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  1. I think this highly depends on what mods you are installing. For example, I typically never install conflicting mods (or at least try my best not to) to the point that a patch wouldn't do something I didn't want it to do .. and even if it did .. I really don't care. I actually specifically work this way because I don't want to go through the tiring process of then needing to go through xEdit or micromanaging little details on how each thing works. And quite frankly, I don't even really know how to use xEdit enough. And I get a lot of people will say you should just learn to do it (heck it probably be even pretty easy), but let's be 100% honest here. I have a life. I have a job. I don't have all the time in the world to be faffing around with stuff like that. It's bad enough it already takes so dang long to mod Skyrim as it is. I don't want to make the process any more complicated. In fact, it's the reason I personally like guides like STEP to begin with. Also, I suspect most people are like me and not like you in terms of how they mod. Whether or not a patch is going to do what they want ... they probably have not even thought that far ahead or considered it. And if it really is more based on what you want a mod to do, then MO2 and LOOT needs to seriously stop with all the warnings and messages or at least reword them. It's similar to how MO2 warns you about form 43 mods, when the reality is ... not all of them need to be updated to form 44 as far as I am aware. But that doesn't stop the dang warning from popping up. And the same goes with LOOT, it will give you warning or whatever telling you that you have such and such installed and need such and such patch. Anyone who isn't an expert is obviously going to assume they need the patch 100% ... right? or that they absolutely need to load a mod in creation kit ... right? Anyway, my main point here ... not everyone following STEP is going to be an expert at modding. In fact, I would say most wouldn't be and that is why they are following a guide to begin with. Which is why I also think they are going to need help when they want to add their own mods. Luckily for me, I know just enough to work through it. Yep, it's pretty much what I did. Also, used LOOT to go through everything.
  2. Fair enough. Guess that's just something I should have expected given how old Skyrim is. Thanks for the answer though.
  3. Having just gone through the guide I can assure you there are not actually that many which is why I suggested it to begin with. If it was like every mod, I wouldn't have suggested it because that would defeat the purpose since you would still have to go through every mod.
  4. Ahh, I didn't realize you were going that route considering I figured, in many if not most use cases of this guide, users would obviously be adding mods on top of it. Not trying to be a ... party pooper here. It's just I can't imagine anyone actually viewing this guide as being "definitive" or some sort of end stop. I understand the point .. but that would be like a mod developer assuming only their mod would be used in a game and design it as such rather than taking into account how most people play. But I mean, it's all up to you. Your guide afterall lol. Guess, I will just have to do things the hard way.
  5. Lanterns of Skyrim II has 3 pages of patches A, B, and C. The Helarchen Creek and Oakwood patch are on the C list.
  6. Which is why I specifically said "Or maybe just a note or some sort of indication for mods that have patch files in general." The idea here is to be able to scroll through the list of mods, and know what mods have patches for other mods that you should look at after you have added your own mods. That way you don't even need to put in any additional information. It just would make it easier to know which mods I should look at after having added on top of STEP. I would even say this is probably a very easy thing to implement. It's kinda like the little green bar they use to show what mod is included in the STEP patch. We just need another indicator to show what mods have additional patches, whether that be on their main page, sub page, or in the installer itself. I also understand that new guides will be released which extend STEP, but that doesn't solve the problem if a person is wanting to do their own thing. Right now, our only solution is to go through all the step mods again one by one just to make sure. Or try and use loot and go through what patches it says are missing while ignoring anything included in the STEP Patch of course.
  7. So this is just some feedback while I am finally getting the chance to go through STEP. There are mods within STEP that often have patches for other mods that are not included in STEP. The thing is, sometimes we may not know what mods we intend to add till after we are finished going through it. It can sometimes be a little frustrating to try and figure out which mods need to be reinstalled or have a separate install for a different profile that includes the patches you may need. (Hopefully that made sense.) Basically having to go through all the mods again one by one just to check. Just to give a good example of what I mean. I know Realistic Water Two has a needs patch if you use a mod like iNeed. So my point here is, I think it would be useful in the gude if maybe it mentions what mods have patches for commonly used mods not included in STEP. Or maybe just a note or some sort of indication for mods that have patch files in general. That way it's easy at just a quick glance of which mods we should look at when adding mods on top of STEP. Or another good example of if someone was to install UNP or CBBE. It would be good to have this marked as well, where mods may have a version for them or may even not work with them and need to be turned off. It's just a suggestion really. I would say LOOT tends to give suggestions on such things, but it's not always 100% if you know what I mean. For now I just have been using MO2's note system to make notes when I see patches for mods I might be adding later. But I think it's inevitable that I will miss some.
  8. That's very good to hear. Looking forward to it, and thank you! Will be super happy to be able to use STEP once again.
