects was these windows out of position. This is entirely not relevant to the topic of this post but since I saw it, might as well post it along.
  2. I am basically trying to make one of these but doing so the correct way. I tried manipulting one replacing the textures with my own. The circled areas i removed in gimp. Then i imported my texture i wanted to add, scaled it down in size and layer merged down onto the lod atlas and saved. I generated my lods and checked in game. It works but i know theirs better ways to go about this https://imgur.com/a/5a7EB0I Its those compiled textures in the /textures/lod/ directory that texgen processes. If i have loose textures in example textures/architecture/solitude (or wherever) / all textures.dds. But are not put together in a lod.dds file like i sent a link up above of, then the lods wont be made for the loose textures
  3. I am just gonna post here and with better direction I will post their. I have been on xlodgen-suport for a matter where I am trying to learn how to make my own lod dds files for my own textures in order for texgen and dyndolod to process and create actual LOD models for. I know that once I do it and do it right, I will learn and flourish from that understanding where I see my results. Right now its just how too for me. I have tried several tools other then texgen to make my atlas from particular textures. I have attempted on texgen but I am not do in GB it right. The textures are loose dds files not linked or hooked to a plugin of any kind. Need to create a /textures/Lod/whatINeedLod01.dds from the loose textures located at example twxtures/architecture/whiterun/all 20 textures.dds. Any assistance will help me out. Thankyou very much in advance
  4. Im not sure it just came to my awareness. Their is another setting in bethinj somewhere that messes up the loading screen brightness. The screen during transition between say worldslace to worldspace or just loading into your save. It gets significantly darkened. I dont know what seting that is either. Thought id mention it. If you look into it and find out what it is, please could you let me know. Thankyou very much.
  5. Just out of curiousity. How did you manage to find what setting it was and so quick. I mean for me, just the idea of trying each one exhausted me. I figured it could be a combination of several. It could have but it didnt, take ages to find out the issue. How did you pinpoint so quickly. Did you have an idea from gecko it was that setting. I didnt
  6. Sorry. I dont know if my last message was clear. Instead of remaoving option totally, perhaps just add a bold warning to it. It is a really good preferencw on their for gamers. Alls they is a heads up.
  7. I thought about what you wrote. Im so happy I wasnt only one with crash. I thought if my ctd's never reproduce for anyone else, no sution will ever be discovered. Yeah, whole machine crash. I was thinking about perhaps jjst put a warning in bethini under the precipitation field. I am not a huge fan of rain but knowing in thier I need it, I can always enable it. With a warning or flag under that setting, users will know. Just a thought, although it can be changed any old time without bethini, a warning description would be nice. That way keeping that nice setting the way it is
  8. Those settings I cant get into Darkwater pass. They are more or less how I run my game in general. Only Darkwater Pass. Everything else is fine
  9. How to post on here? With a mega link or that concept. Second day here. Still learning the ways
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