  9. I greatly appreciate the responses by the way. Thank you. I can absolutely understand how long web development can be (I actually took this into account before writing my posts above). I run my own website and I use wordpress, but even starting with a fully complete cms can still be pretty time consuming especially if you need it to do something specific that isn't already available through a plugin or extension. I am in no way good enough to help on such a grand scale project such as this, I would if I could, but I know next to nothing about ruby on rails. Plus I have my own work to do, running my site, social media, art sites, and releasing content regularly on my patreon. I hardly even have time to play games these days, besides on the weekend. As for Nexus, I don't think this is comparable because at least Nexus still allowed mods to be placed on their site while they worked on the new design in the background. So nothing was really halted. The issue here is, the 3.0 guide isn't released and is halted till the site is done. And the only guide that is available is the older one of which not many people are going to be using because it's outdated and on the older version of Skyrim. As I said, the part I don't understand is why don't you just release the 3.0 guide as it is? And then when the site is complete re-release it? I am sure plenty of people, myself included would be pretty happy just to have the guide viewable even if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles you are currently working on. On the other hand, maybe there is a good reason why you don't release it? Do you feel the 3.0 guide itself relies heavily on the new site mechanics and wouldn't translate well on the older wiki? Anyway, again, thanks for the replies, and I am sorry for sort of starting this. It's just become increasingly frustrating and really felt something needed to be said because I figured I couldn't be the only one frustrated with this. I have had the itch to play Skyrim for quite a while and just been waiting and waiting for this guide to finally release. I purposely have been putting Skyrim on hold because I figured this would be coming out soon with how you all have been talking. Course I should have known better. There is a reason for the "Coming Soonâ„¢" meme, as it often means ... not anywhere close to coming soon lol.
  10. I typically come back to check because I like the guide here. However, that is me pointing to the guide that is already there without all these so called features you have been working on for over 2 years. But I play special edition now as I am sure many do. So the question remains, why are these features more important than just releasing the guide itself? Why couldn't you just release the 3.0 guide in the same way you have been doing it? And if you really wanted to add new features, why not just do it over a time period. Release the guide so people can use it, and then add the features. Because the main purpose of the guide is as you pointed out ... comprehensive information that people can follow. But I got news for you, no one can follow a guide that isn't available to see yet. While you are working away extremely slowly on these feature, most people are just moving on or using other guides. I have seen people just continue to recommend Lexy's guide, as well as a few others, but they all have the same problem. The issue I have with that and other guides is it's too extensive or to specific. It adds a lot of things I honestly am not very interested in. STEP is a good starting point to then add mods on top of. See I understand the point of the guide itself. What I don't understand is the point of taking two years just to release 3.0. Especially since all the main work is already done, is it not? At least that is how it's been worded here quite constantly, even a year ago. Just to pull a quote to show you what I mean. "In the last update we told the community that both the new STEP:Core and STEP:Extended Pack were basically complete and ready to roll out. This is still the case beside some minor fine tuning once we get the Guides on our CMS and some small updates to the patches." - January 2019 "Coming soon …" - August 2018 "Things will start getting exciting very soon!" December 6th 2017 So, going back to your response. "We have all of the info on a single site, and we keep the important and changing stuff updated and relevant. If Step were around in 2006, I would have saved a year in browsing and become adept at modding in weeks rather than years." And yet, here we are in 2019, and STEP SE is still not available. I think it's safe to assume that most players these days are playing on SE. You can't consider yourself keeping things up to date and relevant when it's been two years since you actually updated the guide and the guide that does currently exist, is outdated and not even for the version most people are playing now. Look, I am not really trying to be mean or anything. I and I am sure many other people have been waiting specifically for this guide here. Just waiting and waiting. It's quite honestly maddening when things are kept being presented in a manner that it could be coming soon, and then it just never comes. And now finally despite all of that, now we have "None of this means that we're close to release." Then let me ask you this ... when exactly do you even think you will release this guide. Do YOU think I should keep waiting after two years? And why should I wait? What is it you are working on that is going to be so important to this guide that gives me a solid reason to wait. Will these features be useful to me in some way, more so than how the guide has been? What difference will these features make for those who use STEP?
  11. I don't know if I will end getting in trouble for my opinion on this but after checking back here over and over again I feel it needs to be said as no one else seems to be saying it. How long has it been since you all start working on 3.0? I see a post for it that is dated November 2017. That means we are now coming in over two years. Think about this for a second, two years for what is essentially just a mod list. That is ... a list where the user still has to go and install each individual mod one by one. A list that could literally just be put into a doc file and still be usable. I think you have a serious over engineering problem going on and are putting way too much focus on features that most people probably are not even going to use, much less care about. I realize this is a side project ... but a mod list taking 2 years and still not being close to release should tell you something is wrong. Don't even get me started if Vortex actually ends up doing the mod list thing well enough. Because if it does, it will make this entire guide and all the work you have been doing obsolete. Whatever. Think I am going to give up on waiting for this, cause it's quite honestly tiring checking back only to hear that you are not even close to release after 2 years.
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